Saturday, March 12, 2011

Etsy Winners: Update

Before I post the winners to our Triple Etsy Giveaway, I wanted to share a few cell phone pics of Lily...if you are on the receiving end of the Daily Lils that I send out to my phone list, bear with me. If you want to be, send me your number. Haha.

Super quick because it's super late and we just got home from a lovely date night (thank you Uncle Chris for the tickets to the Tim Hawkins show. Yes, you truly are the best brother ever. And not just because you're my only one.)

I just had draw the daughter-in-law Naomi won the Shining Stars Boutique gift credit, and she just told me tonight at the show about how much she loved the lollipop hairclips. However, I don't want anyone to think the contest was rigged... so Naomi, if you're reading this, I'm ordering the lollipop clip for you! Now you have to tell everyone I'm your favorite mother-in-love;)

The new winner of the Shining Stars Boutique gift credit is...

Jen: Love your blog, Patti!:) At Shining Stars, I like all of the cupcake & owl clips. It's so hard to choose just one! At Growing up Wild, I loved the daisy & speckled green kimono shoes. At Baby K, I loved the petite layered butterfly no slip clips!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful shops with us!!!

The winner of the Growing Up Wild gift credit is...

Missy B*: If I win, I would use the item for my blog auction to bring our little boy home from E.E. Lily is so adorable :)

I promise picked the winner, but if I had picked based on comments, that would have been a hard one to pass up :)

The winner of the Baby K Designs gift credit is....

Danielle: Liked baby K designs. I LOVE THEM! There should be a LOVE button!

Please contact me with your information and I will forward it to these etsy sellers!

Also- if you loved the products you saw and didn't win the gift credits, I will be posting coupon codes...stay tuned!

**edited to add: etsy shop BabyKDesigns is offering a 20% discount to Lily's readers until March 14th. Just enter the code 20LILY at checkout to receive your discount- have fun shopping!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Mrs. K said...

Patti, each picture of Lils is cuter and is that possible. Lily is such a camera ham. Give her a ton of hugs and kisses for me, and some for Abbi and Jack and Noah and Caleb and Jon Jon and Tyler and Kenzie and Josiah, Jason, Naomi and Sam. Miss you all. Save a week for me this summer.

Anonymous said...

I wake up with my little guy with cuddles and love and smiles. And then I get to check this and get even more Saturday morning smiles. (and from the most adorable little girl too) Thank you for blessing my morning even more. The pictures are priceless. Love, Cara

Danielle said...

I won Baby K designs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?.... Do I need to give you my mailing address? (:

awwwww... I never win anything!!! or when I do win, my prize never arrives! ha!

Naomi said...

OMG i never win anything!! I cannot believe it actually picked me! WOO HOO! Thank you Patti for ordering me the clip, Kaysea will LOVE IT!!! Especially knowing that you bought it for her. She will guaranteed call it the "nana clip"! O and i will pay shipping!

Candy said...

I NEVER get tired of seeing Lily's cuteness! It makes me so look forward to when Reagan will be able do do such cute things (even though she is too adorable just being little like she is!). We have a wonderful friend (who has a little girl) who is going to watch the other girls for surgery and I think some Etsy thing would be a perfect gift for. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Man, I get a day or two behind on my blogs and I missed an entire giveaway! Sounds like you got some great winners, though. :-) Love the pics, as always!

Your Brother said...

Your Brother sounds like a great guy!