Friday, September 30, 2011


   Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month !!!

I can't believe it's already been a whole year since I blogged every day for Down Syndrome Awareness Month! I have been waiting all year for this day- because I had SUCH a blast blogging daily to raise the banner high for my Lilybird and all others who are rockin' that extra chromosome. I LOVE reading all my fellow Ds blogging mama's daily posts as well- something about it just gets my heart racing, because we're all in this together! 

If you're a mom of a child with Down syndrome and you haven't heard, there is a sweet challenge going on over at Unringing the Bell. This is the 5th annual 31 for 21 challenge- and I am proud to say that last year I met the challenge to blog every day in the month of October to raise awareness for Down syndrome. Are you up for the challenge too? If so, head on over to Unringing the Bell, grab the above button, and link up! It's going to be a fantastic month in blogland!

And speaking of challenges- have I got one for you!!

This little guy has been my buddy since last January. I was his New Year's Warrior, his Valentine's Warrior, his Easter Warrior, his 5-5-5 Warrior and any other warrior you can think of. The point is- he has been waiting on Reece's Rainbow for a family to claim him for waaaaay too long. And I'm fixin' to change that! My wonderful and inspiring blogging buddy, Julia, is partnering up with me to find Artem a family. And we are just crazy enough to think that we can get Artem's grant fund all the way up to
 TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS by the end of this month. 

Why $10,000? Because when I interviewed Andrea Roberts, founder and executive director of Reece's Rainbow last month, she said something that stuck with me. 
"Ten thousand dollars seems to be the tipping point for these older kids."

So being the crazy go-for-broke kinda gal that I am, I decided- I'm not going to wait for the Angel Tree project on Reece's Rainbow to begin...I'm going to implore Lily's readers EVERY DAY for the month of October to pray for and give to Artem.

We can do this, friends. With God's help, a lot of prayer, and by spreading the word, we can raise Artem's grant to the tipping point in 31 days. I truly believe that with all my heart.

SO here's the deal. I'm challenging Lily's readers to donate $5 to Artem's grant fund. That's it. 


Back in February Artem had a decent sized little chunk of a grant. We added him in during our Pure Love Giveaway, and thanks to the generosity of so many like-minded people, his grant fund rose to over four thousand dollars. Last month a little boy on RR went home to be with his birth family...Andrea allotted that little boy's grant fund to Artem, and now he has $7,423.

We have 31 days to raise that grant fund to $10,000.

Do you believe we can do it? I DO.

FIVE DOLLARS is all I'm asking. 

I asked my wonderful friend, Michelle Z, at Reece's Rainbow to hook me up with a paypal gadget for Artem for my sidebar, so that you can donate right here, and watch his totals rise each day. 

Lily has 634 followers. Multiply that times 5 and Artem will have well over $10,000.

My sweet friend Julia has quite a large following on her blog as well. Multiply those followers by five bucks each and Artem is well on his way to $13,000.

And honestly? That size of a grant will guarantee him a family.
I've said it before, but it's not a lack of families that stops these kids from being adopted, 
it's a lack of finances.  


What is five bucks? It's a Starbucks latte. A burger and fries. A magazine. A tip at a restaurant. 

A little boy's life.

Because five dollars multiplied by several hundred readers will literally save Artem's life.

I can't think of a better way to raise awareness for Down syndrome, then by ringing the bell loud and strong for one little boy, waiting thousands of miles away in an orphanage
for his mommy and daddy to claim him.  


You just may get sick of hearing me shout those words here every day during the month of October.
But I have a feeling you won't. Because I know Lily's readers, and I know your heart for orphans.

And in case you thought I forgot- I am going to be including over a hundred photos of Lily loveliness in each blog post this month. Oh, and just because Lily's Grammi loves them so much, a video each day as well. Y'all just might pass out from Lily overload. (Did you like my y'all? That was for you Texan readers, hey there Elissa and Anna!!)

Here's just a taste of sweet things to come... 

Oh, and Lily has something to say on this first day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month as well...



PrincesseduRoi, PrincesadelRey, PrincessoftheKing said...

Love it! Save Artem! you got that right Lily! Your Daddy got his football team right too! Go Beavs ;)
And you got the right beach... the OR beach... beautiful baby, beautiful beach/coastline!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Artem's face on RR far too long... can't wait until he gets a family!

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

I'd listen to Lily. She looks pretty serious in that last photo.

Mandy said...

I made a donation for Artem and I will blog about him and direct people here. Love all the photos of Lily :)

Unknown said...

Oh Patti! I have come over to let you know about a post I have just put up...the first sharing sunday post ever at theflight platform!itsba new sunday linkup and you feature with your fundraiser for Autumn and the Quinn family! And now here you are at it again for Artem! your heart is so beautiful, i a so honoured to have met you!

patti please please please linkup on the sunday linkup...share this post for artem, share beautiful lily,share your beautiful heart. Itwould ean the world to me! i will support all of these fundraisers as soon as I can dear friend! xxxxxxxx

here is a link for the sharing sunday post xx

cathy said...

Bless you, my Dear friend, saving orphans!
The pictures are amazing.
Hope your week was wonderful.

I am donating now!


Anna Theurer said...

I am with Jane--Sharing Sunday is going to be great. Please please please link up! Forget Me Not Friday's is also good :)

Tell your husband I said "Go Beavers!" (Did I ever tell you that I used to live near Portland [worked for OHSU]?)

Naomi said...

Just donated for Artem... I hope his family finds him soon :)
Love Naomi

lovemy3 said...

Oh Patti! I read your post before soccer. I couldn't get Lily's face or Artem's out of my head. Took another look at Hailey and I had to get back on the computer as soon as we came home and donate. I pray that Artem finds his family soon!

Unknown said...

I doubled that request and hope others are able to also. Lets go find Artem a family before Halloween. That would be so great and our Heanvenly Father can do it!!

Michelle Z said...

All right, I guess I live without a few extra Chunky bars. Good grief -- chocolate with raisins, who can resist!?

Love the pics of Lily :)

Jonana said...

Donated $5 for Artem...praying his family finds him soon!

Anonymous said...

I wil donate $5 on both paydays this month! :) He is such a cute little boy! Rachel B.

Lacey said...

Such a handsome boy! When i'm off my phone and on my computer i'm chippin in!

Leah said...

Precious pictures! I will try to donate soon.

Anonymous said...

New follower, just donated praying for a family now!

Marci said...

Love the "y'all" --got another Texan right here, hehe. I chipped in $5 for Artem!

Mrs. K said...

Just because my Lily Anne says "Save Artem" I will donate another 5 x $5 for Artem. I have signed up as a Prayer Warrior for Artem. Give my "bathing" beauty a hug and kiss from Grammi and Papa.