Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Station Break

Just a little ad for our family blog, in case you've never visited us there before...


Notes From Home

Grab a cup of tea and stay for awhile:)

Happy Wednesday!


Mrs. K said...

I want some tea too. And I would like some won tons...mmm green tea and won tons brings back memories.
Grammi misses you guys. Maybe late summer I will visit you.

ha ha my word verification is "frami"

Unknown said...

so sweet! your kids are just all kinds of beautiful! and tea does sound good. I love reading through your blog, while I cant always relate there are certain things I can understand on. I almost think Williams is liket the sister to Down Syndrome, they have an extra link and my little one has a missing one

JC said...

I loved your last post on Notes from Home...I cant believe how many Birthdays you have in ONE month!! lol...Seems like there is always an event in our house, one after the other...Guess thats just the way it is when you have a lot of kids...I love it :)