Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elizabeth !!

Dear friends,

So many of you have asked about this little girl...


Elizabeth and her story captured our hearts and inspired the wonderful miracles we saw take place this Christmas. When we learned of a family stepping forward to adopt her and rescue her from the institution she was transferred to, our hearts were overjoyed. We didn't know who that family was until now....

I am so happy to post this link-

and I hope you all go tell her family how very prayed for they are:)

Thank you, Elissa, for sending me this information:)

I have a request as well- I want to keep my blog look exactly the same- but with a sidebar. I have some exciting things to announce, and I really need that little sidebar for what we're doing!

Anybody good at tweeking html codes, please contact me!



Elissa said...

CANNOT WAIT! To see this beautiful little girl come HOME! My heart is truly overflowing with joy!!!!!

Rochelle said...

YEAH!!! Happy New Year!

Keri Jo said...

Patti, you have me and my kids addicted to RR and we already had Ellizabeth's blog in our favorites! We are still donating every chance we can :)

Mrs. K said...

Oh Patti, I am once again overwhelmed with happiness, my tears are flowing, my cheeks are aching from smiling. I so fell in love with Elizabeth, then Olga. Am praying 2011 will find Olga home in the USA too.