Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lily is #1 !!!!

Dearest Lily,

Today was a very happy day for us.

Daddy and your brothers and sisters woke us up early this morning and I were still curled up in bed next to each other and half asleep when we heard that chorus of voices singing "Happy Birthday to Mommy!"


We had a nice day together, and everyone spoiled me so much. I felt like a queen the way your daddy and siblings took care of me...I am so blessed.

You had your very first ISFP meeting today. Karen, your therapist, and two other therapists came to go over your progress with us for the last year. I was really amazed, as we looked back, at how many goals you met this year.

I remember a year ago when Karen first came...


I was so new to having a baby with Down syndrome- I remember feeling a little shocked that we were setting goals for your first year such as "sitting independently" or "creeping" or "dropping objects into a target". These were tasks your older brothers and sisters had accomplished their first year without any help or thought on my part...


I remember feeling overwhelmed at the thought that now I was responsible for helping you reach these goals. Nothing could be taken for granted anymore- and that idea scared me a little bit. I really had no idea that Down syndrome meant physical limitations- in my limited pre-Lily perspective, Ds was something that cause cognitive delays, not physical.


I never knew that low muscle tone or loose joints was something that came with your extra chromosome. I never knew that something as simple as standing for a length of time was something children with Down syndrome had to work on...I don't know how I never knew any of this, as your Grammi worked in special education for much of my childhood. Somehow I missed all the physical limitations her students had; I never knew how hard they were working just to do the simple every-day things I did without any effort.


As we talked today about all the goals you've met, my mind went back to the first day you held your head up off the floor for several seconds, and how we all cheered and sent the video of it to all our friends and loved ones. One little victory that we tucked away in our hearts, a harbinger of good things to come..


...or when you reached for Daddy's face for the first time. Who would have ever thought "reaching" was a milestone to be celebrated, cheered for, to cry happy tears over...but it was...


I remember how exciting it was when you started developing an interest in toys. You were no longer content to sit and chew your fingers; you reached for and held up and inspected each toy with careful thought, even preferring your sun toy above all the others. This simple act of "choice" was so beautiful to me- you had desires, you demonstrated determination and personality...and it thrilled my soul...


We've grown a lot this past year, sweetest Lily.

We've watched you work so hard and overcome so much, and the joy that comes from knowing just how far you've come is irreplaceable.

*your beloved therapist, Karen...


So as we head into this second year, with all its golden promise, I just want to tell you how very proud I am of you, Lily Anne.

You are all that is pure and lovely and holy and good, and I am so very honored to be your mama.


Thank you for making my birthday the best ever, simply by being you.

Always yours,

Mama oxox


P.S. Thank you to all of the wonderful people who sent me birthday wishes and voted for Lily...she is NUMBER ONE right now! Please keep voting until March 6th, when this week's photo contest ends... you can vote every day!

The best present of the day yesterday? Jason and Naomi got approved through their adoption agency!!! I would love to be able to give them that prize money to help them...please, will you spread the word for just a few more days?

Here is the link to vote :


and thank you for making my birthday wish come true:)


Stephanie said...

sounds like the perfect day. And both you and Lily have reached some major milestones this year.
Maybe you can't see the change in yourself, but I can. Your stronger and more confident as a mom with a child with DS. It has been lovely to watch you both grow!

i just voted again. And congrats to your kids!!! What great news!

my family said...

well Im here wishing you a belated birthday wasnt on the internet yesterday. so happy your day was wonderful :)

Scott said...

It won't let me vote again yet... :-(

Just have to vote when I get to work!!

What a wonderful day you had. And between that and the results of our blitz, if (when!) Lily wins you'll have an all-around hard-to-top week!!

Go Lily!! Vote, vote, vote, vote...

Lori said...

I am so glad you had a good birthday - we love you - Lily, we are so proud of you, wish we lived closer so we could give you tons of hugs and kisses!!!

Janie Fox said...

I loved this post. She is a beautiful baby and blessed to have you as her mommy. Happy birthday! I am off to vote again!

Anna Theurer said...

Patti, I just LOVE this happy post. Happy birthday to you and thank you for sharing the pics of Lily reaching her milestones. Of course she is #1. How could just a cutie not be. Off to vote again.

Anonymous said...

I knew she would be #1!! Who can resist that most adorable face!! I am thrilled. And I am SO happy for the progress she has made in her first yeart. She is perfect. What a blessing to be able to have a baby with that extra special chromosome. Love, Cara

Rochelle said...

What a great birthday. So excited to see what blessings are bestowed on your family this year. OOO a grandbaby to spoil!

jane@flightplatformliving said...

just voted and happy birthday, yet again your post has made me cry! i think i am falling in love with your beautiful daughter and oh boy your words strike straight to my soul, when tilly wasnt even sitting at 15 months as my first baby i never thought we had a 'problem' and yet there we were some time on dealing with a diagnosis that shocked us to the core and yet like you we have watched our baby grow and achieve and make magic. my baby is sprinkled with magic as is yours, we are utterly blessed xx

cathy said...

We are all so proud of you, Lily


Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

Happy Birthday Patty!!!!

And good going, Lily, with all the hints you have learned to do already! I've been voting for your picture every day!

tekeal said...

happy birthday patti:-) glad you're treated like a queen! ( and voting, of course)

abbi rice said...

I just knew Lily could do it with her little beaeuty looks. She could win the whole TWO years. I think she is the cutest of" em" all! I love her little face. I agree with all who commented, You guys are totally right! It was a fun birthday! My mom LOVED it! The ladys from our church and Mckenzie threugh a suprize party for my mom(Patti)And my mom(Patti)Really liked it! We all had fun. Thats all i'm gonna say in my comment. Enjoy your night!


Kellan's momma said...

Happy birthday Patti!! I look back at Kellan great feats and we are the same way, cheering him on and sending video to everyone we know! Our babies work so hard for all the things that came naturally to their big bros and sis's, it makes me appreciate every little thing all that much more!! I'm off to vote again!!

Ashley said...

Aww! Love this post, Patti <3 so glad that you had a great birthday.....I was looking through the pictures remembering each milestone right along with you. We followed them all on this blog back when we barely knew eachother.....Oh, I love you guys and miss you all so, so much. *MUAH*