Sunday, December 19, 2010

I wasn't going to to do it..

..I wasn't going to write one more new post til our giveaway ended.

But as I was making dinner tonight, thinking of what Olga and Kareen are doing..

right now

...I started crying. Crying out to God for a miracle for these little girls.

Because it's not about an iPad. Can I just say that? If you win it- awesome. I am happy to give it away.

This giveaway is about two little girls who desperately need homes. They are living in conditions we wouldn't wish on anybody. And if we don't rescue them, their little lives are about to get a whole lot worse.

And I don't care if this sounds like just one more sad story in the world.

It's real.

I spent the day baking with my children, listening to Christmas music and trying to soak up the last few moments of pre-Christmas goodness that comes from just loving my kids and the simple things of teaching tiny hands to roll a ball of dough, or press m&m's into rice krispy treats.

And all the while I thought- will Kareen ever have a chance to enjoy these things?

Will Olga ever have a mommy to tuck her in at night, and tell her how very loved and special she is?

My kids are so blessed. So blessed.

And I want so much for those little girls to know the love that we have as a family, the comfort of a home..I want them to be safe.

I read again about the plight of the orphans, and my heart hurt so much, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops- SAVE THESE CHILDREN! Rescue them- someone- please.

If you don't read one more word on this blog...please click that little blue link above.

And then do something.


heather said...

You are doing so much good in the world. Wish I could bring one of these little, innocent children into my home one day. If only I didn't feel so overwhelmed with the 6 I already have. But I can donate. And I will. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Lori said...

They will!! God didn't start this thing to have it not happen!! He is going to see this through to the end!

Unknown said...

Oh, Patti... I have to admit, I've been avoiding reading that post... but I read it and I am weeping as I type. I had no idea... Until Roo was born, I just had NO IDEA. How many people out there don't even know that this is reality?

Stephanie said...

It makes me sick! And so freakin mad! this should be front page news and the opening segment on the 7:00pm news at night. why is it that,this is able to be kept a secret. That basically when you get right down to it a few moms with blogs are trying to educate the world about something this atrocious! And most of only know because we have a child with Ds, or bumped into another blog .
Sadly there are still people who deny that the Holocaust ever happened. How many children have to be lost before people start to "get it"!

Cole said...

I know Patti- I feel the same for these little ones. I grew up with a sister that was placed in an institution due to her mental retardation. My parents tried so hard to keep her at home and could get no support. You know a doctor wouldn't even refer her to PT b/c they said she would never walk anyway. I hear the Ukrainian stories and I hug my dear Abigail tightly to me knowing that it is a bit of fate that lets me love her here in this country and now in this generation. There is so much to do for these orphans. I was struck by someones comment on one of the blogs that it is superstition that keeps families from giving up these babies in the Ukraine. That the lawmakers try to encourage families to keep them, that their healthcare is paid for. It really sounds like it's education and a perspective change that needs to happen there.
That being said- did you see Sandra's post about the law being changed and the international adoption program being shut down? I've been trying to find more about wht happened with the vote and haven't found anything yet. If you haven't seen it here is her link:

You are helping. You care. And that's brave.

nicole said...

We will not stop praying, raising awareness, donating, or caring about these children as if they were ours (because they are)until they are all rescued. The plight of these orphans is a reflection of our society's attitude toward all human life which sadly thinks some lives are disposable. It is truly unbelievable that we have legalized abortion and that so many of these babies with Ds are snuffed out before they can even open their eyes. If we would allow them to open their eyes, they would open ours. Lord, help us all to be the voice of the voiceless.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. It isn't about an IPad. It is about saving lives. I don't know how you do it with 10 children. I have just two and with my medical issues, it is literally all I can do to care for them. But God has placed a burden on my heart about these children. I have adopted, in my heart, one of them and I have vowed to give to him until he has the money he needs for his family to get him. I really want him for myself, I really - really do. I pray for him constantly, talk to him at night when I cannot sleep, and hope that he is happy and well taken care of. And I would have never known that he existed if it weren't for your blog telling me about Reece's Rainbow.

I posted the RFK quote, “It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope,” on all of my other postings because I believe that what you and the other mothers of children with ds are doing in getting the word out about these babies is sending out a ripple of hope that they didn't have before. Because once you know about them, about their plight, about their fate, you cannot unknow it. It is there forever, and it changes who you are as a person forever. And, in my case, it has forced me to act - doing everything I can to save them.

God doesn't make mistakes, but these children are treated as though they are exactly that. Keep going, don't get discouraged. Just like sometimes you have to use chocolate as a reward to get your child to go on the potty, eventually you don't have to use any rewards because the child has internalized that going on the potty is the right thing to do - you may have to use a prize to reward people for giving to these children now, but eventually you won't have to because people will internalize that saving them IS the right thing to do - and they will all be saved.

xo Julie

CameoLeigh said...

Oh Patti, you are doing SOOO much for these girls and I know that you will continue to well beyond this Christmas season! Remember we are trust in him and he has great plans for all these children, in his time. As hard as that is for us to hear. Keep up your faith and your determination, it has brought forth more families that maybe wouldn't have been able to come forward to adopt. I am hoping that we have someone helping us this much when it comes time for us. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you write. Merry Christmas beautiful momma!!

sunnylattegma said...

Patti, thank you so much for being a voice for these children. We must all be a voice. There should be a national outcry. But, there isn't so we will do our very best; we will put this in front of others eyes, beg them to take a peek, speak to their innocent ears and pray they become indignant at what they are seeing and hearing. Indignant enough to DO something. Fall in love with a pair of brown or blue or hazel eyes. Give for the one that grips their soul.

I can not thank you enough for putting this in front of MY eyes, speaking to MY innocent ears. I have been looking into the requirements for adoption. I am afraid my hubby is past the age window. My heart weeps.

Hope said...

We prayed for Olga and all the children in Russian care during Sunday School with the 5-8 year olds. They get it! Your blog is impacting the hearts of everyone.
We asked God to give her a family for Christmas & I promised them we would hang a picture of the new family on the wall in our little Children's Church. Even more so we asked for all of those kids to know the love of Jesus. You have brought recognition and value to the least of these Patti. They are some one's, and moutains may be moved on their behalf.

Patti said...

You girls are awesome. You get it. I am so thankful for hearts like yours:)

Lacey said...

Ukraine indeed is having a vote that may shut down adoptions. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't pass. So many kids would be affected. And it truly is a society thing. Arina's parents were young, and they only gave their healthy child up because of her extra chromosome, and the stigma it brings. If they saw her now I know they would regret their decision!

CameoLeigh said...

Oh yeah and Patti, Merry Christmas!!