Friday, September 9, 2011

Winner and Reader Shout-Out

Before I announce the winners of Jack and Lily's Final Giveaway Wednesday, I wanted to ask all Lily's readers to please be safe this weekend. I have it from a very knowledgeable source that there is definite cause for concern in the next few days, as our nation remembers the events of September 11th, ten years ago. Anyone listening to the news can tell you the same thing, but because I am related to someone who gets his information from "the inside"...I'm just asking you to take things seriously.

If you're a praying person, now would be a great time to pray for our nation. And if you're not....wake up. That's all I'll say on the subject for now. I find myself on my knees more than ever, and my heart's cry is not just God bless America, but God save America. End of sermon.

So with that heartfelt plea out of the way, I will post a video of the cutest little girl on the planet. Well, in my opinion anyway:) And then I'll post the winners, selected by

The winner of the Red Candy Apple bar is...

Stefany said...
its a toss up... I love love love fall because of the pretty leaves, apples,and pumpkins. I also love it because it cools down enough to bake pie after pie with all those fresh apples :) However, I also like summer because I take a break from my job at a preschool for children with special needs and I get to go back to being a nanny for the 2 most fabulous girls I have been with for 10 yrs. It's hard for me to pick between the two.
The pics of Lily are darling, i love that you share her not so happy times along with that beautiful smile of hers.

And the winner of the Love Story bar is...

Elissa said...
I love the fall too! Football, great holidays, lots of good eating and candy :-) My house feels much cozier in the fall even though we don't do a ton of decorations. I've been eyeing some of those cute Scentsy warmers though ;-)

Not sure which smell I would like more. Probably both! I'm with Anna...right now, especially today it is just smokey here in ATX :-( It was a beautiful day, but they recommended people with respiratory issues stay indoors. and the girls are trapped :-(

Ladies, email me your addresses and your bars will be on their way!

And thank you to everyone for all the awesome comments about your favorite seasons- I loved reading all of your descriptions!


So now for our Reader Shout-Out.

Last month I made a new friend through blogging named Kamryn. We actually met on on a discussion board. Kamryn came here to take a peek at Lily, and she read the analogy about Holland that I love so much. She then wrote to me to ask me if I had anything from Holland...and a short while later I received this precious gift in the mail...


Kamryn and her husband are stationed in Germany...she also sent me a boxful of chocolate and candies from Holland. Can I just say I would love to move to Holland purely for the chocolate?!?!?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kamryn- and a huge thank you to your husband for his service to our country- and for your sacrifice as a military spouse as well. In light of the beginning of this post, your commitment to our nation is truly honorable. May we never forget all the great sacrifices that have been made for our freedom.


Admittedly, some of these next comments are from my email inbox as well as the comment section. I just had to share what readers all over the WORLD are saying about Lily's Scentsy Shop :)

*post popsicle melt-down ;) see previous post for details!


Hi Patti!!

I just received the foam you sent me!!

Thank you again!!! It smells sooooo good.

I'm hooked, that's for sure. Ha ha

I hope you are doing well, I think of you and your family often and I'm sending you lots of hugs from Qu├ębec!!





Patti ~ I received my Scentsy order today and I love all of it!!!  The room sprays are great and white tea & cactus and luna smell wonderful.  My kids get home in a little bit and I know they will ask me what smells so good ~ especially Miss Isabel.  She will be all about the fragrance foams which is why I had to hide them!  The cucumber foam is my favorite so far.





Cathy said...

I do LOVE your music, but I understand why you put it optional

those capcha, or whoever you spell it are annoying--

I am here to affirm anyones' doubts that you DO INDEED read all your posts!

ALSO, if anyone else, besides Patti reads this post, I HIGHLY recommend buying some SCENTSY from Patti's store---the product IS WONDERFUL & the prices are extremely fair. just sayin'

Glad you included pictures because I would have been disappointed
Enjoy camping & loving your babies (doesn't matter how old they are)





Jennifer said...
Lily, you are a beautiful little girl! I thank your mother for posting this and allowing a complete stranger to feel love like no other! You are a blessed little one, as is your family! I truly hope I can teach my four little girls the love that you experience every day from your family! It's hard to believe that this day and age, we see people turning away from the gifts God gives us and it could get so much worse. I pray that His hand be in everything in our lives and that we don't lose touch with His miracles! Thank you so much for touching my heart today! I hope this message reaches many MANY more!


Kaiti said...
As a soon-to-be momma of a baby girl with Down syndrome and a heart defect I know what the "searcher" is going through but I pushed through the hard time and realized that this baby girl is already amazing and she will be even more amazing when she is born! Thanks for the post, it's exactly what I've been trying to get friends and family to realize.




And this beautiful email came to my inbox late last night...

 Our dossier was sent Tuesday morning and is currently in Warsaw, Poland; it will be in the hands of Y**** in U. by the end of their day! It is 9AM there :)

Can you believe we will have that precious boy in our arms in about a month? And home where he belongs within 2?

And it looks like our adoption will be in October, if all stays on track, which just happens to be DS Awareness month! How about that?
I'm so excited and nervous. I can't believe I will be touching him, hugging him so soon...




And that, dear friends is why I blog.  If you have no idea who Julie is, she is the soon-to-be Mama of a little boy who is dearly loved in our household...named Peter. And I can hardly see the keys to type right now, because back in February we were praying for the biggest miracle we had ever prayed for. And I'm watching it all unfold before my eyes right now, and it is is a beautiful thing.

*photo courtesy of Abbi Rice !



cathy said...

Heartfelt words & Beautiful pictures


nicole said...

I didn't think it was possible, but that Lily just keeps getting cuter!

Julia said...

GO READ MY BLOG.... MY E-MAIL IS - Can you write me or FB friend me so we can chat... Julia Arnold Nalle????

lovemy3 said...

I think I have read the poem about Holland 100 times since my little one was born in February. I cry as much as I did the very first time. The sight of the little wooden shoes from Holland instantly brought tears to my eyes. How sweet!

Lily is absolutely beautiful!!!

Mrs. K said...

My dear Lily Anne, I just went to Julie's blog and read all about Peter finally coming home. I am ever so happy about this news. I can see from your sweet smile you are happy as well. You are such a blessing to our family and other families all around the world. xoxoxo Grammi

Lora said...

She is so cute!! I have been meaning to mention too that I used to play with those Fisher Price people as a little girl that I so often see in your pictures with Lily. In fact, I still have many of them and my kids have enjoyed them too! Were those yours when you were little?

Patti said...

Lora- I had the exact set but it was lost over the years..I scoured ebay for a year looking for an affordable one- found this one last year for a fraction of the price! And now my kids want ALL of the matching sets for Christmas :) (the barn, schoolhouse, etc.) It's so sweet how much they love it!
So nice to "hear" from you again!javascript:void(0)

Julie said...

Thank you for mentioning Peter and how close we are getting to bringing him home! Please update your followers with our progress as you can. I know so many people helped him in February and would love for as many people as possible to watch our miracle unfold.
PS...Our dossier did arrive safe and sound! On to the next step...

Kaiti said...


Thanks so much for sharing my comment! I just want to give you an update. Miss Harper decided she was ready to be born 3 1/2 weeks early! She is already 10 days old and is doing great! Not even 1 minute in the NICU and she was born 4 lbs 9 oz! And is feeding like a champ! Before she was born I started my blog about her (well designed it) and then had her and wasn't able to officially "start" it until this weekend. Hopefully it will help others like yours has helped me!

Anna Theurer said...

Lily, you are a hoot making all sort of lovey faces at your brothers! Cute bloomers too :)

Ashley said...

I love every single one of your posts, Patti! <3