Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 seconds to help

 Dear Friends,

I'm asking for your help today, and it will only take 10 seconds. One little click of the mouse will mean so much to Reece's Rainbow...

Please take a moment to vote HERE for Reece's Rainbow...details in the letter from Andrea Roberts below. (scroll down to "Most Innovative Use of Social Media by a Charity"" under Charity Categories.)


~ Patti

The Classy Awards are the country's most prominent recognition of philanthropic/charitable organizations each year. Reece's Rainbow has made the Top 25 Finalist list for Most Innovative Use of Social Media, and we need your vote to WIN!

We are very excited to be nominated for this award in particular, because it is our use of social media formats that has totally transformed this ministry in the last 2 years. The power of our newly designed website, family blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and now our IPhone and other phone apps have truly catapulted RR into a position of even greater life-saving influence. We harness social media in a focused effort to save money on overhead so we are able to maximize all donations for the benefit of the children and our committed families.

The official description of this category is: "Awarded to the charity whose submission demonstrates the most forward-thinking, creative, and effective use of social media to spread the organization’s message or to build financial or personal support. The nonprofit that wins this Classy Award will be one that embraces new social media technology and seeks to build upon that technology in order to further its organizational goals." 500 children in 5 years is nothing to sneeze at, folks! MAKE THIS COUNT!

YOUR VOTES will give RR the opportunity not only to WIN and raise media visibility, but to give a more detailed speech/presentation at the Awards Ceremony in San Diego in September. People Magazine was BIG, but the Classy Awards are even more valuable to the future of this ministry!

This will be HUGE media exposure for RR, right ahead of the Buddy Walks and our Christmas Angel Tree, so we really need your help please! And if we WIN, it will mean a $15,000 prize for our Voice of Hope fund!

*** It only takes one minute of your time to click on this link, scroll down to "Innovative Use of Social Media", vote for Reece's Rainbow, scroll back up and hit submit my ballot. That's it! Unlike other contests, YOU ONLY GET ONE VOTE so MAKE YOURS COUNT for our waiting children! ***

Please share this with all of your friends, family, Facebook, blog, everywhere! Post it at the TOP of your blogs with our new Classy blog button! (AVAILABLE LATER TODAY) Trend Reece's Rainbow on Twitter with #CLASSYAwards This is some of our steepest competition yet, and we are honored to be included among all of these amazing "servants hearts"!

Again, the link to vote is

THANK YOU and HAPPY VOTING! Don't put it off, just do it now and pass it along! The children thank you!

Andrea Roberts, Executive Director

Reece’s Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry


Sarah said...

Did it. I love Lily's new header!!! :)

Patti said...

thanks, Sarah!

Melissa said...

I voted! And I agree with Sarah...I love the new header!

Rebecca said...

Voted! And I also love the new header! It makes me want to give Lily a little squeeze...she is such a cutie! <3

Mandy said...

I voted, yesterday, but I wanted to say, "I love the new header, too. Lily is just precious!"

Ginger said...

Awesome! Done.

Nicole said...


littlelola said...
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Anonymous said...

Done! :) ... and LOVE the new pic of Lily on the header (is that what it's called?? ...still a blogging newbie here!)

The Kirkland's said...

Voted and shared on FB and my blog!! I hope they win!!!

Race Bannon said...

I'm sorry, but I am casting my annual vote for THE HUMAN FUND (People Helping People), and their use of Twitter...Tweets for Twits

...yes Mackenzie, its a Seinfeld