Thursday, December 23, 2010

From My Heart

Dear friends,

I know so many of you are waiting to hear wonderful news about Olga. And I do believe it will be wonderful in the days ahead. I do.

But I'm asking you right now to pray- like you've never prayed before- for a family for Olga.

The family we knew of has withdrawn their "inquiry" for Olga...I'm not at liberty to say, but there are extenuating circumstances... they are not able to pursue Olga, and are switching gears to another child. The second family who had inquired has done so as well. (These are the two we knew of- I have not heard from Andrea if there are others still inquiring.)

I am asking you - who have so willingly given and prayed and spread the word- to storm Heaven again.

I know this is in God's hands- believe me, I know. I don't believe we are merely left to ourselves in this. If you knew what we live like day to day- if you were to meet us "in real life" - I don't think you would have any trouble knowing that from the start we knew this had to be a God thing. We're just an average family. No great shakes here. But we took what we had and gave it to something that we believe is worth it.

Have you read the story of the pearl of great price in the Bible? I hope you have...

Olga is that pearl. Kareen is that pearl.

I hope that when you read this, you will understand that when I ask you to pray- I'm not doing so because I don't trust God. I'm asking because I do.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much James 5:16

I know Olga's family is out there. The fact that she has a $12,594 grant waiting for them coupled with your prayers is what's going to seal the deal for her.

Will you also spread the word to every family you know? Olga turns five next month, and her transfer is imminent. She doesn't have the luxury of time. And this isn't about my little giveaway ending and there needing to be a "happy ending" for my sake.

Maybe you remember Elizabeth, who I originally posted about? There was a cry that went out in blogland, when this little girl was transferred. And yes, that cry sounded a little desperate. And to some it might have sounded sensational. And maybe those who wrote of Elizabeth's plight might have been accused of not trusting God, or not waiting on God's timing...because of the intensity of their words and their call for help.

But Elizabeth is being rescued as a result of those desperate prayers and pleas for help. A family came forward and committed to her adoption because someone raised their voice against the injustice of what was happening to that little girl.

So at the risk of sounding dramatic or sensational or non-trusting...I'm just asking you all to pray.

I do believe we saw a Christmas miracle happen this week. $12,500 is no small accomplishment. People gave until it hurt, and then gave some more. So now we just need that chunk of change to do what we intended it to someone save Olga.

Will you link your hearts with me in prayer?


P.S. Our giveaway is still open below- and Kareen still needs our help!


Anonymous said...

Prayer storm coming. Hold on tight!

xo Julie

nicole said...

We'll be praying . . . until she's home.

Elissa said...

Oh Patti. I will pray for sweet Olga. You have no idea how badly I wish it could be us to bring her home. :-/

Susanna said...

We're praying and trusting, too, Patti! And waiting to see what great things God will do on behalf of these precious ones!

Rochelle said...


Virginia Revoir said...

OHhhh, this breaks my heart. We are going to pray RIGHT NOW.

Jamie Wooddell said...

We are praying for Olga. And many others by name. God is definitely at work and will be bringing Olga's family to her.
Thank you Jesus for knowing exactly who is perfect for Olga and stirring their hearts to respond.

Sasha said...

Still praying for Olga and all the children in her position. God has a plan. All of this was not laid on your heart for no reason. God did it purposely....he will move, I just KNOW it! Still spreading and donating a crying out!

cathy said...


Lori said...

Blogged about them again, asking everyone to bombard heaven with prayers - my heart is aching - praying with all my heart in S. Jersey!!