Saturday, July 9, 2011

the missing buddies

A few months ago I posted a video here on Lily's blog called Worthy of Life. I put out a call on the blog and on asking for pictures of babies or children or adults with Down syndrome, and in less than a day I received over a hundred photos. That post is one of my favorites, and I am still getting requests from readers to post it again.

Recently, fellow IDSC for Life member Kurt Kondrich published an article that I found so poignant and thought provoking. It tied in so well with the video I mentioned above, that I asked his permission to re-post it here this weekend. If you are on the fence about life...I urge you to read this article with an open heart, and watch the video below. (and you can pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog, as the video is set to music.)


The Missing Buddies
by Kurt Kondrich

Many cities across the nation hold annual Down syndrome Buddy Walks which promote "acceptance and inclusion" of people with Down syndrome. My family had an amazing time at the 2007 New York City Buddy Walk, and seeing Chloe's picture in the Down syndrome awareness video on the big screen in Times Square was truly magical: Unfortunately missing is the fact that 90%+ of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are not "accepted," and these priceless individuals are "excluded" from entering this world. What would be the response to a Down syndrome awareness video that showed ultrasounds of 100 children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome, and then at the end there was a statement that less than 10 of these children make it out alive? Buddy Walks are large public events that allow people to see the beautiful faces and focus on the positive blessings individuals with Down syndrome bring to the communities they live in. Sadly during these celebrations there is rarely a mention of the silent, eugenic movement occurring in our culture which identifies targets and terminates 90%+ of future Buddy Walk participants. Would the Jewish community have had large annual celebrations of acceptance and inclusion when they were being identified targeted and terminated during the holocaust? Even though there are no smoke stacks or railroad cars visible, the intentional termination of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome is silent eugenics. Genetic testing is advancing very quickly, and more "undesirable" human characteristic are being identified prenatally by a society obsessed with unattainable "perfection." It is common in certain parts of the world to terminate females once they have been prenatally identified, and the silence on this issue by groups who claim to advocate for women is deafening. We are very foolish indeed to think this prenatal search and destroy mission will stop with Down syndrome, and as we slide down this slippery slope made of solid ice we need to keep asking the question "Who is next to be prenatally targeted and eliminated?"

The dictionary defines "Buddy" as "A good friend; a comrade." When I speak to parents about my beautiful daughter Chloe who has Down syndrome I tell them they should wish and pray that Chloe is their child's "best buddy." Chloe will never lead them astray, she will always be extremely happy to see them, and she will show and teach them unconditional love and purity like no "Buddy" can. I hope and pray one day soon that Down syndrome Buddy Walks become a loud unified Voice to expose this eugenic prenatal targeting of the children they advocate for before these community events merely are a memorial tribute to an extinct, angelic species of human beings this misguided world desperately needs — Hebrews 13:2 "Some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."

© Kurt Kondrich


As you watch these beautiful faces, remember Kurt's words...and ask yourself which 10 of them are worthy of life? Alternatively...which 90 don't deserve to live?

Kurt's blog about his beautiful daughter Chloe can be found HERE.


Unknown said...

oh my goodness, i loved that! they are all beautiful gifts. the written piece was so thought provoking and well said xx

nicole said...

I couldn't agree more!! Thank you for taking a stand and posting this.

Leah said...

Get me crying all over again. Kurt's perspective is very powerful. And of course, I can't not cry watching your beautiful montage, yet again. Thanks Patti.

Melissa said...

I loved watching the slide show again!

Anna Theurer said...

love love love.

It was great to watch the video again.

Anna Theurer said...

love love love.

It was great to watch the video again.

cara said...

SO GLAD you are being a voice for this!! Breaks my heart that precious childeren with down syndrome do not even make it into our world. It is truly, truly heart breaking!!!!! Thank you for posting this Patti.

JC said...

Such a great post! And I cry everytime I watch this video...I am so proud that Russell is one of these beautiful children.

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

i love this. the saddest part about my pregnancy was knowing that there won't be as many peers for Ellie with DS as there should be.

angie said...

It makes me sad to think of all of the beautiful angels that weren't allowed to grace us with their presence on this earth. It's so sad that their parents didn't realize the gift they were being given. :( Patti- what is going on with Albina? I noticed that she isn't on the My Family Found Me page anymore. Did something happen? :(

Patti said...

angie...she's there! Maybe it's your computer?

angie said...

Oh, I see her now- I just realized that I was looking in the New Commitments section. I've been watching for a link to her family's blog so that I can support them on their journey. I'm glad I was just looking in the wrong spot- I was starting to get worried! :)