Saturday, May 14, 2011


This will be super quick, as we are camping overnight...just ten minutes from home, but it makes for a nice family getaway (yay for KOA!;)

Thank you so much to all the generous people who gave to Albina, and prayed for her and for Artem and for Ollie. So far over $1800 has been raised for little Albina, which means double that amount because of the matching funds coming in! I am so honored to be part of this awesome miracle that is unfolding because of the amazing generosity of an anonymous family who loves Albina so much and can't wait to see her forever family find her. Please keep coming back to see what the future holds for Albina...exciting things in the days ahead!!! ;)

Here are the winners for our Three Little Angels giveaway, as picked by

winner of the fingerprint necklace from Lilybuds: Anna Theurer

winner of the custom blanket from Ollie Faith Designs: Pam

winner of the gift credit to Happy Hooks Crochet: Mandy

winner of the watch from BeaditOnline: Cathy

Congratulations, winners! Please contact me via email so I can put you in touch with the etsy sellers, and they will get your goodies to you.

I'm going to sleep in my kozy kabin...that's what you do when you're kamping at the KOA;)

Happy weekend!



Pam said...

Yay! Happy weekend! Thank you so much! How do I contact you? For some reason, when I click on "email" it wants to use Outlook and I don't have that. My email is if that will help you. I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience.

Enjoy your camping trip!

stephen kopp said...

Hey, take me kamping with you at the KOA. :>) Have lots of fun. Love, Grammi/Mom

stephen kopp said...

It happened again and I am on my own laptop. Will have to investigate why Dad's getting credit for my comments.

Give Lilybird, Abbi and the boys a hug from Grams (that's what Kenz calls me...Grams).

BTW, had an EKG yesterday and had to brag about Jason and Josiah to the tech.

Anna Theurer said...

1. Yay for camping! Your kiddos are very lucky. I say this because some of my fondest memories are our family vacations growing up--all of them except 2 were camping. I have camped in almost every state.

2. Yay for the necklace! Actually, more excited about Albina's fund :-) Still, I have been wanting one of these necklaces and it is a pleasant surprise :-)