Monday, January 17, 2011

A Heart Full of Hope

Dear Friends,

It is late on Sunday night, Lily's birthday.

I have wonderful photos to share of a beautiful day made even more special by some surprise guests...who drove 19 hours just to wish Lily a happy first birthday. I can't wait to share what a day it has been- a day filled with love and friendship and joy.

But I can't do that until I put out a prayer request..our little Olga has been placed back on the waiting children page. I cannot say why, out of respect for the privacy of the family who was in the process of adopting her. I can only tell you that things fell through, and this family was not able to proceed with the adoption.


I do completely trust that God hasn't brought Olga this far to leave her..her grant fund is one of the largest on Reece's Rainbow, and I intend to do my best to blog my heart out til a family claims her. I don't want you to give up hope for Olga because of the stops and starts of it all- she needs our prayers now more than ever.

If you can re-post about her on your blog, or post on Facebook again, please do so.

Please spread the word that Olga has a $12,709 grant waiting for her forever family, and that Lily's mama is going to keep fundraising for her as well!

As much as it pains me to say this..we do not know if the paperwork has been processed for Olga's transfer. If she goes to the institution- or God forbid has been transferred already this month- she can still be rescued. But I don't want her to spend one more pain-filled day in that place than she has to.

So at the risk of offending people- she IS running out of time. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world, and every single day things happen that are not God's plan or will. As my dear friend Courtney says-

The greatest gift we have is the act of free will, and God intended us to be that way. So many people think we have a God with strings tied to our hands and shoulders... and we really have a reactionary God who works in miraculous and cosmic ways because He loves us enough to save us from the mistakes we make and the disastrous situations our free will places us in.

Do you see the difference she is describing? One type of thinking says "whatever will be will be" and that we are puppets that God moves according to His will. The other says that we have a choice in the equation, and only when we ACT and do what we know is right to do, and pray, will we see God move in miraculous ways.

One of my favorite scriptures parallels this type of thinking:

James 5:16 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

I believe that God makes it very plain to us that prayer is the key, in the hand of faith, that opens Heaven's storehouse. And if He didn't want us to pray fervently- He wouldn't have asked good old James to tell us to do so.

And since I'm so fond of quoting Courtney, I will copy and paste her prayer for Olga here

Praying for sweet, leader of the pack Olga who is smart enough to know when her world changes to a cold and frightening institution. I'm praying that God will gift her with a heart full of hope and that she won't forget the feel of a warm lap and a whispered word and will somehow still believe that those things await her...oh, sweet biscuit. Whatever can be done to keep you from those weeks of lived nightmares?
***Edited to add.... Stephanie, who had a heart for Olga before any of us even knew who she was, had some spectacular ideas over on her blog- please go read those HERE
Will you believe God with me and pray for a miracle for Olga?



Stephanie said...

By your side til she is home.

And I completely agree as you know that prayer and actions are the way to get her home.
I don't want to think of her being transferred. I look at her in her picture with her pretty dress. The dress will be gone so will the slide, replaced by some hideous rag. And Olga is walking, so how do you confine a child who can wonder away? Yes she will be tied down. actions are needed in these extreme situations and God would be disappointed if we did not react like warriors to save this child.

Courtney hit the nail on the head.

nicole said...

I believe Miss Olga will be saved, but I must say I'm anxious and unsettled and most of all fervently praying until she is. Off to Mass to pray for Olga and ask our Lord to move hearts into action.

cathy said...

whatever needs to be done, we are here to help.


Ginger said...

I have not been able to get Olga off my mind. On and off, all day yesterday, I prayed for her. May God be glorified in her adoption!

Bethany said...

Such sadness in my heart to read this! Trusting that as God looks down He sees the whole big beautiful picture instead of this little window that we grasp at. Praying that His amazing "above all that we ask or think" plan will be brought about!

Mrs. K said...

Oh poo, up to this point I had been praying for the adoption process to hurry up so Olga could know the love, protection, warmth, affection of a forever family. Now this, what does God have up His sleeve? Whey another obstacle? Only He knows and I truly believe Olga will be adopted but in His timing. Maybe He wants more people coming to Him for their swake before He says "yes". Who knows what His reasoning is but He will not leave our prayers unanswered? He will not let us lose our faith, He is only making it stronger somehow.

Yes, I too am off to daily Mass to pray even harder for this sweet, innocent little angel. I almost feel like she is another of my grandchildren, I love this little one so much.

teal915 said...

I'll be praying. Hang in there. Something will happen : )

Scott said...

When the news came that someone was adopting Olga, my first thought was that as good and welcome as the news was, her ornament is not coming down off the fridge until we have prayed her into her new home, because there are many obsticles in the path.

So, last night as you were writing this post I was praying for her, and I still am...

(P.S., and Candy said that even after Olga is home her picture is going to stay up as a reminder of all the other orphans who also need homes, and prayer!)

sunnylattegma said...

I can't even write what is in my heart for Olga. I am praying. And praying. I am asking the God who spoke creation into being to speak to Olga's situation. Asking Him, to love her with a father's love.....

Lori said...

Praying hard for Olga in S. Jersey!

TheFoleyFive said...

man..I hate that I cry every single time. I hate how hard it is to save a little soul. you think they would be gladly handing these children to a wanting family..that all obstacles would fall by the wayside, and that every effort would be met with an open door.
so is the unjustness of it all I suppose.
I'll pray and pray.

Danielle said...

o my heart. YES Patti you nailed it on the head. GOD CAN BE MOVED TO MOVE FOR US! And the unrighteous judge is the example you used before. Prayer changes things. I have never believed it more in all my life. Praying praying praying. Sweet baby. What if it was my baby over there. Then what would my prayer life look like?! I will put that mental pix in my head to remind me to pray pray pray

Rochelle said...

Oh we won't stop praying until she is safely home with her family that God has chosen for her.

kecia said...

Oh no! I am sooooo sad to hear this! I can,t get over it! We will pray hard for her because I KNOW that the many prayers that were sent out for Kareen came straight to our hearts and were almost tangible! So have hope and faith because the prayers can not stop now! I do not have access to post on my blog right now but as soon as I do in a few days, I will.

Melissa said...

I am praying for Olga, and her family, whenever they may be.

Anonymous said...

Praying for a miracle for sweet Olga and her family. Patty please do let me know if there is anything specific we might be able to do to help.

Adeye said...

I saw the plea for a new family and my heart broke :( Standing and trusting with you that her family will find her soon.

Please, Father!

Lori said...

Blogged about Olga again, also sent out some emails - hopefully it will draw some attention and some prayer!!