Sunday, February 20, 2011

Announcing Peter's Family!!

Dear Friends,

Please meet Peter's family...The Kehm's!!


Cam and Julie have 2 children, Kai and Lilah. If you are new here, the fact that Julie found Peter, through a reader of this blog (my friend, Christie from!) is nothing short of a miracle.

Back up to a few weeks ago. Actually, back up to January 11th...I had asked Andrea Roberts, founder of Reece's Rainbow, to give me the name of a child to advocate for. I asked her to give me the name of the most desperate child that was on her heart.

She gave me Peter.


When I saw Peter's profile- I'm just being honest heart sank a little. This precious little guy had so many health issues on top of Down syndrome...I knew my faith was going to be stretched.

Here's what I read:

Peter is a darling little boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He has so much to bring to a family, but he was born with multiple challenges in addition to his Down syndrome. From his medical records: severe delay of stato-motor development, congenital heart disease(ventricular septal defect with high degree of pulmonary hypertension), condition after closing of patent ductus arteriosus and coning of pulmonary artery, retinal angiopathy, farsightedness, nystagmus

Peter needs a family right away, so his medical complications can be addressed by US physicians, and he can finally begin to live life as he should! Please give Peter this opportunity!!

Can you see why I thought finding a family might prove to be a difficult challenge?

Turns out it wasn't so difficult for God.

See, I serve a BIG God- one who is mighty to save.

He knew it was going to take an extra special family to save Peter.

One who is fully equipped to get the very best medical attention Peter will need. One who was familiar with Down syndrome, to help him get the therapy he needs- he has a lot of years to make up for... years spent in a crib. God knew this little boy was going to need someone trained in helping kids with health issues...someone who had a heart of gold....someone like Julie.


So guess what God did?

Julie is a nurse in the NICU at Texas Children's Hospital, which is the largest free-standing children's hospital in the country. That medical center includes the premier heart institute in the well as a school that is geared primarily for children with Down syndrome. That school staffs therapists that work with the children daily, and Julie's son Kai (who also shares Peter's extra chromosome) is on the waiting list to attend there....because it's that good.

Are you crying yet? Cuz I am.

God...You are so good.

But there's more to the story...

I have a friend in the Down syndrome group on Her name is Christie, and she has three boys, one of which has Ds. Christie also follows my blog, and she has a huge heart for the kids on Reece's Rainbow. She's one of those people who is such a cheerleader- you just want her on your side if you're going to do crazy things like raise $15,000+ grant money for kids with special needs and multiple health issues.

Christie went a little crazy during my Pure Love giveaway.

She emailed everybody she could think of, asking them to consider adopting Peter. One of those friends was Julie.... and here we are today.

Here's an excerpt from an email Christie sent me... (after I found out Julie was adopting Peter, I emailed Christie to tell her she did it!)

Nah, God did it, I was just a gal with a heart on fire for Peter. I love him. I DO. I would have loved to have had him here with us.

I was nearly fanatical. I could NOT stop myself from posting, blogging, emailing. *wash, rinse, repeat* LOL
I promise I have never in my life prayed like I did that night, not even before my momma passed away I did not pray like I did that night. I begged and pleaded til my heart was nearly empty that I would wake and someone would claim Peter. I cried and wept, praying until I fell asleep.

I had no idea it would be someone I know and love.

But I have to say, Thank You to you Patti, if not for your efforts for all three children I would never have been so convicted to help Peter.

So when Christie emailed Julie...she opened the email, saw Peter's face and immediately knew she was looking at her son. Here are Julie's words...

I didn’t read the rest of the email until much later; instead I woke my husband up at 2:30 a.m. to show him the picture of Peter. I told him I found our son, and it was time for us to adopt. The next morning we contacted Reece’s Rainbow requesting information on how to begin the adoption process. There never really was a ‘discussion’ of whether we should do this or not. We knew this was our son and that our life was leading us down this path to our next child.

Julie emailed me tonight to tell me some more incredible news....

I found out that the hospital I work at also has an International Adoption Pediatric Health Center. I never knew such an animal existed! And I am thrilled that my hospital has one. They will assist us from trying to muddle through his medical records before he gets here, to vaccines for us before we and a medicine kit to take and Peter will go straight there. Im so excited!

You know those infommercials where they keep adding stuff to the product, that was already a great price to start with...and then the announcer says, "But wait, there's more!" Well, here I go...


Right in the middle of my little giveaway, Christie sent me an email asking if I could advocate for Alexander- a precious little boy on Reece's Rainbow who had just been transferred from his orphanage to a mental institution. When I saw a video of Alexander, taken just before he was transferred to a mental insitituion, my heart literally broke.

You can read more about what happened in detail, HERE on Christie's blog...

In a nutshell- she fell in love with Alexander in the process of trying to find a family for him. She asked her husband (you just have to read how she asked him- I love this girl!) and now guess where you'll find Alexander?

On the My Family Found Me page on Reece's Rainbow.

With Christie and her husband listed right there under his sweet little face.

How's that for miraculous???

SO, if you want to follow the Kehm's journey to adopt Peter, go HERE...and please tell them how loved and prayed for they are. Peter has $15,347 in his grant fund ...the Kehm family still needs help raising the rest of the money for his adoption, so please consider helping them!

Julie sent me two pictures of Peter that she received...taken just last week...

And yes, I cried when I saw them:)


Is he not the cutest little thing you've ever SEEN???!!! (thank you so much Julie- I'm going to Texas some day, dangit! Get ready!)

If you want to follow Alexander's adoption story, please go HERE. They could use some help bringing their son home as well!

So now I'm looking at that little clock in the bottom right hand corner of my computer monitor and...SURPRISE! It's 12:37. Who says mamas of ten need sleep??

I'm going to bed a happy woman!!


Unknown said...

Amazing, amazing, and more amazing--and lots of tears mixed in there too. Praise God for the movement He is creating.

Looking Up said...

Tears of joy. Thank you God!

Elissa said...

Love how it all came together Patti! God is so good! This will sound a bit odd, but I actually dreamed you came to visit Julie and Peter and that I came to meet y'all too. We took Peter to the park. Ha ha LOL. Maybe a reality some day soon?! I have family friends in Julie's city, sowho knows?

CONGRATS to all for their new "babies" Alexander and Peter!! CONGRATS to "Aunt" Patti too ;-)

Sydney said...

God Rocks!!! I am so happy for Peter and for the Kehms. I was so shocked when I saw Alexander on here! That video is precious.

Alexander caught my attention during the Pure Love giveaway. I want to do something to help save him, so badly, but before I could he had a family committed to him! I was so excited! I'm glad to see that he's going to be in good hands. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Ilisa Ailts said...

Definitely a tear jerker! Wow

cathy said...

no words......just joyful tears........
Thank GOD, and you....thank you


Cathy said...

I was there to watch all this unfold and I knew most of this already as Julie and Christie have been friends for a couple of years...yet STILL the tears are streaming down my face after reading this. Only GOD could write a story like this. His hand is all over this!!! And I'm praising Him for it!!

God bless you Peter and Alexander. Praying that somehow you feel the love of all of us.

one_plustwins said...

OH, PATTI!!!! This is great!!!! Thank you for sharing our "double whammy" story!!!

nicole said...

God can surely weave a beautiful tapestry when His children willingly cooperate with love ~ way to go "Warrior" mama.

Mrs. K said...

My heart is breaking with joy, my tears are flowing shamlessly, my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Do you see the resemblance between Peter and Cam, dark hair, round faces. He is truly their son.

Went to vote for favorite blog but don't know how to vote. Your blog came up under Special Needs but how do I vote.

Did the happyblankie come for Olga yet?

patsy said...

oh patti...such happy teras this morning :) it is truly amazing what you are doing, your heart must be so happy it is about to explode! and the last post about the mom's search, hopefully reading about your sweet lily changed he heart. hopefully all of us ds moms in blog world will show those that are unsure that our sweet angels truly are a blessing :)

patsy said...

okay...that is what i get for not reading before i hit publish ;)...i meant tears, not teras...and her not he!

Anonymous said...

God is bigger than anything. God is amazing, God works miracles through everyone, and my dear, you are proof. That video made my heart break, and then I kept reading. See, God works miracles!!!!


Wren said...

Tears...lots and lots of happy tears!

kecia said...

isn't it amazing how the common threads weave and how miraculous it all pulls together??! AMAZING!!!

Unknown said...

This is such an awesome way to start my Monday morning, to read of Peter's amazing momma and new family. Wow! What an intricate plan God had/has for Peter. Now, I am praying the paper work and the whole process goes on fast forward to get this sweet boy home FAST.

I think I am obsessed with these kids on Reeece's Rainbow!

Oh, and I just had to scroll and re-see some Lily pictures. I needed a fix of her sunshiny self.

Unknown said...

Patti, do you know why my pic doesn't show up here on my comment? Other peoples do.

Danielle said...

I love how the Lord is using this blogging world for His glory! Amazing! Our God is so good!

Patti said...

Barb-I don't know? I would love to see your pretty face here!

Elissa- I asked Sam today if I could make your "dream" come true some day! ;)

Rochelle said...

YEAH, yeah, yeah God!!!!
So happy for all these kids to be joined with their forever families. Praying we clear RR of all the kids listed!

Anonymous said...

SO MANY TEARS!! God is SO good!! That video of Alexander breaks my heart too. I will have to go check out her blog. I cannot stand to think of him in an institution for ONE minute!!!! All I can say is Praise God for all He is doing Patti! Thank you for continuing to be a voice for these precious kids. Love you lots, Cara

Sarah said...

Oh I will forever and always think of you when I hear the words "Mighty to Save."

Jenn said...

We serve such an amazing God!! It melts my heart to hear the stories of how God is bringing these children home!

Elissa said...

Abbie had me up in the middle of the night and I saw the news. Then between that and waking up this morning I dreamed you came to visit him. You will be here soon. Houston/LC is an easy drive so I'll be there if you go to the Houston area so that I can "really" meet you (in person).

Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

Wow, wow, wow - this leaves me virtually speechless! I had goosebumps all over reading this story. What an adorable little boy Peter is, and I look forward to hearing about his story. And Alexander, too!

Words are not enough to describe this. Patti, this would not have happened without you taking charge in spreading the word and running the fundraiser. You should be so proud!! And i'm guessing this probably would also not have happened without Miss Lily, so she can be very proud of herself, too!!

Kelly Marin said...

Patti, this is really really awesome!
God is good!

Leah said...

this is so awesome! I am so glad I got to be apart of the giveaway for Peter & in return God blessed me with a camera (thanks cara I recieved it today!) Thanks so much for all you do for these kids! Praying I can return the favor by doing a giveaway for other Reeces Rainbow kids.

Robin E. said...

Congratulations to the Kehm family! Hope your wait time to get him goes quickly. Love the new pictures of Peter - so cute!

Julie said...

Thank you so much for such a beautifully written post Patti.