Saturday, February 12, 2011

With Love, Mama

Dearest Lily,

Happy Valentines Day, baby girl!

I'm so excited to see you eat your first ever pink heart-shaped pancakes...a family tradition for us on February 14th. As usual, I am up late writing to you while everybody sleeps.

The last two weeks were crazy ones. We had the usual busyness of a family our size..homeschooling, church, doctor visits, therapy, and of course our big giveaway to help Peter and Olga and Kareen and Artem...your friends on the other side of the world.


In between it all, we did manage to sneak off to the park a few times. We always take advantage of sunny days in the winter here...we just never know when we'll see the sun again before April! So as soon as there is even the teeniest break in the clouds, your brothers and sisters beg to go do something outside somewhere.


We packed a lunch and piled in the van...but Mommy forgot a snack for you, so we drove through Burger King...which is not my favorite restaurant...and got the healthiest thing on the menu that you could chew safely ...


....funnel cake sticks. Ahem.

Well anyway- you liked them :)




You wore the sweet monkey hat that Grammi ordered (*ETA from HappyHooksCrochet!) for you for Christmas...everywhere we go people comment on that adorable hat...


...that you love to keep on at all times...



You have been doing so many new things these days, Lily. It's like you had a little milestone burst, where you decided to pass them all up in one fell swoop. Daddy and I keep talking about how smart you are. All your brothers and sisters report to me daily...hourly..."Did you see what Lily can do, Mama?!" or "Come here right now, you HAVE to see what Lily is doing!"



We're all so proud of you.


You love love to be read're our littlest bookworm in a long line of bookworms ahead of you....



You wave hello or goodbye constantly now- a regal "princess wave"....


This morning I walked out to the family room where you were sitting...I said "Hi, Lily!" and you turned and looked at me, grinned, and gave me the princess wave. I didn't even wave at you first- you just know that "hi" means you wave. This little act makes mama's heart melt every time. I never knew a simple wave could bring so much joy~ but it does.

This morning at church your daddy said "hello?" in his sermon... you stopped playing with the toy you were holding, looked up from my lap, grinned at him, and waved.


And speaking of cute..


You look so cute in your new hairclips! Your friend Laura gave them to you for your birthday.

You are just now able to fit into the sweater that was your sister Abbi's when she was a newborn...

Photobucket tiny beautiful, perfect Lily...


Your friend Grady, had a special request on Valentine's Day...he wanted to know if you would be his Valentine! Guess what you said??

***go to Ski'ing Through Life to see what Grady thought of Lily's answer!! :)

It's past one in the morning now...I'm getting sleepy, and you're dreaming of pink pancakes I'm sure.

Happy Valentine's Day, my little sweetheart...


Good night!

With love,


I Just Love You said...

very cute! happy valentine's day lilly!

sunnylattegma said...

Too, too sweet! Happy Valentines Day, Lily!!

And to you and Sam too, Patti! : )

Sarah said...

I LOVE that she hear her dad say Hello and waved!!!

NikkiB said...

Happy Valentines Day!!! I was so excited to see some Lily pictures! The hairclips are precious. Laura has about that much hair (or that *little*...however you wanna look at it!)... I may have to try some! Very pretty, precious girl. Enjoy your pancakes!!!!

Julie Shaw said...


kecia said...

so so cute! I LOVE that monkey hat!!! Where did your grammi get it?

nicole said...

Glad Lils is back to her smiley self and spreading her sunshine.

Lori said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Lily looks just like Mackenzie in the waving pics!! Love you guys!! Kisses and hugs to all my neices and nephews!!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Looking Up said...

She is beyond cute. :) Where did that monkey hat come from? I must order something like thatfor my son! Happy Valentine's Day.

patsy said...

yay...a bunch of lily pics! hope you all have a happy ,happy valentine's day! and give miss lily some kisses from maggie :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day precious Lily!! I was SO happy to see some beautiful pictures of you again. And I am thinking that Grady may have some competition because I am pretty sure that Benji would love for you to be his Valentine. But I had to check out Grady, and he is quite the ladies man. What a doll!! And I can see why you gave him a huge YES. Have a wonderful day. I wish I could try some of those pink pancakes too. YUMMY! Much love, Cara

Ashley said...

Happy Valentine's Day! <3 Love you all! And Lily looks gorgeous as usual!

Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

Happy Valentines Day, Lily and family. It's so nice to see some pictures of you again. You look seriously cute in that flower dress - keep practicing the princess wave!

cathy said...

Happy, happy Valentines Day.

Did you read my email about Naomi?


Sarah said...

yes the hat is ADORABLE!!! I read the post without looking at pics on a pumping break at school. love you Lily!!!

Kelly Marin said...

Awwwww... Love it

Kathy Kidwell said...

Loved all the pics but the YES one is priceless....Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Give Lily a kiss & Sammy a hug for me...
Love you guys..

Virginia Revoir said...

Oh my goodness. Could she get any cuter???

Anonymous said...

Sooooo beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful and perfect. God bless your family.