Saturday, March 5, 2011

One of those days...

Dearest Lily,

Today was one of those days....


*thank you, Stephanie, for Lily's dress!!


Mama was babysitting three of your little friends.


Their mama was going for a level 2 the same place we went over a year ago to see how you were developing. I sent a photo of you for the doctor who did most of your ultrasounds..and a note thanking him for his kindness, as well as the link to your blog. I want to take you to that hospital sometime soon, to show the doctors and nurses what a beautiful little girl you turned out to be.


Since we had three extra little girls in the house, your sister Abigail brought out all her girl toys...barbies, baby dolls, and dollhouses filled our living room floor...


You were in heaven....





So right in the middle of all the fun we were having, you decided to remind mama to expect not accept...


...and to keep on expecting, not accepting...


...and while I was at it, to forget about EVER accepting...and just go ahead and completely EXPECT you to go beyond what I thought you were capable of.....



...Yup. It was one of those days!!



After all that hard work of pulling yourself up on everything, you decided to take a little break...


Lily Anne~ you have taught me more in one short year of life than all that I learned in 22 years of parenting children before you. You amaze me daily with your determination, and you have taught me to always shoot for the moon...



...because even if I miss, I'll land among the stars!


Loving my little star tonight,

Mama oxox


P.S. Don't forget- two more days to cast your vote for Lily:

She is at #2 right now...please help get the vote out to return her to #1 !! :)

Thank you dear friends!!!!


Looking Up said...

She's got my vote!

Stephanie said...

AWW, i'm so happy she is able to wear the dress. it's not has big as I thought it would be. Lily is amazing!

Voting every day, got to get her back in first!

Rochelle said...

Way to go Lily! Still voting and spreading the word.

Becca said...

Voted!! And sharing on FB. Gotta get Lily back in 1st!!

Sweet post, Patti. :-)

Runningmama said...

I love these pics, she really is just beautiful! I voted, hopefully by the end of the day she'll be back at #1 where she belongs!

Mrs. K said...

OMGoodness, I am typing through tears and a lump in my throat. Watching my baby pull herself up to see what and who is on the other side of the house, then the look of pride just before she lies down to rest. Lily is saying "see what I can do and you didn't think I could just yet." Oh Lils, you are the best and you have the best siblings to teach, push, guide and guard you.

So now, what is it? Boy or girl?

Yes, we voted. PeeWee is cute but not as cute as our Pixie Lily.

OH, I noticed Lily is wearing her leg warmers. Can't believe they are big on her, she really is tiny.

Deanna said...

YAY Lily!!!!! Way to be a total rockstar!

I have been voting, but yesterday was super busy at work and didn't have a chance to vote until late....I take full blame for #2 (-:

cathy said...

spectacular pictures, uplifting words


Last night when I was voting I saw she was # 2, I do NOT understand!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures of Lily!!!! And look at her strength and determination. Yes, expect and not accept- that is perfect. She is going to continue to blow you away. Did I say that I LOVE these pictures of Lily??

I am voting on everything I can. And I really do not understand her moving to #2!! Seriously, I think something is wrong. You know it is bothering me. Love, Cara

Bulldogma said...

WOW! Way to go, Lily! To scroll down and let my eyes rest on the picture of you pulling yourself up on the doll house... I started clapping right in front of the computer :o)

Wren said...

WooHoo!!! Those are some awesome standing and climbing skills!!!!

patsy said...

way to go miss lily!! just voted again...and will keep voting all day. we got to get our girl back in the #1 spot :) and hope you don't mind, i had to steal this song for our new post....LOVE IT!!!

sunnylattegma said...

That Lilykins! Isn't she something!

I am thinking she quietly slips out of bed in the still of the night and PRACTICES so when everyone is around she can pop these new feats on everyone and act like it is no big deal. Truthfully, she just rocks.

Off I go to vote from every available tech source in the house.

Elissa said...

Way to go Lily! So proud of you for pulling up all by yourself!

Voting again now!

Ashley said...

Go, Lily, Go! *MUAH*

jane@flightplayformliving said...

yay go lily go! thats so great, i love the expect and not accept, i am putting that in my own heart tonight for my tilly. thankyou so much, beautiful post as always x

kecia said...

Beautifully said....with a beautfiul face to go with it!