Tuesday, August 23, 2011

reader shout-out and a sneak peek

I just realized I never did my reader shout-out last week as promised. I hate breaking promises. Forgive me, and chalk it up to plain ole' forgetfulness lots of pregnancies burning lots of memory cells.

Anyhoot, here are some of my favorite comments from the last few weeks...

Patti - I'm a long-time follower of your blog, and fellow mommy of a genetically enhanced daughter. I need your help. I have a new book available for Kindle on Amazon. I'll be donating 10% of ALL profit directly to Reece's Rainbow. I need help spreading the word, as well as people to read the book and leave (hopefully) positive reviews for it. It's called "Disaster Flambé" by Leigh Schilling Edwards.
Can you help me spread the word?

Thank you SO much in advance!!

Click here to see Disaster Flambe




It kills me, this selfish world we live in. When people terminate, its a selfish motivation... they don't want their life to be harder, even though this is often placed on the child that they don't want their child's life to be hard. Not one of my fears of having Fiona was for the quality of her life, it was the quality of mine. If there is one thing you can take away from anyone with Down syndrome is that they live life to the fullest, they don't dwell on what they can't do, but rather what they can. And they are always smiling- a smile that is contagious and bright. Her life is amazing, mine is a little more difficult, but without a doubt or hesitation, my life is better with my daughter who happens to have Down syndrome.


I keep coming back and contemplating whether or not to leave a comment and what that comment should say and I think I will leave it at this.
We were in our Feb 10' birth board on babycenter together and I couldn't fathom what you were going through but you were always in my prayers. Thursday we found out that we have a 1:32 chance that baby #4 has down syndrome and as nerve wracking as that is I also find myself feeling a calm about it all. Between you and our strong feelings toward Reeces Rainbow and having talked daily about adopting since your original cry for Olga in December. We feel a weird state of calm and acceptance that in many ways we feel indebted to you for. We have declined the amnio and will be monitered closely via ultrasound but I just wanted to tell you that this post came at the perfect time for us, even though we were never questioning whether we would enjoy Holland or not.


Lily puts a smile on my face everyday- thank God for her! I know your blog changes people's hearts everyday, so keep doing what you are doing Patti. :)

The thing is, when you open your heart to having children, there are never any guarantees about how easy or heard the journey will be, no matter what the genetic tests say. We have two children that struggle (one with health issues, the other with reading social cues), and while it breaks our hearts at times to go through these things with them, we learn so much, and they are absolute treasures to us, just like our "healthy" kids. We just have to trust God that he, in his infinite wisdom, knows exactly what he is doing. Living in God's perfect will is the best thing any of us can do.



like always you write fabulous and you can touch my feeling very easily.this word are always, day by day in my mind.soha

fyi Soha is from Iran, and she writes beautifully about her life with her baby girl who shares Lily's extra chromsome here:


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Here's a sneak peek:
 See you tomorrow!!


Mrs. K said...

I really enjoyed Shanon's blog. Her little ones are sooo cute.

I also enjoyed Soha's blog. So happy she founds your blog and other's to help her understand there is nothing to be afraid of raising her little one.

Ally's Random Musings said...

so I was directed her by a friend who was directed here by friend and so on so forth about 5 times. I absolutely love your blog and your strong relations with your family and more importantly the Lord. He truly has given you a passion and it is so awesome to see you let that fire burn for all to see!!!!

Shannon said...

thanks for the shout out, Patti. Really enjoy reading your words. And thankful for everything you do for our community raising awareness