Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Call

Dear friends,

Yesterday I posted about comment that I read on an article about the new early testing for Down syndrome. The name of the article was "Will babies with Down syndrome slowly disappear?"

One commenter said something that still has me upset today. And I realize he (I originally thought it was a woman) was just one person commenting. But his views, however twisted and sad, are really what is the "unspoken" reasoning behind many abortions... that we as a society should have the right to choose who is fit for life and who is not.

If you are a reader here who is pro-choice, (because I know I have a few) that is one issue. And I don't think anyone reading here has to dig deep to know where I stand on that issue.

What this commenter was suggesting goes beyond choice- he is suggesting that Down syndrome is worthy of abolishing. That my Lily, however "wonderful and kind" she is (read his comment in the post below)- is not worthy of life.

If this commenter's words sickened you, as they did me, I am putting together a message to "Modern Sound". I'm looking for 100 photos of babies or children or adults with Down syndrome. If you are interested in sending a message to this commenter, and those who share his views but aren't so bold (or ignorant) to give voice to them...please email me.

I also found a wonderful resource today (thank you, Diane!) that I would like to share...

On an entirely different note, I am SO excited about an upcoming interview I'm going to post later on today. You do not want to miss this, if you have a heart for orphans. And on top of all this...we are doing a huge giveaway here, to help Olga, Kareen and Peter starting February 1st. Please spread the word..can't wait to see what God will do!


Wren said...

I couldn't even bring myself to read the entire article...makes me sick to even think about! As for the ignorant commenter, Lily is far beyond worthy of life just like Sutter and every other person out there living with Ds or any other disability!

Ginger said...

I think the whole abolishing Ds is just a symptom of a much bigger, more important problem. This man is clearly not saved. In my opinion, it would be much more worthwhile to witness to this man the truth of God's Word-- that he is a sinner headed to an eternity in hell, in need of salvation. If God grants him repentance and salvation, his opinion will change. But as a blind man, he's not going to see the truth until God opens his eyes.
Praying God is glorified thru your witness. :)

teal915 said...

I put a comment after that article. That kind of thinking just breaks my heart. I'd be happy to write a comment and send a picture. I'm not sure if I have your email, though.

Patti said...

Kristen's mom said...

Kristen didn't suffer nor did she struggle and she even had leukemia several times. You are welcome to use any picture of Kristen from my blog.

Patti said...

Kristen's mom- tears streaming down my face. I would be HONORED to use Kristen's picture.

Looking Up said...

I personally wouldn't waste the energy to type a response to that ignorant, attention seeking individual. His comment was not meant to be a part of an intelligent discussion, but rather to upset those who love people who happen to have DS. To me, one of the answers to this problem lies in exposure. Exposure of our kids to the outside world as much as possible. Several of my friends have told me that prior to meeting my two year old son, they would have been devastated by a DS diagnosis. Now that they know him, however, they say that they would never terminate a baby just because he/she had DS.

Sydney said...


I wanted to tell you about two great websites. One is a site where you can enter a prayer request and get people praying about something important. I did it last month for Reece's Rainbow :)

The other one is called Good Search. It's just like google, but you enter your cause and you make a donation to you cause just my searching for something.

I didn't know if you already knew of these or not so I though I'd share!

Praying for Olga, Peter, Kareen, etc. and yes, the Modern Sound (that he will change).

Anonymous said...

As a parent who is raising a son with Down syndrome this subject shakes me to the core.

I've struggled with such commenters as I know that sadly they represent a significant potion of our population. Say what you might, but while most people claim 'acceptance' the numbers - 9 out of 10 babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted - tell a different story.

Without a doubt those "9" are very likely the wounded parents who have aborted a disabled child. And those broken hearted parents will carry the burden of their 'choice' to abort a baby with Down syndrome forever.

I also think this "discussion' is a reflection of a society that obsesses over perfection. And sadly many parents desire that their children reflect this 'perfection.' {Whatever that may mean...}

This much I do know - my happiness, my joy as a mother comes from who my child is, not from what he does or how he performs. Parenting is an honor - this raising up a holy child {because each child is} is a gift, a reflection of the pure love of our God.

Patti, you and every other parent who proudly shares their journey of raising a child with Down syndrome are taking the fallout in order to help other parents say 'yes' to this extraordinary journey we are on. Thank goodness He is always on our side.


JennyH said...

I feel sorry for that man. I will never know the joy of raising a child with Ds. I would not say my son suffers at all. I hate that these sweeties have to get blood drawn every year (or more) but that would be the only "suffering" my son does!

I hope your comments and pictures opens his eyes.

cathy said...

the interview gave me goosebumps


Ashley said...

Laura's picture is in your inbox...can't wait for your post :)

Anonymous said...

As a sinner headed to an eternity in Hell (at least Buddha and Gandhi will be there too), maybe my opinion won't hold much water here, but here goes.

First of all, Obama has nothing to do with women choosing to abort fetuses with DS, so I'm not sure how the commenters made THAT connection in your last post.

Second, some of us non-Christian liberals ALSO believe that it is a tragedy that so many babies with a diagnosis of DS are aborted. I can tell you from experience that there is a lot of pressure to do so. I got it from my doctors and my family. My father, in particular, could not fathom how I would not take "full advantage of modern medicine to have a healthy child." My amnio did NOT reveal my child to have DS, but we were not going to terminate. Ultimately, I think that many parents feel like they couldn't handle being "special needs parents." Plus, the stigma of society is pretty bad. Society will change, however, and things will get better as long as we all keep putting our voices out there.

Ilisa Ailts said...

Patti, I've been so busy and I have not even read most blogs for a couple of days. I just saw your post and of course you can use a pic of Cal. Just let me know how to get it to you - do you have one in mind or would you like to just copy one off my blog? Either way, let me know if you need my help. No time yet to catch up :( Bye for now.

Patti said...

Ilisa- send one to my email!