Tuesday, May 3, 2011

good clean fun

Dear Friends,

Have you had a chance to enter our Three Little Angels Giveaway? Here's what you can win-

And here are the three little angels who you can help by praying, or donating, or spreading the word ....or all three!!!

It doesn't cost anything to enter, just leave a comment on the giveaway post saying you will pray for these sweeties. You can gain additional entries by spreading the word and donating, but please don't miss your chance to enter if you can't do everything. Praying is just as important as giving!

The giveaway is open until next Friday. Please don't forget that a generous family has agreed to match dollar for dollar donations for Albina's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow- up to $5,000! So if you donate ten dollars, she will get twenty, etc!

Thanks so much for all who who have prayed, donated, and spread the word already- I love watching her grant fund grow, knowing that it will be double that amount! :)

In other exciting news, we are branching out and trying sponsors on Lily's blog. As a stay at home mom, I admit I love to do my birthday/Christmas/holiday shopping from home...it's easier for me to find things I love online than to pile all my kids in the car to go shopping, or to find a babysitter!

Just today I purchased my mom a beautiful.... something for Mother's Day...from an etsy shop I found on one of my favorite blogs. I love that I can help Libby stay at home with her gorgeous little girl by supporting her sponsor, and get something really sweet for my mama in the process- all while sitting in the comfort of my own little home.

I've been praying about this, because I am always looking for ways to embezzel money from my husband contribute to the kids I love on Reece's Rainbow, and sponsors would be a great way to earn some extra income to fund my orphan addiction:)

If you own an Etsy shop or run a business or sell a product that you would like to see featured on Lily's lovely sidebar via a blog button, please contact me for pricing. Or if you know someone who might be interested, spread the word!

You may remember last month when I posted pictures of Lily wearing this adorable birdy clippy from Shining Stars Boutique..



I'm always looking for cute clips that will actually stay in Lily's hair, since it is so fine... I found Jessica's shop by typing in "bird" and "no slip clip" into Etsy's search engine, and Lilybird gets a kajillion compliments on that clip every times she wears it. And the nice thing is- I still have that clip months later, because it truly does stay in her hair!


For the month of May, Shining Stars Boutique is offering a 15% discount for Lily's readers by using coupon code LILY15 at checkout. ..

Jessica has the cutest assortment of hair accessories for your little ones....have fun shopping! :)

And don't forget to enter the Three Little Angels giveaway by leaving a comment on that post!


Dearest Lily,

We have a little ritual every day...and lately that little ritual has to be repeated about three times a day. You wake up and entertain the family for a half an hour, showing us all the little things you know how to do. Then we go eat breakfast- tea for Mama, cereal for your siblings, and baby oatmeal warmed up with milk for you. You LOVE your oatmeal- and I seriously cannot believe how much you eat! I don't know where all those calories are going because you are still as petite as ever... but honestly, you eat an enormous bowlful every morning.

After every.single.bite. you put your thumb in your mouth. Seriously, Lily- I don't think you know how to take a bite of food without following it with your thumb. I have to wait til you suck, suck, suck, and then I give you another bite...and we continue that process until the food is gone. But you don't just suck your thumb. You wave it around, hit it on the high chair, fling some food in the air, rub it in your hair, and in between all of this you have one or both feet resting on the tray of the high chair. So as a result, your toes and legs are covered in oatmeal...and sometimes you suck on those extended little piggies as well.

Soooo...this makes for a very sticky Lilybird. A rub-down with a washcloth does not suffice- nothing does, except a full-fledged bubble bath, because you literally have oatmeal in every crevice of your chubby little body by the time we are done.

Thankfully you still fit in the kitchen sink, which is the easiest place for me to transfer you after your meals...


As soon as I slip you into those suds, you are in your element- while you used to be content to just sit and let me wash you off, now you are a raging maniac! You love to SPLASH!!!





Even before I put you in the sink, if I say "Lily, do you want to splash?!" - you start smacking your arms in the air:) You make these funny little growls while you're playing in the water, and we end up with as much water all over the counters as in the sink...



You're such a ham for your brothers and sister- they think you are too funny in your bath:)




I think this is my favoritest picture of you ever- I wish everyone could know the blessing of that 21st chromosome times 3 !!!


Love always,

Mama oxox


Diane said...

Your little Lily is absolutely beautiful and so photogenic. I miss the picture in the tutu when I open the blog, but the new one with her Mommy is adorable too. Obviously she's a very loved and happy little girl.

Patti said...

I was nervous about changing that header, and I just may change it back!! :)

*Tasha* said...

Donated $17 to Albina- it's not much but it gets doubled to $34 thanks to those lovely people. Thank you for blogging about this as well!

Absolutely love the Lily tub pictures. They're simply gorgeous. xx

Race Bannon said...

Change it back.

Those pictures of the bath are the funniest things I've seen in hours! (...I only say hours because I watched a funny blooper video on YouTube with dogs running into things...but the bath pictures are right up there with crashing dogs).

nicole said...

Oh Lily, you are too cute! Just for the record, I like the new header.

CCDunnam said...

I always love the pictures of Lilly. My Kaleb makes the same funny faces. lol He always makes them when I'm taking pictures of him.

Lori said...

Me thinks me sees lots of chub on that girl - soooooo sweet!!!

Carolina said...

OMG!!! I could eat her!!! So many cute pictures!!! Miss Lily knows how to take a nice relaxing bath!!

Natalie Ross said...

She is the most precious little girl. <3
She makes me smile!

KateY Johnston said...

I love, love, love, this post. The pics are lovely and Lily is adorable. We have a little 4 month old bubba called Hope with that magic extra chromosome and she has just learnt the joy of splashing us from her baby bath and those smiles just fill our heart with love overflowing. Soooo cute!

Ilisa Ailts said...

Oh my gosh "suck suck suck, bite"! I love it! So super cute! I think she might do it just to have a fun bath, what do you think?!

Qadoshyah said...

Your family is beautiful! I'm the oldest of 11 kids and the youngest two are 6 yr old twins. My brother with DS is one of the twins. He's such a blessing!

Amy said...

I like the new header!! Love the bath pics- Evan's new thing after EVERY.single.bite is to bite down on the spoon and not letting go... yogurt or oatmeal dripping down his chin, making a huge mess... but I have to let go until he is ready to take the spoon out of his mouth himself and throws it on the tray. EVERY.single.time. UGH! LOL

Janie Fox said...

Lily is just beautiful. She gets it from her mama!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your new header!! Two beautiful girls! And those bath pictures are just the best! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Lily is just the cutest thing ever. I just wish I could hold her.

How wonderful that she eats so well. Benji is beginning to improve in this area, but the Dr. just told me he may have Celiacs disease. That will make things more tricky. Please pray he doesn't. That would be a blessing.

I LOVE watching those numbers go up for these orphans!! I will continue to spread the word. Love, Cara

Mrs. K said...

I panicked tonight because I went to my spam folder and there was this blog. I am going to have to figure out how it got there and check every time I go on line to make sure my Miss Lily is not in spam.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all the pictures...I know I keep saying that but I do, do, do.

Grammi misses all of you and am planning to come for a week this summer. Just don't know when would be good for you and me.

Poor Elli hates her bath so maybe if she sees your pictures she will learn to like her bath. Lils you look like you are having sooo much fun.

Hugs my little water baby, Grammi