Sunday, July 3, 2011


In honor of this spectacular weekend of freedom, I gave to FREE this beautiful, worthy little boy...


Because he deserves a life of freedom.

Julie and her husband have been working hard to raise the last little bit of finances needed to bring Peter home. She wrote a beautiful post explaining the WHY's of fundraising HERE.

And she is hosting a Freedom Weekend Giveaway featuring a dell laptop to bring Peter home.

A $10 donation = 1 entry

$15 donation = 2 entries

$25 donation = 5 entries

$40 donation = 8 entries

$50 donation = 12 entries

Blog, FB or be a tweeter for Peter to gain additional entries ...



Anna Theurer said...

have you heard? A full grant! Whoot whoot! Let's get that sweet boy to Texas!

one_plustwins said...

Patti, you sooooo ROCK!

Julie said...

Thank you again, Patti. I promise you that you will meet Peter. And thank you to everyone that has ever donated even a dollar to Peter's Grant...

Patti, our grant is full but we will continue to push for donations these last 2 days, and all of our left over funds will be donated by us to Ty's grant. Ty is one month older than my first born who has DS, Kai. Kai is the one who started this whole journey for us, and we want to pay it forward.
Here is Ty's page
Again, thank you so much.
Julie, Cameron, Kai, Lilah and Peter(The Kehms)

cara said...

Happy, happy 4th Patti!! Yes, these precious orphans need freedom. So glad you are fighting for their freedom. God is using you to truly help save these children. God is GOOD! Love you!