Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So many of you are already blogging and praying and giving for this precious little girl..

My sweet friend Adeye has been leading the charge for Teri Lynn. One of her readers pledged $2500 to her grant fund if donations came in for that amount. Teri Lynn's fund is now $10, 896, so with that matching donation, she will have over $13,000.

Just now Adeye posted that ANOTHER reader has pledged $2500 as a matching grant.

This means that if donations come in for that amount, Teri Lynn will have almost $20,000 in her fund- and money will not be the thing that hinders a family from stepping up to adopt her.

I receive emails from people almost every day telling me how much they wish they could adopt a child listed on Reece's Rainbow. So many have the heart to do so, but money is the obstacle. I know there are qualified families to rescue Teri Lynn, who just need that grant fund full to do the job.

You can go HERE to donate to Teri Lynn's fund.

I love Adeye's words posted on her blog today:

One of the things that I absolutely love in this life is seeing the glorious body of Christ in action! I love seeing how God's people can unite and come together to do amazing things. I love seeing how the Father stirs hearts and rallies His people. It's the church in action! 

If I hadn't read Adeye's post "The Most Important Post I have Ever Written" last year before Christmas, I wouldn't have had a clue about hosting all the giveaways we've done. I'm indebted to Adeye for her willingness to step up and be an advocate for the least of these, and I'm paying it forward by responding to her call to action.

I love what Adeye's husband, Anthony, wrote on his blog today:

Hang on, sweetheart. Help is on the way.

 Please help Teri Lynn and please don't miss this post from earlier today.

Thank you, friends!


Unknown said...

brilliant about the fund, come on mama where are you! just shared anthony's post on facebook! waiting for her mummy to see her with a prayer filled heart! xxxx

Griz said...

Patti- I have been following this story on your blog for a few days now. I have followed Reece's Rainbow adoptions for a year or so now but I had never seen a post transfer photo. The photo of Teri Lynn after her transfer has left a permanent scar on my heart. I posted a link to your blog on my F/B page in the hopes that everyone I know will come read this and see the need that exists for not only adoptive families but for financial assistance for those willing to end her suffering.

Patti said...

thank you so much, Jane and Griz- I just know her family is out there. Hearts like yours are what's going to bring them to Teri Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Just donated to Sweet Teri Lynn!! We're busting her out. Praying HARD for her family to come quick!! Blessings...

Rebecca said...

I have been thinking about this sweet baby all day long.


It breaks my heart. I donated today and will help to spread the word.

Hang on sweet girl.... <3

Lauren said...

I've been crying since I first saw the pictures. Praying for this sweet girl.

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful is she.

Susanna said...

Praying for this precious girl. :(

Melissa said...

Patti I'm so excited...I just looked at Teri Lynn's grant and it's over $22000! :) I'm so hoping to see her on the My Family Found Me page soon.