Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This post has been on my mind for quite some time now. I've hesitated to write it, because I am worried about two things:

I don't want Lily's readers to feel like every time they come here to read they are hearing "give, give, give." If you're anything like me, if you see a need for a family who's adopting, or a post about an orphan without a family, you want to do everything you can to help.

AND if you're anything like me, you only have so much "disposable" income. And I say that very lightly, because at the Rice Ranch, there is no such thing as disposable. We live very much week-to-week, and at the end of the month when all the bills are paid...well, frankly there isn't a month when all the bills are paid. We wing it, and we pray, and we stretch a dollar as far as it will go, and things like trips to the Roloff Farms are a pretty big splurge for us, even if it did only mean gas money and $2 parking and lunch brought from home.

Simply put, I don't like asking readers to give all the time, because I know there's only so much one readership can do.

Which brings me to...

The post I am about to write has been on hold for a bit, because it sort of goes against my "philosophy" of helping the children who have no families, and leaving the families who are fundraising to finish the job themselves.

I've talked about it here before, but my aim in fundraising this past year has been to help those children on Reece's Rainbow who do not have families, by asking readers to donate to their grants.

I've tried to encourage people to help get those grant funds above ten thousand dollars, so that a potential adopting family will be able to commit to an orphan, knowing they are almost half way or a third of the way there as far as finances go.

So far, Lily's readers have been able to help make that happen for five orphans this year: Olga, Peter, Kareen(Mia), Albina and Artem. You helped to raise $13,000 for Olga at Christmas, and another couple thousand dollars during our day for Olga. You raised $15,000 for Peter during our Pure Love Giveaway and over $6,000 for Kareen (Mia) during that giveaway as well as our Home For Christmas giveaway. You helped raise over $10,000 for Albina, and now over $11,000 for Artem. On top of this you've given over $2,000 to Jason and Naomi's adoption fund and helped to raise an additional $3,000 for the Quinn's adoption of Autumn.  

To say that you folks are some of the most generous people on the planet would be an understatement. 

The reason I have not continued to raise funds for those families after they committed to a child (aside from sending readers to their blogs, and aside from the Quinns, who started their adoption with no grant fund))- is because there are SO many children on Reece's Rainbow without families. Some of those children- like Artem- sit there for years waiting for someone to notice them. I feel so honored that Lily's blog has been a place where some of those children could be "spotlighted" so to speak.

But yesterday I read a post that tugged at my heartstrings...a post written from the heart of a mama who just wants to bring her girl home. I know SO MANY of you have already given towards this little girl, and I know her mama is so grateful for all you have done for her girl...

The Abells are so close to traveling to see Olga for the first time. So close. Because of the way grants are set up on Reece's Rainbow, the money you've helped raise for them will be available once their dossier is submitted and they get their first date to travel. 

**(This is done to protect the child's grant money, by the way. In the past there have been families who have mismanaged money and ended up being short when it came time to travel. This policy is in place to ensure that even in the unfortunate case of a family having to back out on their adoption, the money stays with the child. Just making sure everyone is clear on that- because sad to say there are critical people out there who want to take shots at Reece's Rainbow for not releasing grants sooner.)**

After reading Jenn's post yesterday, I really felt impressed to call on Lily's readers to help.

Can I tell you I am really really nervous about asking you to help after all you've done for Artem this month?

That's why I'm asking you for a very small donation.

Extremely small.

One dollar.

You read that right. I'm asking each reader here to give one dollar to the Abell's chip-in.

But how can that help, you might ask? How can one dollar have any impact on what the Abells need to finish the job?

Glad you asked:)

The Abells now need $2,230 to complete this adoption. Just $2,230 to finish the job.

Lily's blog receives roughly 5,000 to 6,000 hits a week.

(And that is small potatoes in the blogging world. I heard from a friend last week that when a big blogger linked to her blog, she had 12,000 hits in 12 hours. Can you imagine what we could do here with that kind of traffic???  Which is WHY you always hear me asking you to vote in boring blog contests all the time- a bigger audience means a bigger donor base, and those contests really do help!)

Moving on...if just a small fraction of those who visited here in one week gave ONE DOLLAR to the Abell's chip-in- they could get a travel date to see Olga.


One dollar multiplied by loads of people who love Olga will finish the job.

Do you think we can do it?

I'm just crazy enough to think that we can.

You've raised so much for little Artem this month already. His grant fund is at $11,145 and we still have a little under a week to go til October is over. I am still imploring you to spread the word that Artem needs a family.

But I'm asking you to do one more thing- give a dollar to Olga. Her family's chip-in is now on Lily's sidebar (the one that says Breaking Starfish Free!) I would love to see that chip-in maxed out by the end of October.

Will you help me finish the job?

And if you do give a dollar- please leave a comment here saying you did so, and be entered to win one of these fabulous prizes:

...as well as one of three autographed copies of Ann Voskamp's New York Times best seller, One Thousand Gifts..

And if you already commented about giving to Artem to be entered to win, go ahead and leave another comment if you donate to Olga. 
You deserve it.

Will you help spread the word??

Let's finish the job.

I'm going to bed a happy woman;)


Chris and Sarah said...

I donated, I agree it's time to get that little one home :)

Mandy said...

I donated and shared on facebook. We found Reece's Rainbow last year when you were advocating for Olga. Now, we're leaving for our first trip to meet our two new sons, in less than a month. We'll do whatever we can to help bring Olga home! Blessings!

Heidi Ehle said...

I donated.
I always want to donate but never seem to have enough money to spare anything. Sometimes that 5 or 10 dollars means the difference between putting gas in my car, or paying for some other thing we need.
I am so thankful that this time I was able to help in some small way. I can only imagine how much it must hurt a mama's heart to be sooo close to bringing your baby home, knowing how long she's already waited, and yet being so far away.
Love to the Abell family!

cathy said...


You are moving mountains, girl!
& I am blessed to call you my friend


Jennifer said...

$5 for Olga!!

nicole said...

Donated ~ get that girl home!!

grandmato4 said...

$5 for Olga - I found you thru Mandy's post <3

Sky said...

I donated!

Emily said...

I donated.
I am so amazed at the little ways your readers come together and bless families and children in BIG ways! Our money is tight too, and I would never think just $1 can help. But the way you put the call out there makes it easy to give - and makes me feel like that dollar DID important work. I'm glad to send it to Olga and her family!

Naomi said...

Just donated for Olga! Bring her home!!

Dana said...

Donated and shared on FB!

Mandi said...

I donated. The thought of not being able to get to my child breaks my heart! I hope that they can go get her soon!

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing. I only have 5.07 left on my rebate card and truly was wondering how that would ever get used being such a weird amount. This is great!!! You have such a big heart and are helping so many. Hugs to you.

Yvonne said...

I donted $2. Let's get this little girl home to her family! Thanks for your blog and all the advocating you do. I love reading it.

Anonymous said...

Donated, glad our famiy can help bring another child home. Blessings to you and to Olga's family.

Nicole said...

I donated. A bit over the 1 dollar which I hope will help. I had been planning to donate to Artem but did not have the time until today. So it just made sense to give to them. (secretly hoping to win the book! I just ask my church if they had it for me to read and they didn't... However, winning a book is way less important than bringing home a sweet child.)Blessings

Anonymous said...

Chipped In!
Shawnda H

Leah said...

I just contributed :) I hope this is the end of the line for sweet Olga!!! She deserves to come home to her family!

Jennifer said...


I donated to Olga. I had never really thought of donating "only" 1 dollar before, but your writing helped me to see how much of a difference it could make if everyone donated. Kind of like voting.


Jennifer from CA

Elissa said...

Donated a little over $1.00 for Olga. So many kiddos with and without families need money right now, and money is tight. Hope that the $1.00 challenge results in all of the money being raised. You are amazing Patti! I know you don't like to take any credit, but you deserve some. :-)

Anonymous said...

I donated! Good luck to them!


Unknown said...

I just donated to Miss Olga. So glad I could help again and praying that Olga is home real soon!!

NikkiB said...

Donated :) :)

Unknown said...
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Patti said...

thank you, to the commenter who suggested adding the name of the chip-in!! :)

dassie said...

donated, thanks so much Patti.

FYI I would add into your post the name of the chip in is breaking starfish cuz it sounds kinda wonky and if I didnt see it posted somewhere else I might have been unsure if this was the right place to donate

Leah said...

Thank you Patti! Just donated too!

Melissa said...

Olga has $3 from me and my kiddos! Let's get this little girl home. :)

Ashley said...

I donated, Patti! I can't wait to see Olga home :)

Kiara Buechler said...

Chipped in, hope Olga gets to come home soon!

Kimberly Coone said...

Chipped in to Olga and Donated to Artem (a few weeks ago) . I am going to post of link to the chip in on my business facebook page. Hope it helps!

Laurie said...

$10 for Olga. :)

Keri Jo said...

donated $5 Ready to see Olga come home too!

MegHD said...

Donated. :) I hope they get this sweet girl home soon!

Suzi said...

donated! I've never commented before but I love reading your blog! Thanks!
Praying Olga will be home soon!

Kellan's momma said...

I read this with tears...I just know this is the final push needed to get Olga home. I've been praying and e mailing and face booking and I just don't have the impact that you do. You are a blessing to many Patti, and I admire you so much! We have been saving coins for Olga and my 9 year old counted them again tonight, and we have about $27 that we will cash in at the bank tomorrow and add to the chip-in! Happy way to end my day! Thank you!

Melissa Buirchell said...

$5 all the way from Australia. Time for Olga to meet her family now. My mom has just recently passed away & feeling such sadness but knowing this little girl has no one is nothing in comparrision to what I'm feeling. Can't wait to see the outcome of this. God Bless xxx

Jonana said...

I donated.

Erica said...

I donated! I want to be part of the final push to bring her home!

Gwynne Adoption Journey said...

The Gwynne Family is sowing seeds into Olga's adoption! We gave $10.00 and all in honor of our little boy waiting in EE.

Jelly said...

We gave $5, which is sadly all we can afford right now (end of the month is rough). We've been giving every spare penny to her fund this year and are praying faithfully that she will be home by THIS Christmas. I shared this on my facebook wall in the hopes that some of my friends would come by and donate. I hope and pray that they have or will. I will continue to share it until the last dime has been raised to ransom Olga. A blog is coming as soon as I have a minute to write it - girls are sick this week and time is limited.

Bless you Patty for never giving up on these children or their families. The $1 challenge was brilliant. I mean, who DOESN'T have a DOLLAR to spare? Even if there are no prizes, everyone should be able to give a DOLLAR to save a child's life.

Kristi said...

donated....Praying Olga gets home soon!!!!

Mrs. K said...

Just because Olga stole my heart right from the start and I have prayed for her everyday since I saw her precious face I will be donating another $25. This one's for you Lilybird. Love, Grammi