Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear Friends,

I'm so excited to announce the winners for our Baby Sent From the Stars Giveaway today! I'm going to let Naomi jump in here for a minute.... I could say a huge thank you, but my daughter-in-love can say it so much better~ I've been receiving daily updates from her since we started the giveaway, and I knew by her voice every time I picked up the phone that a new donation had come in. It was so exciting to us as a family to see those numbers climb, because every dollar meant a step closer to a baby sent from the stars for Jason and Naomi.

Dearest friends, family, and fellow bloggers!

3 weeks ago Jason and I began our journey to adoption which we kicked off with the Baby Sent from the Stars Giveaway. Words cannot express how grateful Jason and I are for all of the donations, prayer, and encouraging comments that have come in over the last three weeks.

As we bring this to a close, I am beginning to see that the most powerful thing that we have accomplished during this fundraiser (besides the funds of course!) is the power of spreading the word. We know that this is the only way our baby will find its way to our arms. We've had people contacting myself, my husband, and my MIL to tell us strategies, fundraising ideas and even more importantly ways that might help us bring our baby home.

And this is not even mentioning the fact that we raised a grand total of $2,033.92! Plus almost $300 that came in during the BUNCO Fund raiser.

I wanna say one more thank you especially to all of the new people that Jason and I have met on our new journey. People that donated that we didn't even know personally! I have connected to many more families out there who have adopted and have been so inspired by your beautiful stories.


We are on our way to getting our home study!! Please stay tuned (and come back and visit) for updates along the journey. The boat ride to Australia may be rocky, but the destination and all its beauty will be so worth it! We can't wait to get there!

Love, Naomi

*A note about how we drew the winners. Because we hosted the giveaway on both Naomi's blog and Lily's, we had comments from both posts ...we combined these before drew winners, and we also entered people's names who donated but did not leave comments (we had a few of those and didn't want anyone to miss out on a chance to win).

SO here are the winners!!

Winner of the iPad2
Bethany Just donated...wish I could do more! Sweet Couple!

Winner of the Nook
Sarah B. Posted this fabulous giveaway on Facebook! I cannot wait to see what God does with this and to follow this new journey! God Bless

Winner of the two night stay at the Oregon Coast
Bill and Bonnie Greene donated

Winner of the Mimosa Cream
Rachel Coty (no comment left)

Winner of the Stella and Dot Necklace
Nicole Newman donated some money. I wish you all the luck in the world

Winner of the Brighton Nightlight
Ben I donated. I am a friend of Race, he said I had to.

Winner of the Rumba watch
Lora I just shared the link on facebook! Not sure how I missed that option the first time, lol! I hope it directs some of my friends to your site and increases the successfulness od this giveaway for your family!

Winner of the Cocoa Daisy kit
Tonya I pray that my small contribution is multiplied by the Lord for you both to reach your goal in adopting that sweet, blessed little one, where ever he/she is! Blessings!

Winner of the soap set
Kristin Placek Donated - I will continue to tell friends/family about it and to pray for more support. God bless.

Winners, please contact me with your information, so we can get your prizes out to you!

A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for every person who gave, shared, and prayed for our giveaway. I know some day soon we are going to be able to share what God did through your kindness, when that baby is placed in my son and daughter's arms- I can't wait for that moment:)

I'm off to homeschool, so I'll wrap this up with some pics of the loveliest Easter Lily I've ever seen!
















Happy Monday!!


Heidi Ehle said...

I love the pics of Lily!!! :) Oh she's just so darn adorable! Much love to her and her mama of course!

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos- love the bunny hat!! :D I finally read your birth story after seeing you post the links on FB- I had absolutely no idea you went through SO much! Moved me to tears on several occasions, and brought back memories of my older son's extensive stay in the NICU. God bless all of you!

Bethany said...

OMG that's me! Yay! :)

Lora said...

What a beautiful Easter Lily! I just sent you my info for the watch :) Glad the fundraiser was a success, it's a great way to start their adoption journey!

cathy said...


Congrats to the winners ;)
Now, my dear friend, what else can we do to help you Jason & Naomi?
I vote for another fundraiser.............?


Mrs. K said...

You are ABSOLUTELY right...this is the loveliest Lily I have ever seen also. Cannot get enough pictures of her.

Anna Theurer said...

Super cuteness!!!! Patti, I am passing on a blogger award to you :-)

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to see this money come in for Jason and Naomi!!! It blesses my heart. I cannot wait to see that precious baby in their arms.

LOVING the pictures of Lily!! Love, Cara

Naomi said...

Lily is gorgeous!! i LOVE the bunny hat! i vote for making a bunch of those and selling them! =) so cute!!

patsy said...

that is BY FAR the prettiest easter lily i have ever seen! and love the bunny hat:)

Lerin Mosser said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I love her dress! Such gorgeous pictures too! Thank you for always sharing your adorable family with us. Thrilled to see God move in Jason and Naomi's life - praying for them and their journey. ;)

my family said...

precious little bunny!

eestarn said...

UGH....The HAT. Just beautiful.