Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear Friends,

I just wanted to say a gigantic thank you to all of Lily's faithful readers who endured 2 weeks of my daily reminders to vote for her in the Circle of Mom's Top 25 Most Inspiring Families contest. You all are seriously amazing, and that last night of rallying was so much fun- we were so blessed by all the support and kind words we received, and I wish you could have seen the party at the Rice Ranch while we watched the votes roll in to help Lily finish at the top. Circle of Moms contacted me today, and in a few weeks we'll be featured on their new resource for moms, The Roundup. I'll make sure to give details when we're there- thanks again to everyone for making that happen!!

I'm also so excited to announce a new prize in our Baby Sent From the Stars Giveaway. If you missed it, we've extended the deadline to Sunday, April 24th, as we have a lot of fliers and posters going up in our local area and at our annual church conference next week. As an added incentive, our sweet friend Savannah is donating gift certificates for a two night stay ($250 value) at Ocean Terrace Condominiums in Lincoln City, Oregon!!

Located in beautiful Lincoln city, overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, Ocean View Terrace Condominiums presents the very best the Oregon coast has to offer.

(I'm hoping one of our out-of-state readers wins, so they have an excuse to come see us!)

A few more new prizes are being added in- I am still getting the details, so keep checking back on the giveaway post! I am so amazed at the generosity of our friends and family- thank you so much to all who have given already, and thank you for helping spread the word as well.

One final exciting piece of week we will be out of town for our annual Northwest Bible Conference. Our days and nights will be pretty filled up, leaving very little time for blogging. Sooo...I have a SPECTACULAR line-up of guest bloggers filling in for me all week here on A Perfect Lily!! I cannot wait to see what these wonderful ladies have to say- each one of them has something different and fabulous to offer, and I just know you are in for a real treat. I'm not going to spoil the surprise here, but you do not want to miss one day! I'll be sure to sneak in a few photos of Lily throughout the week, because I know a few readers who will revolt if I don't:) Please be sure to leave lots of nice comments for the guest bloggers, so they'll come back and post again sometime!

It's late and I don't have any new pics of Lily to share other than some adorable cell phone ones ...I wish my phone took better pictures, but functionality trumps a good built-in camera when it comes to me and phones:) Lily has been a total goof the past few days, army crawling everywhere and sticking everything in her mouth...she's like the energizer bunny on steroids, all of the sudden she decided she wants to be on the GO!


*yes, that's a foam dart in her mouth. And she likes to leave it dangling there, no's her new trick. thank you, Aunt Cindy for the new jammies!!


*same dart, different day. she crawled in here herself....pretty proud of herself too.


*her new HAPPY face!! :) thank you, cousin McKennah, for the outfit- Lily crawled out of the adorable matching pants:)

Have a great weekend!!!


P.S. If you're wondering what in the world my post title had to do with this....absolutely nothing. I'm just tired and couldn't think of anything else:)


cathy said...

Patti, great post!
Enjoy the conference

the pictures are ADORABLE!!

Rochelle said...

Congratulations! What doors that will open! Yeah God!
Hugs xoxo

NikkiB said...

OMG....laura did the same thing with Nolans foam darts! I have a cell phone pic of her "smoking" one too!! ha ha!! Have a great conference!!

Lori said...

Lily looks so big and old in these pictures - her hair is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing and seeing all the wonderful things Lily is doing. So glad you are going to throw some pictures in of her next week since you know I am one of those that might revolt, ha. She is SO precious.

Have a wonderful time at the Bible conference!! Love, Cara

Scott said...

That last night of rallying certainly was fun. So glad Lily came out on top.

But I'm still looking for the "Circle of Grandpas"... can't seem to find it anywhere...

Papa Scott

Anonymous said...

Dear Patti, a friend of mine just had a baby boy last night. Just got word that they think he may have down's. I would love to have the poem/story about Holland to share with them. Could you email it to me at Thank you so very much!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patti, a friend of mine had a baby boy last night and i just got word that they think he may have down's. I would love to share the poem/story about Holland with them. Could you email it to me at Thank you so much!! -Bethany

Patti said...

Bethany- I'm not sure what keeps happening to your comment here, but I am getting it in my email:) I sent you the poem, let me know if you got it?

Unknown said...

well done honey,x