Sunday, July 17, 2011

on my heart

While browsing through some of my favorite blogs today, I ran across something that for some reason stood out to me. And I'm not sure why, because in our small community of Down syndrome and Reece's Rainbow bloggers, everywhere you turn there seems to be a giveaway or fundraiser going on.

What is so hard for me personally is balancing the desire to help everyone-- because every orphan deserves to be brought home, and each family is working so hard to get them there-- and realizing that one little bloggy can only do so much. It's very difficult for me to know which places to send people to, because I get requests every week from families to mention their giveaway or cause, as well as emails (sometimes daily) asking me to blog about a particular orphan.

And I'm just speaking practically here- this readership can only do so much. We're all giving every bit that we can, and sometimes dollars don't go so far when they're spread out over so many adoptions. Sam and I are doing everything we can, and I know you are too. I know, because I've seen miracles happen here on Lily's blog for orphans because of the generosity of readers.

I really wish I could blog about every single need out there and somehow miraculously fund every single adoption that I read or blog about, or that someone writes to me about...but that just isn't going to happen. There are hundreds of orphans on Reece's Rainbow and so many families trying to bring them home, and we are doing what we can to help, but we can only do so much. And while I will do everything I can behind the scenes to help financially, I cannot personally finance the entire adoption of every orphan I advocate for- and I don't expect Lily's readers to do so either. At some point we are preaching to the choir, and I am always praying for ways to get new readers...because the larger our audience, the more chance we have for raising more substantial amounts for the orphans we love.

Are you tired of reading yet?

I hope not. I know I usually include pictures of Lily, but my dear oldest daughter has been out of town for the week with her lovely camera. So you're stuck with just me.

Now back to what I was referring to at the beginning of this little post.

While browsing through my favorite blogs, something stood out to me. And I really don't know why, given what I just shared. There are so many fundraisers going on right now, so I don't know why this one stood out to me, except that maybe God put it on my heart. So please know that I understand Lily's readers can't give to every cause I put before them...but I do feel responsible to blog about something when I'm feeling little "God nudges" as I call them :)

These little dolls have a family committed to bringing them home. They leave this coming Saturday for Eastern Europe, and they need $7,400 more to be fully funded. Their mama, Annie, is hosting a fundraiser on her blog, and she's giving away this iLive Home Music System well as some other very cool prizes. I'd love for you to go help the Plummers bring those adorable babies home HERE .

And if you're not able to donate, please pray for them to get fully funded, and pray for sweet little Barbara and Matthew.

Thank you so much for all those who support and love and pray and give...and for those who miss Lily, Kenzie is sending me a batch of photos I took right before she left ....sweetness to come!

Happy Sunday!


angie said...

Patti- I totally understand your feelings of limitation as a blogger. I feel the same thing, on a smaller level, as someone who gives to RR families. I don't have a lot of extra money to spare, but what I have, I give. It makes me so happy to do that, but then when I browse the pictures of all of these children on the RR site, I think to myself, "These children are no less worthy of my donation, so how do I choose next month who I direct my contribution to?" I think you're doing it right- listening to God's whispers in your ear. When you are listening to his voice, he will speak to you. Again, God bless you in all you do! You do make a huge difference!

my family said...

I feel the same way.I want to scream from the roof top to everyone: THESES BABIES ARE SO WORTHY OF FAMILIES!! I think often my little blog isnt getting to many people but I pray every day for just one more to get their family forever:) I cant see myself ever stop advocating for can we?

Rachel said...

We totally understand your predicament! But putting those little faces out there to be prayed for doesn't hurt anything and if people are moved to give....they will! Those littles are all so cute and since we aren't in a place to adopt right now and save any ourselves, we love praying (and giving when we can) to help those RR kids get's a family affair and it has given us so much to talk about at the dinner table. Thank you Patti for all that you do.

Melissa said...

It is hard. There are so many kids and families I want to give to, but I do as much as I can.