Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your Furry Friends

Dearest Lily,

Of our ten children, four are animal lovers..Josiah, Tyler, Noah...and YOU.

Every time I am tempted to get rid of find new homes for our four legged creatures, I catch you gazing at them with a loving, longing look in your eyes...and I reconsider.

I don't know if it's the fact that they are pretty much at eye level with you, or that they are covered with fur and move more quickly than your siblings... but you are obsessed with our dogs.

Tillie is a shih-tzu and 13 years old, so...about a hundred and twenty something in dog years. She tolerates you, like an old granny who believes children should be seen and not heard. You love to gently stroke her fur, but we carefully monitor this; I'm just waiting for the day when you discover Tillie's tail or ears and decide to give them a yank.

Lady on the other hand, seems a tad nervous of your affections. She is a cockapoo, and although she is nicely trimmed right now, she normally looks like a small red lion. You LOVE to watch her run around, and if we are trying to get you to smile or wave or pose for a picture, we can forget it if Lady walks by. You only have eyes for that dog, and God help the serious photographer who gets in between you and that mutt. I've seen you drop a cookie and do a nose dive into the carpet in a frantic attempt to catch Miss Ladybug as she trots past you...only to have her take refuge on an ottoman or chair.

The other day I caught you having a one-way conversation with your would-be best friend. Apparently Lady doesn't realize that your love for her is one of the only things keeping me from placing an ad in the "pets for sale" section of our newspaper... because if she did she might be a tad more responsive to your requests to play!

Loving my little animal lover,
Mama oxox


Stephanie said...

AWWW, Patti that was adorable! wait til she running after them! haha!!
They have no idea what awaits them.

Looking Up said...

So cute! My son is obsessed with our 5yr old Doberman. Everytime I threaten to call Doberman Rescue on that crazy animal, I'll spy my son frantically signing "dog"....begging to go pat his beloved friend on the head.....sigh. :)

Mrs. K said...

Wonder what Lily is saying to Lady, what she is thinking. Loved hearing Lils laugh.

Ginger said...

More Lily videos!!!
(now banging my fists on the table and chanting) Videos! Videos! Videos!

I loved that! She's so precious! And the mean doggy ran away. How heartless. lol

aimee said...

So precious! I can see why you have a hard time posting ads :)

nicole said...

Her fake giggle ~ too funny. It seems Lady is providing Lily some good oral and physical therapy as well as making her happy. Way to go Lady!

Lori said...

She is so strong!!! (and so cute!!) Love you Lily!!

Ashley said...

Oh, that is too cute!

Rochelle said...

Oh my she is going to be up and chasing after that dog soon. Watch out!

JC said...

LOL...That was so cute!

Unknown said...

Pattie ~ As a gymnastics coach I gotta tell ya, that is some amazing tummy and back strength Miss Lilly is demonstrating there. She is one strong little cutie patootie :)