Tuesday, May 17, 2011

little people

Dearest Lily,

I took these photos of you playing last week, and I can't help smiling every time I look at them.
It is just so sweet to me how much you love this particular house, and all the little pieces that go to it.


You know why?

Because this was MY favorite toy when I was little. Absolutely my most prized possession.

The Fisher Price Play Family Home came out in 1969, complete with four rooms, four family figures and a dog (who we called Fido). There was a movable staircase with a coat closet inside, a garage door that opened, and a doorbell that worked. The beds had foam mattresses, and each room had different floor patterns and wall paper. The toilet had a lid that lifted, and the outside patio set had an umbrella that wiggled on a metal spring.


That little blue lady you're holding in your hand there? The one with no arms or legs and a blond bun in the back ? That was "the mom". And I always wanted to "be" her when your uncle and aunt and I played house. The dad had a green body, and the little boy was orange. His name- for some reason- was Petey. His sister looked like a small version of the mom, only with a little plastic white collar and bobbed haircut. I'm pretty sure her name was Sally, but she might have gone by Betty a time or two as well.

You love the Little People as much as I did- each doll is the perfect size for your chubby little fingers. You inspect each family member carefully, and you set them in the different pieces of furniture...the chair, the couch, the bed...


Okay, sometimes you set them on top of your head.... but you get this cute little grin on your face when you do it...sort of like, "I know he's not supposed to go up here, but isn't it cool how I can make him do this anyway?"


We went camping overnight this weekend, and guess what Mommy had to make sure to bring for you?


You never get tired of your dollhouse. Every day we open it up and you army crawl like crazy over to it, as if it's been weeks since you last played with it. You literally sit and play with that house and its accessories for HOURS on end. One day you actually fell asleep on the floor in front of it, orange Petey grasped tightly in your little palm.

Actually this house isn't the one I played with all those years ago. I found this one on ebay last December after searching for one for over a year. If they're in mint condition, with all the people and pieces, they can go for $150. I don't know how it happened...but I scored yours for $25! The foam has worn off the mattresses and some of the green "linoleum" in the bedroom is peeling off. But for the most part it is just as I remembered. I felt like a kid again on Christmas Eve, while I sorted through the pieces and wrapped them up for your brothers and sisters to open up the next morning. You know what is so sweet, Lily? Those wooden dolls even smelled like childhood.


Of course you do enjoy your "modern" toys- the ones with all the bells and whistles and dancing princesses that ride carousels while music blares from a glowing toy castle. After all, who could resist a perfectly pink princess ride-on toy, the one Daddy insisted was something his little girl had to have?


But I'm pretty sure I saw you stuffing Sally behind the wheel....


Some days I really do feel like pinching myself, to see if I'm dreaming. From the time I was a little girl playing house and being "the mom", I've always wanted a family of my own. And here I am, the lucky mama of ten little people, and life just doesn't get any sweeter than this.


Loving you as always,

Mama oxox


patsy said...

awww....so sweet! miss maggie loves playing with her sister's dollhouse i think as much as lily! it is so cute to watch her put the different dolls in different rooms after giving them each a kiss of course ;) oh how i wish miss lily and miss maggie could play 'house' together!

nicole said...

Oh, this brought back memories for me too! We had the whole town and we loved setting it all up. What a great toy and even better memories being made now.

Anna Theurer said...

The house is awesome! We had the school house and the barn. I think that the "old" Fisher Price Little People are more exciting than the current ones but that is just me.

What ended happening to all of your photos and the FB page? I am relieved to see photos here today. I was in Lily withdrawal.

Heidi Ehle said...

We had a barn at my grandma's house...Little farmers and horsies, pigs, sheep, chickens and a cow...It had a tractor, and fencing. How many hours we spent (my cousins and I) plowing Grandma's carpet and putting the people to sleep in the hayloft of the barn lol Its so nice when our kids get the chance to use their imaginations! Its something that not enough kids do any more. In this busy world of computers, TV and video games, our kids are becoming more and more "instant gratification junkies". I know my 6 yr old stepson never wants to play with his toys because "They're boring". So sad to me. Imagination was all I had when I was a kid....we didn't even have a working TV until I was 14 and even then, we didn't have cable. I learned the value of playing by myself, as well as developed a true love of reading! That's something that my kids have missed out on.....

Lori said...

I loved, loved, loved, my little people stuff!!! I also love, love, love those chubby legs!!!

Lori said...

I loved, loved, loved, my little people stuff!!! I also love, love, love those chubby legs!!!

cathy said...

Yes, that house is a little piece of Heaven! I LOVED that house, as well
Lily looks absolutely ADORABLE


Lacey said...

I was going to say, I had that same house! Wow, what a rush of memories, it would be so nice if I still had it for my princess to play with!

Deanna said...

Man, Addison's going to see this and feel like a deprived child...now I'm going to have to find her a dollhouse...thanks a lot. (-:

Rochelle said...

Love those vintage toys! SO cute Lily as always!

Lisa said...

I had that same set too and my baby girls play with it at grandma's house!!! Has anyone told you how great it is that Lily does imaginative play at this age??? The first time a therapist told me that about my daughter playing pretend kitchen, I thought she was just being nice. Now I've found out it takes a lot of cognitive reasoning to understand those toys represent real people and to entertain herself by playing with them in the house. YEAH LILY!!

Barb said...

We have that set as well, it belonged to my oldest daughter (she's 34 now). The original people were wood, but as I had more babies and purchased other FP sets with more people, we found they were made of plastic. All three of my kids played with the many, many little people we gathered over the years, and now all of our grandkids love them just as much. Grandson Nick, age 11, still plays, albeit in a very different way. He and his sister (age 8) race to that closet as soon as they arrive at Grandma's house. I'm so glad I held on to the house, the nursery school, the parking garage, the western town,the swimming pool and the ferris wheel.

Blessings and love to you all~

Jenny said...

hehe she's so cute :D

Shauna said...

My girls love their modern version of the little people doll house...they'd be happy to play with Lily for hours :) I can't wait to see Reagan play with it too which she will I'm sure do as soon as she learns how to sit up.

Unknown said...

that is so gorgeous! xxx

Mrs. K said...

Love those chubby legs Miss Lils. I was just thinking about how Lily is using her imagination so early, pretending these are real people and moving them from room to room. Our chick-a-dee is so smart.

Patti said...

I loved reading all these comments!! I can't believe how many people had the same house- and all the other sets too!
Barb, that was so sweet of you to hang on to yours for your grandkids. :)
Lisa, I have had people tell me that, and it really does amaze me that she is doing this at this age. Your daughter is adorable, by the way.
Heidi, Deanna, Jenny,Patsy,Anna, Lori, Lacey, Rochelle, Nicole, Jane and Lisa- come visit me and bring all your girls to play with Lily!
Cathy and Grammi too:)