Thursday, June 9, 2011

tell a friend


Calling all prayer warriors..


Please do not forget to pray for our friend
Ollie Faith today!!

This beautiful little girl has captured the hearts of so many, and we are praying for a quick recovery from her open heart surgery as well as grace for her family....

Spread the word!

And speaking of telling a friend..



Please be praying and spreading the word for this beautiful little girl....


As of right now Albina does not have a committed family, and although I hoped to be posting news on that, so far she is still available for adoption. If you hadn't noticed, she now has over $10,000 in her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous family who matched the donations that came in for her during the month of May!

I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on this post. It really helped to validate my feelings, knowing that there are quite a few other parents who have dealt with these kind of things before. I took a lot away from the comment section and made some mental notes about how to handle situations like that in the future.

And speaking of the comment section- if you come here often and don't leave a comment because you think I don't read them or need them...I do. They mean so much to me, and I often go back to re-read them when we're having a bump in our otherwise happy and smooth road! And even if you read, but don't have a child with special needs, I love to hear your questions or input. It's funny how much the comments mean to me, but if you're a blogger you know what I'm talking about:) Feedback is wonderful!


One more little order of business- I've wanted to do a giveaway for Lily's followers for awhile. We're approaching the 500 mark, and when we hit it I'll be hosting a Five Hundred Followers giveaway with some sweet prizes! So tell a friend and spread Lily Love !


Feel free to grab her button off my sidebar and post it on your blog...and let's get this party started!

*all photos on this post courtesy of my daughter Mackenzie!

Tell a friend!


littlelola said...

Miss Lily is very bust on the phone :) She is just adorable. I have been waiting on an update on Albina.. I check daily on your site and RR to see if she has been moved to "A family Found me" hopefully soon.... :)

j*e*n said...

Love the pics of Lily on the phone. I've been praying for Olllie & her family since our family is familiar with that difficult day & the miracles that are worked by God and by the hospital staff. Thanks for sharing Lily with us. :)

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

Ellie says, "Tell Lily to call my people!"

Praying :)

sally said...

Lily is such a beautiful little girl. She looks so sweet talking on the phone. I have visited your blog several times but never left a comment before. I have an 8 year old son with speech and developmental dyspraxia. He is also a very beautiful child and his strength and determination is amazing. He is my little star.

Unknown said...

ooo sweet me! she is just scrummy xxx

Jenn W said...

didn't realize you had a button-- will definitely add this to my blog!! i've been sending your link to my friends (especially the one about experts) and they all have loved reading your posts!

Mrs. K said...

Lily Anne, you call Grammi ASAP! I have to smile to see Lils knows just how to use a phone at such a tender age. True Girl Power!!!

Please keep us updated on Ollie (Dollie) Faith. I am praying for Ollie, her family and Albina.

Nicole said...

Lily in a tutu - cutest thing I've seen in a long time! What a darling little girl you have on your hands, Patti. God is so gracious!

cara said...

Praying for Ollie!!! I hope she is doing good. We are continuing to lift her up.

Lily is quite social. She loves her phone.

Praying for Albina too- will be spreading the word.

Rochelle said...

Pictures of Lily remind me of when our Sarah was that age...soooooo cute! Sarah is now 8yo, and is taking swimming lessons for the first time; she LOVES it :D I love to read your blogs, so don't give it up...:) please.

Becky said...

I will definitely be praying...cute photos as always! :)

cathy said...

love this post, of course!!!
the pictures-PERFECT

praying fo Ollie---when Chris had his open heart surgery 22 years, 5 moths & 3 days ago, all I wanted was prayers & they worked...just sayin

love you my friend

Lori said...

Praying for Ollie - any updates on Artem, Peter, or Olga - still praying for them...also, tried to grab a lily love button and copyright wouldn't let me copy and paste the code - i am not as computer/blog savy as you, what am I doing wrong? kiss lils for me!!

Mama Keene said...

Praying for Ollie & Albina! Love the sweet pictures of Lily, she always makes me smile!

Mama Keene said...
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nicole said...

Lily ~ I must have missed your call because we don't always have service in the Smokies . . . shoot!! Try again next week, okay?