Monday, January 3, 2011

Olga and Kareen

Dearest friends,

As many of you know, Olga turns five this month...


Her transfer to a mental institution is imminent.

Kareen faces a transfer in the next year as well.


As of today, 30 orphans on Reece's Rainbow have found their families since the Angel Tree project began.

Over half of these children have grants of less than $1,000.

Olga now has a grant of $12,549 waiting for a family to use.

Kareen now has $3,276.

These girls are waiting on families to come forward and claim them. And they have a pile of money to help with their adoptions.

Will you spread the word for them?

If you know of any families who are pursuing international adoption, please tell them there are two little girls with large grants, waiting to be adopted. Please put them in touch with Andrea Roberts at Reece's Rainbow.

30 children are going to be rescued this year. 30 children claimed in less than a month.

I am praying our girls are next. We are fasting and praying for miracles for them. And they need them soon.

Will you pray with me?

Please spread the word.

If you have Facebook account, please use it to help these girls. If you have a blog, would you consider blogging for them again?


I know you will!



Mrs. K said...

No doubt that those two in the last picture are related!!

I am praying honey. Oh that I were young enough to adopt, Olga would surely be mine.

Jesus, I trust in you. I trust you will find a good family for these beautiful girls as you did for Elizabeth.

kecia said...

Once againn I am crying looking at Kareen's sweet face! It was on your blog that I was overcome by her the first time and we are praying hard right now to know if she is supposed to be with our family. She is only one month older than my little Bree with DS. So I would greatly appreciate your added prayers at this time as we look into making this decision.

Stephanie said...

oh Patty, I just had a little sit down with Jesus today. Wanted Him to let me know what's up with Olga!
I know it's only a matter of time , but our Dear doesn't have much of that. I don't want her in an institution for even a minute. but I know He has a plan, and He can only do good, so in Him we place our trust and impatience.

Virginia Revoir said...

We will pray and also spread the word, Patti.

Rachel Bretbunner said...

I will start praying night and day for those to girls to find a home! Prayer works!

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming. Facebook post on its way. God will provide!

xo Julie

nicole said...

Dear Lord ~ let it be soon . . . please

Lisa said...

Yes to both. Love your advocacy for these girls. We will find them homes, Patti!

cathy said...

prayers, prayers, rayers

Rachel Bretbunner said...

Patti that pic of Lily with her thumb in her mouth sleeping is so so so so so so cute! Would you print me off a picture so when I feel sad I can look at that pretty face!