Sunday, April 3, 2011

food for thought

Dearest Lily,

We've got a lot of "food" traditions in the Rice household: pink heart pancakes on Valentine's Day, green clover pancakes on St. Patrick's Day, Christmas morning orange rolls, Patti's Pasta, Josiah's Belly-Deli-sandwiches, Caleb's Wontons...
Ask any of your siblings and they'll tell you their favorite time of day...

Photobucket our family dinner time. Sometimes our evening meals are enjoyed gathered around the kitchen island, perched on barstools and cafe chairs with Mommy flipping burgers and handing out platefuls of food like a short-order cook.

But for the most part our family meals take place around our double-leafed dining room table, chairs packed in as close as can be. Lit candles and quiet dinner music counter the clinking of silverware on plates and chattering children competing with each other to tell Daddy what the "best part of their day" was.


You take the whole scene in, absorbing every word spoken in between bites of food. You watch each speaker with careful interest and grin when the conversation turns to you.


You used to always sit on Daddy's lap at dinner time...we wanted you to be a part of everything, and you were so tiny for so long, you could barely stay in your high chair. Now that you're bigger, that glorious throne is your favorite place to be!



On your first birthday, Mama took you for your one year check-up. At the time you were eating a variety of foods, but nursing was your main source of nutrition. When you weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds, your doctor and I decided you needed a little fattening up.


2 and a half months later you are tipping the scales at 16 pounds 11 ounces- victory! Two thumbs up (and ten toes as well!) for calorie and fat loaded foods.... cottage cheese, yogurt dipped fruits, cream soaked cereals, buttered pastas, and nutella spread on everything we can think of. As your sister Abbi likes to say, "Don't we all wish we had Down syndrome!"


*this is your favorite way to eat- feet propped up on your food tray!


So proud of my little're the cutest thing since sliced bread!


Love always,

Mama oxox


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NikkiB said...

I LOVE the feet up while eating. Laura is the same way! She put her feet up all the time in whatever she was in. She didn't quite get her feet up that high ;), but she never let them hang while eating, she would stretch them out and rest them on the inside ledge of the highchair tray! "just chillin"!! Miss Lily, you are lookin darn cute! :)
luv ya!!

kecia said...

Bree always sat with her feet up like that in the high chair! so cute!

Wren said...

That's a great growth spurt! Every time I make my boys meals I wish I could eat like they do!

Good job Lily and mama for getting those pounds on!!!

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! Reminds me of us. Benji always sat on somebody's lap at dinner until now. He also loves his throne, but he does not eat as well as Lily. We are working on that.

Still spreading info. about the giveaway! I am going to vote now for A Perfect Lily. I will spread the word and keep voting too. I am SO thankful for your blog Patti. Love to you all today, Cara

Melissa said...

Way to go with the weight gain Lily!!

Amy said...

Oh she is just lovely!

Looking Up said...

Had to laugh at the pics with her eating w/her feet up on the high chair. I have many pics of my son eating the same way. :)

Anna Theurer said...

Voted, of course! Btw, I love that piano song" On Golden Pond" on your blog. Ellie was getting all cranky and I played her that song--she calmed right down :-)

Mom of 12 said...

What a cute little one! We have 12 kids and our fifth is Autistic. Stop by my blog sometime and visit.

Sarah said...

Oh Lily I'm so jealous!! I love nutella and wish i could put it on everything I could think of!!

mrmeadowlark said...

Although I love my family (dysfunctional tho they may be) and would not trade them for the world, I often wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a family like this, and am bound and determined, that if I am ever so blessed as to have a family of my own, I want to give them a nice home life.

Anonymous said...

Had to tell you that I had you blog opened up this morning. I was on the phone, and my friend asked, "Who is that playing"? She thought it was one of my kiddos. She was shocked because she knew that they do not play piano. Although, we are changing that around here. They are getting ready for lessons and super excited. I just had to mention that I LOVE the music on here!! Love, Cara

cathy said...



ps....never got a confirmation---will donate again