Saturday, July 2, 2011

make that LILY15

Oops! If you made an order through Blue Monster Bows on Etsy, you probably didn't get to use the code for your 15% discount...the correct code is LILY15 (not LILY as was posted). Please contact Laura at Blue Monster and she can refund your money through paypal. (thank you Jenn, for letting me know the code didn't work- can't wait to see Olga wearing her bows some day!:) )

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, checkout Blue Monster Bows sweet selection of hair accessories for your little girls. There are so many cute ones to pick from, and many of them are just a dollar each- including the ones modeled by a certain little someone HERE and HERE.


And if you missed this announcement about a beautiful baby girl on Reece's Rainbow , please go check it out now...and more exciting news coming in the days ahead!

Happy weekend!!


Mrs. K said...

Good Morning Sunshine and Mama,

What is that mention of Olga? Is she home with her forever family yet?

Went to the Quinns blog and just loved the pictures of that sweet, sweet Autumn and Laura and cousins. I was filled with such happiness, it was hard looking through tears of joy.

Melissa said...

Thanks Patti! I can't resist $1 bows and the shipping was reasonable too so Jesenia has four new clips! I can't wait to get them. :)

And I do have to say that Miss Lily is just adorable in hers!