Monday, January 10, 2011

Winner! And another birthday gift for YOU

Edited to add: My beautiful friend Stephanie, over at Daily Smiles posted today about a boy who needs our prayers. PLEASE go there first and read her post.

Dear Friends,

Lily is so happy to announce ...


the winner of the $25 gift credit to HappyHooksCrochet is...

I am the new mama to Bailey, a beautiful and perfect little angel born with DS. I saw a link to your blog on the Baby Center DS board and read your blog often - it is beautiful and almost always makes me cry tears of joy. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Lily and the beauty of our differences.

Congratulations, Christy! I hope you send me a photo of your sweet Bailey sporting a new hat from Sam's amazing Etsy shop! Please contact me -my email is in my profile- and I will send your info to Sam!

If you haven't had a chance to go check out Sam's creations- they are incredible...and so is she.
In fact- Sam and I (my husband as well as my new friend Sam!) have a little something up our sleeves for February. SO if you were hoping to win something from HappyHooksCrochet tonight, make sure to check back here in February...lots of wonderful things coming up!

And speaking of wonderful..I have had several Etsy sellers donate some more incredibly wonderful things this week- in honor of this little girl's birthday...


I found this adorable shop on Etsy called Lilygiggle.


Can you guess why it caught my eye? The owner, Beth, sells the CUTEST clothes and accessories there..and when I saw how sweet everything was, I knew I wanted to do a giveaway for YOU, Lily's friends.


Beth is donating a $25 gift credit to her shop to one blessed (I like that better than lucky!) reader! will draw a winner Thursday night- when we will host another giveaway here in honor of Lily's birthday! Yay for birthday week!

Here are just a few of the darling things you'll see at Lilygiggle...


Simple but bold style in a sweet onesie. My cotton interlock fabric flowers are made from recycled tee shirts and each one is unique. Your little darling should wear something as one-of-a-kind as she is! These onesies are absolutely adorable under a cardigan sweater for fall. This listing is for a pale yellow flower.


Super Stripey Recycled Flower Pants for Baby 6-12 MonthsFrom lilygiggle
When I found this gorgeous colored sweater I knew it would make the cutest little baby bottoms so I went right to work on them. A recycled t shirt shabby flower applique is the perfect icing on the cake. These little britches are oh-so-soft 100% cotton.

And here is my favorite... (grammi, you don't need to order- Lily is already getting a pair!;))


Nice durable slate blue and shades of brown stripe heavyweight textured fabric outside and lined with a soft brown cotton print on the inside, this loafer style soft soled crib shoe is so amaaaaazingly cute on chubby little feet!

Can you see why I fell in love?!

So here's the deal- just leave a comment telling me what your favorite item over at Lilygiggle is, and you'll be entered to win a $25 gift credit for whatever you like (even if you change your mind!). When the giveaway is over, Beth is offering a 10% discount to Lily's readers..make sure to check back here for the code!


As a side note- these giveaways are nothing more than a way for me to bless Lily's readers back for blessing me, and for praying for Olga and Kareen. I don't make a dime off any sales to these beautiful Etsy shops...I just asked them if they would like to be a part of Lily's birthday week celebration and they gladly signed up!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments telling me where you were from and how you found my little bloggy... I wish we could all meet in person one day, so I could give you a hug and tell you what your words have meant to me and to my family. And I wish you could hold this little doll, and feel what I get to feel every single day...


She's pretty wonderful :)

Lots of love,


Race Bannon said...

I like the little hat, with the embroidered dragon breathing fire on the sequined gargoyles.

...okay, I didn't really go to the site, but you never let me win anyways!

cathy said...

The shoes!! the shoes are my fav ;)

I pray this is a WONDERFUL birthday week for Miss Lily


cathy said...


these pictures of Lily are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, not that I am prejudiced, but seriously.....

Mrs. K said...

Still cannot believe I was bursting with excitement a year ago knowing that Hope, the girls and I were heading for Lily's shower. Only to be rewarded with Lily's early appearance. Now here I am bursting with proudness or is it pride? Either word I have so much to be proud of, Lily herself, my daughter Patti, and all Lily/Patti's blogging friends. I was so overjoyed about Elizabeth finding a forever family and am still praying for Olga and Kareen.


Oh, I almost forgot....I love the britches. Would love them in old lady size. ;>)

nicole said...

Awww Lily - you need the purple onesie from Lilygiggle with the bird and flower on it. What cute, cute clothes and so reasonable! Love the stripy pants with flower too.

NikkiB said...

Oh those shoes are adorable. But, I have an addiction and love for kids clothes, so hard to pick a favorite! ha!! :)

EN said...

I agree with you - those striped pants are sensational! I also love the Shades of Pink Recycled T Shirt Flower Super Soft Baby or Toddler Headband. Josie loves to rock a headband on her (almost entirely) bald head!

Ginger said...

I love the pink ruffled skirt. My girls would go wild over that.
I love the laughing pics of Lily! She's so precious.

patsy said...

love the cute pants..and the brown suede shoes! too cute! and the headbands, if miss maggie would keep one on ;)

Brenna said...

Oh man. So hard to pick a favorite at Lilygiggle! Super cute stuff. But I think my girls would most love the Twirly Twirlie skirt! : )

Lacey said...

Hmmm, what do I like? I love the hair bows, but Arina doesn't leave headbands in very well anymore. I love those striped pants, but the T's are super cute too. Heck, I love them all!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! Can't wait to hold that little snugglebug someday <3
I am in love with that onesie. It's so simple yet so would look great on Laura ;)

Patti said...

Race...if you would donate something for a giveaway I MIGHT be persuaded to let you win sometime!

Callie said...

I also love the loafers you love! So cute with the little button closure.

And the tee with the recycled flower. ADORABLE.

Danielle said...

The shoes are my favorite - both the boy and girl ones. I also liked the DIY flowers!

Melissa said...

The shoes are my favorite, but the longest I've been able to keep shoes on Claire is .7 seconds...I'm also in love with the peasant dress!

The Bronson Boy's said...

PRAYING to get a niece this August.
I love the Sweet Brown and Pink Loafer Style Crib Shoe Bootie.
Thanks for the giveaway, and happy birthday to Lily

Annie said...

The Shades of Pink headband is my favorite - I need some fabulous hair pieces for Ollie when she arrives & a happy happy birthday wish to Lily when the big day arrives!

Brandon said...

I have to say my favorite is the "Boys or Girls Sweet Brown and Blue Soft Soled Crib Shoe Bootie Loafer Style 0-18 months", however, for my wonderful mother's sake, I also must throw in the headbands with the gigantic flowers.

I love u Lily. Can't wait to see u again. Happy Birthday from your favorite cousin!

Lori said...

Thank you Brando - you are a wonderful son;) - I love it all - so so cute - I have decided that Elli and Lily are going to get matching things from Lilygiggle - hmmm - what to choose - I will have to ask your favorite cousin Brandon;)! I love you lils, and Elli sends you hugs and kisses and smiles for your birthday!!

Kris Altringer said...


Sasha said...

All way too cute! I hope Lils had a great birthday and birthday week:) God has blessed you with that beautiful little girl and 9 more!

The Happy Half Dozen said...

So hard to choose, I love the striped pants and the ruffle skirt but I would probably choose headbands because Leah is almost one and still super bald and always called a 'he'.
Happy early Birthday Lily!