Friday, February 18, 2011

Above All

Dearest Lily,

We've had a busy couple of days...your Aunt Heather and Uncle Joe and cousin Joey have been in town for the week. Mama and Aunt Heather spent Thursday and Friday scrapbooking all have been under the weather with goopy eyes and a runny nose and froggy voice, so you just haven't been your content self lately. You are very clingy, which doesn't make cutting and gluing and arranging pictures particularly easy!


You are a little stinker these days when you're sitting on my lap- if I'm scrapping, you lean forward and try to grab everything out of my hands. If I'm typing, you stretch your leg out, and try to touch the keyboard with your toes...If I'm nursing and reading, it's like you have eyes in the back of your head- you reach behind your back and frantically swat around, aiming wildly for my book, while gazing up into my eyes mischeviously.


We play this silly game- you do something like I just mentioned, trying to sabotage whatever I'm I pretend to be mad at you and say "Lily Anne! I'm gonna get you!"...I pat your diaper -and you laugh this deep, rolling, belly laugh! Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever. So I go back to reading or typing or scrapping, and you try to stop me from doing whatever I'm doing- and I pretend to be exasperated again and say, "LILY ANNE! I'm gonna get you!" ...and you just grin in anticipation, waiting for me give you a mock spanking:) I just get such a kick out of watching you deliberately try to get my attention by being mischevious...I think we're going to have our hands full with you!


The other day I was looking at my feedjit page- I like to see who is reading your blog from time to time, and where they are coming from.

Sometimes people might type something specific into a search engine, and the words come up on the feedjit tab...things such as "a perfect Lily" or "baby Lily Down syndrome"...and I know there's someone who read about you, who wants to come back to see how you're doing.

The other day I saw the referring site as google...and someone had searched, using words that made my heart stop....

"just given birth and told baby has downs hate this"

And the thought came to me- this is why I blog.

Somewhere out there, is a hurting, grieving, searching mama, wanting to know how to handle an unexpected blow. I hope that mama was encouraged when she came here to read. I hope she saw your beautiful face, and read about what a blessing your life has been to us in the short amount of time you have been in this world, and I pray she took some hope away...I pray she comes back, and that over time she comes to this shore we're on now; the other side of grief.


I'm so honored to be your mama, Lily, so blessed to have you in my life, so thankful and hopeful that in some small way our lives could touch and maybe help other families who are starting out on this same journey.

And as always, I am so amazed....God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or think...because He did just that when He gave us you.

Love always,

Mama oxox


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for leaving such sweet comments on the previous post- as always, your kind words and love just made my day. chose the following commenter as the winner of Mary Beth Chapman's Choosing To SEE....

Brenna said...
I've been wanting to read that book! I'm a follower, and love checking in on little Lily and all of your "projects." : )

Congratulations, and please contact me with your address, so I can mail you this inspiring book right away!

I also want to share with you all something pretty incredible- just another thread in an amazing tapestry that God is weaving together...

As many of you know, our Pure Love Giveaway ended last week. The winner of the iPad giftpack, chosen by was Lisa Peele...What was fascinating to me was that Lisa was the very first person who "introduced me" to Reece's Rainbow, just a year ago this month. Lily was a newborn at the time, and I had gone online searching for other moms of babies born with Down syndrome... much like the mama I mentioned above.

I found "Bridget's Light", a blog about a young girl with Ds and her amazing family (the Peeles), who were at that time on a journey to Eastern Europe...they were adopting a little girl with Down syndrome, Alina, and I was amazed that they were traveling across the world to rescue a child they had never met. I had no idea what happened to babies born with Down syndrome in so many other nations...the things I read just broke my heart and made me hold Lily a little more tightly, knowing that she could have suffered the same fate, had she not been given to us.

Now he we are, advocating for the children on Reece's Rainbow- and Lisa Peele won our iPad! I really thought that was just like God- to bring things full circle like that, connecting the dots and bringing us so far.

And just when I didn't think things could be any more amazing, I received an email from Lisa, right after she found out she won the iPad. She told me she had donated to our giveaway, just wanting to help, and she never had any intention to win anything.

And get this- she said she wanted to give the iPad BACK to us, to do another fundraiser!

In actuality, Sam and I had not yet purchased the iPad giftpack. We had received the check for $700 from an anonymous donor and were planning on purchasing it online, to be shipped to whoever won it. I told Lisa to take the iPad and be blessed; but she insisted on doing something with the money to help another family.

In the end we decided to split the money between two families- Lisa is hosting a giveaway on her blog right now to help a very special family bring their little girl Yana home! We are giving the rest of the money to another family, the Cannons, who will be doing a giveaway very soon as well, to help bring their daughter, Dariya home.

So how is that for miraculous?? God took that $700- used it to help Peter, Olga, Kareen and Artem- and now it's going to help Yana and Dariya as well.

Lord, You are so good...

Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. Ephesians 3:20,21

Please don't miss out on this fabulous giveaway- I promised Lisa I would send you all there to see what she is doing. Every little bit helps, so if you are able, I hope you will consider entering her giveaway this week.

Thank you as always, and God bless each and every one of you for praying and partnering with us for the "least of these."

Love always,


Unknown said...

What an amazing story. We serve an incredible God.

Scott said...

The pictures and story of Lily and mama "working" together make my heart swell in thankfulness for our sweet Reagan and awesome friends who share their stories with us! And then to read about the giveaway circle just topped off that "God is SO incredible" feeling! Thanks for sharing just what this Grammy's heart needed in the middle of the night!

Scott said...

once again I seemed to have posted at Scott when it's really Candy-someday I will get it figured out!

Lisa said...

The pictures of Lily in this post are melt-my-heart gorgeous. I love that she's got a bit of rascal in her, too :). I know how much you love her already, but trust me--you will become more and more amazed by her as time goes on. Your heart will burst again and again. You are one lucky mama...for many reasons!

Thank you for sharing the story of how one large donation provided the seed for so many amazing things (money raised, hearts touched, families formed). It is humbling and inspiring to hear and feel such goodness.

Rochelle said...

Sorry Lily is under the weather, hope she is back to her normal self in no time.
We are so humbled by this anonymous donor, for you & Lisa's hearts to follow God's plan and bring more orphans home. We will be hosting our IPad and more giveaway starting this week.
Thanks for all you are doing for God's children!

one_plustwins said...

That is so wonderful, Patti! I love your letters to Lily. And, great minds think alike; if I had won the iPad I too had planned on "recirculating" it through another fundraiser :)

Krista said...

Its so true...this is why I encourage, to inspire, Thank you for doing both of these things and so much more!

Shauna said...

One of my favorite songs!! Hope Lily feels better soon, its no fun when our babies don't feel good.

Anonymous said...

Oh Patti- I just LOVE all the pictures of Lily!! I LOVE the story about the iPad too! God is SO good. I will pray for complete healing and restoration for precious Lily. Benji has the same thing right now too. And I was cracking up reading about her grabbing everything. When I walk into our closet with Benji to pick out his clothes, he grabs all the hangers we go by and all the clothes fall off. It makes me laugh. I will go check out Lisa's giveaway too. Much love, Cara

cathy said...

beautiful pictures....
beautiful spirit....


Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

Love the pictures of Lily, especially the one on the playground. I hope she feels better soon.

It's so funny to hear how she is developing a sense of humour. There is nothing like a good baby-belly laugh. We work very hard around our house to get one of those!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

reading other DS mama blogs is what helped me get through the first few weeks with our abby. of course you know you're not the only one in the world to have gone through this but sometimes you feel like it and its so amazing to read another mom write the exact things you've been thinking and feeling.