Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winners !

This will be short and sweet - we had a wonderful day spoiling Lily's daddy and I'm squeezing this post in before our evening church service. I wish I had Lily pictures to post, because I know her Grammi is having withdrawals right now...but Mackenzie swapped cameras with a friend for the week and the battery died. Sorry, Grammi- you'll have to wait til tomorrow to get your fix.

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on the giveaway post, and for all of the great blogs you suggested - I can't wait to check them out! I so appreciate all the kind words you showered upon us, and I wish I had a prize for every single one of you:)

Winners, please contact me with your name and contact info, and I will pass those on to the Etsy sellers.

Speaking of which, I want to say a gigantic THANK YOU to each and every one of those generous ladies for donating all the goodies for our giveaway. If you haven't done so, please go check out their shops...and don't forget to use the coupon codes listed on the giveaway post to get some awesome discounts.

Here we go!

Baby Sling by Mod Mum
sunnylattegma said.. Of COURSE I am a follower here! : ) Love your Lily and YOU. And, I sure would love that Lily print....... (*sorry gave you the baby sling instead, Barb...maybe you and BaNanNa can make a switch ;))

Gift Credit Aunt JJ's
Nicole said.. I'm a follower! And love that you received so much support from other Etsy sellers! How amazing.

Orange Lily Skirt
Mandy said..Excited to be a part of the 500+ whose lives are being impacted by Lily! Our family is bringing home two beautiful little boys with DS, because you shared Lily and the children from Reece's Rainbow with us. Our blog is

Thanks for sharing Lily with us and for the amazing giveaway :)

Serenity Lily Print
BaNaNa said..It's funny leaving a comment today because I just met Lily for the first time today and we had gelato together! It was absolutely amazing to meet someone I consider to be a celebrity!
Anne Foley and Emily too =)

Lily Children's bracelet
Heidi Ehle said...
You KNOW I am a follower. Religiously. :) And I have quite a few blogs that I absolutely adore to read....
Our Little Chili tribe
The house that Jade built
Pudge and Biggie
and of course,

The Lily Headband
iseeyoulookingatme said...
I just signed up as a follower on your side bar! But, really I've been following for a while in my Google Reader. I just wanted to make sure I could officially enter this fabulous give away!! Also, I follow about 50 other blogs in my reader, but I'm going to be a bit selfish and tell you about MY blog! It's called: I See You Looking At Me and here is the link:
Come one come all! I love visitors too, and comments

Lily Hobby Horse
Lauren said.. Awesome give away. I'm following, and am so in awe of you and your family.

Happy Hooks Gift Credit
Debbie said...
Woo hoo!!! Go, Lily, go!! Amazing, Patti. :) I am officially a follower now...I thought I was before, but I guess it didn't 'take.' :) Thank you for all you do to raise awareness, and of course for sharing your little sweetie (s) with us! Another blog I follow is Ski'ing Through Life. I really feel that you and Erin are some of the most inspirational mamas out there and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have a little window to your lives and feel the encouragement and optimism that comes out!

Red Lily Nursing Cover
Ginny said...
We follow and enjoy it so much. Thanks

Vintage Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Mama Keene said...
I ♥ Lily's blog, her sweet smile melts my heart, and you are a very inspirational woman, I am a follower :) And another blog I really enjoy to follow is Holly @ Her humor and her sweet Brooke always make me smile too! Take care!

Three Little Birds print
Jenn W said...
i'm a lily follower!! :) love your blog !

Blue Kyanite Drop Earrings
Melissa said...
I'm a follower! Congrats on 500 followers and thanks for the chance to win!

Body Luxe Body Butter and Essence Oil
couchtots said...
I am a VERY BLESSED follower of "A Perfect Lily." What a little angel. This giveaway looks awesome.
Most importantly, thank you for all you do to bring these precious orphaned children home to their forever families. I am praying (very hard) that it is God's will that we adopt a very special little girl off of RR's but He needs to poke at my husband's heart. God is big!

Floral Romatique Hairpin Set
Colleen said.. We follow!

White Lily Tutu Set
Julia said...
I have been faithfully reading for a long time and just realized I was never linked to officially "follow!"

You and your entire family have been a great blessing to me. I have been amazed to see how often you have mentioned things that my heart is struggling with, our God is so great that he can orchestrate things like that!!!

Even scrolling through the many prizes, I am humbled to think of how many other people are receiving blessings by being asked to participate!

Thank you for the blessings you give us all. My family is praying for you!

Lily Baby Snap Clips
Emma said...
Finally became a "follower", have been stalking for awhile. Ruby has even made an appearance here:)

Lily Carseat Canopy
Karrie Johannsen said...
Patti, you are such an inspiration for me! I started following your blog shortly after my daughter was born with Ds in December. I love looking at the pictures of sweet little Lily's face! You have opened my eyes to the world of RR too! I hope to be able to contribute in some sort of way to RR soon.

I follow so many blogs....including my own.

Lilybird Photography Photo Shoot
Mandi~It is so sweet of you to do this. I've been following your blog since Lily was born. I can't tell you how often I end up in tears and yet am inspired to be a better person because of your words. Your Lily is so precious, I always enjoy the pics of her.

$50 Target Gift Card
Melissa said...
Congrats on 500 followers! All the prizes you scored are awesome. I love your creativity in contacting the "lily" things on etsy.

Can't wait to follow Lily for many years to come!



Mrs. K said...

AAARRRGGGG!!!! Where oh where is my daily fix of Lily Anne????
Do you not realize the shakes and withdrawals I go through????

It is a good thing we had our AZ princesses here for almost 2 days or I think I would be stark raving crazy by now.

I am going to take time this week to revisit the Esty sites as I saw some things I really wanted.

GIVE ME MY FIX!!!! :>)

Karrie said...

Hi Patti! I am one of the winners but I can't seem to get your email address. I am not able to access it via your profile. Any way you can post it here?


Buckeroomama said...

Congratulations to all your winners! I think what you did in rounding up all the Etsy vendors is simply awesome. =)

cathy said...

Seriously, I thought Lily & the music would be back--I am happy for the music, but I agree with your mom ;)

congrats to the winners!


Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about my first win. I wanted to let you know that I blogged about it today. I also left links to your blogs.

Heidi Ehle said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'm so frickin excited! The bracelet was what i wanted!!! I'm so excited I'm crying (which seems to happen everytime anything happens lol) :) YAYYYYYY!!!!!

sunnylattegma said...

What an awesome give away from all of these vendors. I am so impressed that so many participated with such great products. And I won one! Now, that is amazing. lol ( I would trade BaNaNa if she was so inclined haha) Honestly, I am excited to have won something. : )

The REAL prize though, of coarse, is your blog that inspires, challenges, and brings a daily smile, compliments of sweet Lily.

Thank you Patti!


Melissa said...

While I of course miss Lily's sweet face (and I shouldn't talk because I don't think I've posted ANYTHING in over a week) I'm super excited to see I won! :)

Thank you for sharing your girl with us, and I'll send you an email.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have won those earrings!

I missed seeing sweet Lily's face, too. :)

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...


but i think messed up, because i was supposed to win! :)

love to you and lily!

Lauren said...

I'm so excited! My daughter is going to be thrilled. Thank you so much for running the contest. Your little Lily is doing such big things.

Mandi said...

Hey Patti,
I'm so excited to get to work with Mackenzie! It's going to be so fun!!!
I can't get to your email address either (unless I want to upload Outlook to my computer, and I really didn't want to do that) My email is
Thanks so much,
Mandi Wells