Thursday, December 23, 2010


Kareen is at $2,830 friends!!!!

Keep praying ! And keep spreading the word about the can still enter to win!



Andy said...

Hi Patti! I came over here because of Innominatus' blog post. I donated to Reece's Rainbow. I wasn't sure which project to donate to, so I just donated to Voice of Hope.

I didn't realize that there may be a specific child I should donate for. But, I'm sure it'll go to do the Lord's work. God bless y'all.

Merry Christmas!

Andy and Pam Reeves, Bossier City, LA

Sasha said...

Oh, praise God! That is such an amazing number! His hand is very much in this, which can give us all hope that these sweet little girls will find a forewer family before it's too late!

cathy said...

i keep desperately want to hear good news about a family

Elissa said...

Wonderful for Kareen. Now both girls need a special Christmas miracle.

Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD! I came on this morning first thing and saw that she was at $2500. I came back just now to post a comment - and saw that she has even more now, just a few hours later! God is working miracles and these little girls are going to find families. God please let them find their families!

xo Julie

kecia said...

Oh, I don't know if I should even be commenting about this yet, because I am only in the first stage of this and don't know for sure if it will lead to adoption, but I have been drawn to these angel faces on reeces rainbow lately and this Kareen has been one of the ones on my mind because she (along with Maribel and Lillian) are the same age as my daughter that has ds. Then I found your blog through Lisa Peeles and I see that Kareen has all this money you have worked so hard in her behalf and I am so touched! I guess what I am saying is that I am going to be praying hard the next few days to know if this is the road my family should take next.