Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Wish

So guess what??

Lily is now #2 on the Parents.com Kid of the Year photo contest! Out of over 10,340 entries. No joke. THANK YOU for voting!!


As a little birthday present to Lily's mama...who is turning 39 for the fourth year in a row today!.. could you please keep voting for Lily's photo? You can vote every day until March 6th!

If she wins, there is a $250 prize- and we would love to give that to Lily's oldest brother and his wife for their adoption fund. At the end of this year the weekly winners are judged, and that winner gets a $7,000 prize... and their photo will be on the cover of Parents magazine!

Sooo...will you rock the vote for Lily? You could also post it on your Facebook wall, email it to your friends, etc...here's the link:


Thank you ahead of time! :)



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - from Australia!

Race Bannon said...

Wow, I guess you gotta get up pretty early in the morning to beat Australia1

Happy Birthday Pat!

...as you Race towards 50

nicole said...

Love the new song on your playlist! Put in my two votes for Lils ~ Happy Birthday Mama!

Emily Cornell said...

Happy Birthday! And I have been and will be voting every day until the 6th :-)

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday...already voted for Lily :) Wish I could make you a birthday cake!
p.s. you can't be that old...you don't look it

angie said...

Happy Birthday Patti! Voting every day to lift Lily over the top!

teal915 said...

I sent an email to all my contacts. I've already heard back from two people. One works in a public school office, and she said she would send it on. Can't wait to see Lily win!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Patti

I almost went out the door to Disneyland without voting. I remembered as I was walking out the door. Now I can go enjoy your birthday at the Mouse's House knowing I voted for the cutest baby. But you will have to stop by my blog later to look at Nevaeh in her Minnie Mouse Costume with her matching doll. Yep, I'm a little obsessed :)

bb,tonya and cam... said...

:) i voted! good luck to you! and best wishes to your beautiful family! i pray that your son and his wife will find their little one soon!