Thursday, May 19, 2011

forget it!

Remember my little pity party? The one I posted about this morning???



CAN'T. STOP.CRYING!!!!!!!!!!


Kelsi Moore said...

I found you're blog as part of a project for my college parenting class and I can't stop reading it! I find both you and Lily so inspiring. I hope someday when I "grow up" to be able to adopt loving children with down syndrome like Lily. You have inspired me and opened my heart. Thank you!

Katrina said...

I know. I cried all the way through it. Friends of mine talk about American Idol and other shows they watch and I'm off talking about this amazing journey that Kecia and her family are on right now. Who needs TV? I would much rather read all the wonderful stories on blogs :)

Unknown said...

oh its wonderfulxxxxx

Lori said...

Soooo exciting!!

Anna Theurer said...

Patti, I should have commented on your last post. Sometimes I have the same feelings as you. After reading it, I went to my very small blog with a small follow. I went to the feedjit because you can see how they get to your blog and how they leave. I blogged about Alexander and the give away. So many people left my blog to go to their website or directly to RR! Now, I do not know if they donated or not, BUT they went. That means, the word is being spread and maybe, they too will spread the word, donate, or maybe even adopt. My small little blog sent people to RR and AJ's fund. These things DO make a difference. Do NOT give up hope Patti. The Lord is using YOU as an instrument to do wonderful things. Because of you, I learned about RR. Because of you, I started to blog. Because of you, I started to post these sweet faces on FB and hound my friends, family, and husband.

Rochelle said...

Oh how I had tears of joy seeing Mia Kareen all dolled up to meet them for the first time! Awesome!

cathy said...

YOU amaze me with EVERYTHING that YOU are doing--
all of the children that you are helping

HE knows exactly what HE is doing