Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Australia

Dear Friends,

I was going to bump our Baby Sent From The Stars Giveaway up today to the top of my posts...but when I went and read my daughter-in-law's blog tonight...well, some things just can't be outdone. Naomi is more than a daughter-in-law to me ...she has just as much of a hold on my heart as my own children, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God that she married my son. Please- if you do nothing else that I ask in this post- please go read Naomi's post, Welcome To Australia.

Second favor- and I know I've asked Lily's readers to vote for her in several things lately, so please indulge me one more time...

...just click the bright pink link below and give Lily a thumbs up. And do that ten second little chore once a day til April 14th. We've been getting a LOT of traffic here on Lily's blog from this particular website...and more traffic means more awareness for Down syndrome and more advocacy for Reece's Rainbow. So yup, I am shamelessy asking for your daily vote in keeping Lily at the top on Circle of Mom's Top 25 Most Inspiring Families list.

And just because I have a few Grammis and Papas and cousins and friends (yes you, Cathy and Cara!) who will email me saying they miss seeing Lily's pretty little face on her blog....


"please won't you vote for me?!"

Happy Thursday!


Mrs. K said...

Grammi Faith voted for her precious Lilybird. Have a great weekend. Love you all, Grammi and Papa

Anonymous said...

Voting!! Going to read Naomi's blog- can't wait. And I LOVE, LOVE that face of Lily. Benji does too- well, all my kiddos do. We all love seeing her beautiful face. Still SO excited to see what the Lord does in Jason and Naomi's lives. Love, Cara

Katrina said...

Thanks for reminding me to vote. I always forget. Glad the site is receiving more traffic because of it. And of course Lily is adorable :)

cathy said...

(hope I was the cathy you were talking about)

I told my boys to vote for the blog & of course, they will ;)

LOVELY pictures


nicole said...

Voted and I'm sure some of my sisters are too!

Tracy said...

I love seeing Lily's pretty little face too!