Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dear Friends,

Keep reading til the bottom to see what YOU are doing for Olga!!!!!


I am beyond excited- I am so wrapped up in this Christmas Miracle I can't even see straight or talk about it without getting choked up. Ask my kids.

Yesterday the last amount Olga had in her fund was $1,886. My kids were checking every fifteen minutes. Or two. Even Abbi (age 8) kept sneaking in my room to the computer and running back out to yell out an update for us.

I don't know what you are doing out there...but IT IS WORKING.

The totals on Olga's fund today do not reflect the true amount that has come in- I have my inside sources :) checking on what is happening- but I think you are overloading the system!! We had over 2,400 hits on Lily's blog yesterday...if you don't know what that means- on a normal day she gets 200-400 page views.

I woke up this morning and at 7 a.m. 500 people had already come here- to see what all the fuss was about.

I cannot WAIT to tell you what the new numbers are- but know this- WE ARE DOING THIS!

Please,please, keep spreading the word- if we can raise almost $2,000 in one day- and sustain that for ten days- this will truly be the Christmas Miracle we have been praying for, for Olga.

And if you have no idea what I'm taling about- read my post below.

And can I just say that I have the sweetest kids on the planet? We showed them Olga, told them what we are doing- and my't stop tears...went and put their minds together...and they are selling their prized possession on Craig's List...their playstation2 and all their games to raise money for Olga. And believe me- it is their prized possession.

Can I just say something else? We are not a wealthy family. By any stretch. We have 9 kids at home in a 3 bedroom house. I said that NOT to gain sympathy- but to say- you don't have to have piles of money to give. We give what we can- and we let GOD do the rest. He will multiply- HE IS multiplying!

My husband wanted me to tell people you realize that if every visitor gave $10...only ten dollars...we would have had Olga's money in one day. I just don't want anyone to think their little part doesn't make a difference. IT DOES.

As soon as I have the new numbers I am going to post them- until then please- keep doing what you are doing!! If it means bumping your FB post up, or re-blogging about this, or re-tweeting (is that a word) or texting or calling or emailing- please keep this going...

This beautiful little girl is going to be changed forever because of what we are doing!

Give here:

click on "add" under her picture, which will add her to the "shopping cart" and at that point you can either order an ornament, make an additional donation, or both.



nicole said...

Wow - what your children are doing is simply amazing.

Mom to Max said...

We are praying for sweet Olga...God will make a way for her!!

Jen said...

I have no words--only prayers for Olga.
I am standing amazed at His Presence in your life.
This makes giving easy. :)

txkerri said...

I am so torn today between happiness and sadness. We lost one of our beautiful children of our Down syndrome family today and even though I can't shake this sadness for her family, I feel like God wants to take another families sadness away by giving them this beautiful little soul Olga. I have no doubt that little Olga will be filling someone's heart with such joy real soon because of your efforts. You are working his miracle right before our eyes. Thank you for being you and for having your heart open to hear.

Bulldogma said...

Praying... praying... praying...

Stephanie said...

I got the thumbs up from our school for the bake sale, also going to send the word out to all the other Catholic schools in our diocese, there are eight! See what they can do for Olga! it's lookin good!

Rochelle said...

Oh Patti, I am in tears at this wonderful miracle for Olga and the pure sweetness that exudes in your children, may God continue to bless your family!

cathy said...

I KEEP checking!!!!
I am going to email you tonight when I get home, please check your email, later

Patti said...

Kerri- who? What happened? Please let me know- I will be praying!

Cathy- I will check:)

ladies- THANK YOU for praying- I am amazed at the kindness of strangers, and the love and prayers from all of you. YOU ARE AMAZING.

patsy said...

oh my goodness patti...this is so wonderful!! and what your children are doing, your heart must be so happy and so proud. i just got a $50 donation out of my sweet parents and am going to hit my sisters up tonight :) praying that it continues....

Stephanie said...

Thank you Patti! I can't believe because I just couldn't get this little girl out of my mind back in November that all this has happened so fast.

5000, FB friends from my girlfriends FB, were sent here to your post yesterday. 5000!!!!!

A call for help went out and was heard!

it is truly amazing and I am in awe of what has happened.

Thank you for loving Miss Olga as much as I do!!!!!

You really believed as much as I did and still do that she will get a home soon!!

And thanks for standing shoulder to shoulder with me!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing Olga's story. It touched my heart and I know it will touch many others too. This is the perfect time of year to share all the blessings God has bestowed on us! I know that Olga will grace a wonderful family's home with your help!