Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Letter from Daddy

A few months ago I asked my husband to write a letter to Lily...he always writes a letter to our babies in my pregnancy journals just before I'm about to give birth. Because of the fact that Lily came so early, he never had a chance to do that in my journal to her. I'm reposting this here today, as it was by far the most popular post I've pubished...which doesn't surprise me:) The bond between Lily and her daddy is just about the strongest I've ever seen in life- he spent the first 24 hours of her life caring for her, and to this day she has him completely wrapped around her finger.

If you're new here, you can read more about those first few days in Lily's life in her birth stories (links above)...

If you're a faithful reader- I was honored to be asked to guest post on The Mommies Network HERE if you'd like to read.


Dearest Lils,

Mommy asked me to write a little note to you, so here goes... First of all let me say, you are amazing to me! I love every little thing about you! From your cute little pinky, to your bent ear, you are the cutest little one I have ever seen.


I cannot tell you how much I miss you every day when I am at work, it's like my arms literally ache for you. When I come home, (don't tell Mommy) but you are the first one I want to see. I love to cuddle you up in my arms and cover your little neck and face with kisses. I think it is just so sweet how you seem to look for me when you hear my voice, like you know I am finally home and can't wait for me to grab you up and play with you for a bit.


I was just telling a client today just how special you are to us. How you have changed the whole atmosphere of our home. How you have brought a special kind of love out of our children, that I don't know that any other event in life could quite do. I was telling her about your sweet personality, and your almost complete lack of fussy moments. And it hit me as I was talking about you -- just how truly special you are to us! I was telling her, that if someone would have told us a year ago that we were going to have a child with Ds we would probably have been a little freaked out and worried about all the things we did not understand about raising a child with special needs.


But what is amazing to me is that having you... not just a baby with special needs, but you..just seems to take away all of those fears and concerns that we really did not need to be worrying about in the first place!! Maybe that is why God did not intend for us to know EVERYTHING before our babies come. Because in our limited perspectives and understandings of things, we just don't usually see the blessings that can come from difficulty. I don't believe all the technology we have that lets us see and know things we never knew before is evil. I just believe most people cannot begin to understand the incredible blessings that can come from having a Lily come into their lives.. until she actually shows up!


It is so strange to think that your mommy and I came up with the name Lily before you were even conceived! (Make your mommy tell you the story, it's very interesting.)


But maybe there was a reason that God gave us that name, because you have brought color and texture to our lives! Just like a flower can brighten up a room with its beauty and fragrance, you have brightened up our family with the beauty that is uniquely LILY!


We love you so much and are so happy God saw fit to add you to our family!
Love Forever -- Daddy


cathy said...

pure Heaven


Mrs. K said...

OH so precious words from the heart. Lily, you are the luckiest little princess in the whole wide world: a Mommy and Daddy and 9 siblings and SIL who just adore you. And I would like to add they are so fortunate to be able to hold you and kiss you each and every day. Papa and I are so very far away. :>(

kecia said...

loved this! I always love hearing the dad's words....I had to laugh about the part when he comes home and wants to see Lily first....Kris is the same way with Bree! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears. That was so beautiful.

Rachel Bretbunner said...

Now Patti you have to tell us how Lily's name was picked!

nicole said...

So touching ~ a glimpse into how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

Lora said...

That is just so sweet!!

Amy said...

That is just lovely. You are very blessed!

Annie said...

Oh this was amazing. So sweet! I just adore his letter - you can just feel his love ooze out of his words. I understand everything he said - I too love Ollie's tiny pinkies and her little bitty ears. She's everything I never knew I wanted and then some :)