Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you believe in Miracles?

Dear Friends,

If you are praying for Olga, I just want to let you are the secret of what is happening for Olga.

I was up late last night, and early this morning doing what I am sure each one of you have been doing on behalf of Olga....crying out to God for a miracle.

I am so thrilled at what God has done so far- $11,279 is a fantastic number.

But it's not enough.

It won't matter to Olga if we got her half way there.

My son, Caleb, came into my room and saw me crying and praying, a big puddle of a mess on my floor. He said the sweetest thing..."God won't let us down, Mama. He knows how hard we've been working."

I do believe God cares more about Olga than I do. I do.

But I also believe God calls on US to act, and to pray. Honestly - I've been a Christian for 25 years and although I don't "get" all the dynamics of prayer - but I have seen it work. I've seen miracles happening - I AM seeing miracles happening.

So during the next 38 hours, will you be storming Heaven for Olga? Will you pray like you've never prayed before?

I don't just want to see her reach $25,000...I want a family to come forward for her.

I can't even tell you how that breaks my heart because I would love to be that family. That's just not possible because of income requirements, etc.

Can you please pray someone comes forward? Can you imagine the kick that would give our little giveaway?

While I was praying this morning I really felt strongly that God wants us to pray more for a family than for finances right now. (but don't stop praying for that too!) Because if people saw a family alongside her picture - if people knew that this was REALLY going to happen - imagine the impact.

I know you will pray. I know you would have prayed without me even asking. I'm not pretending to be a spiritual giant or awesome Christmas Warrior...I'm just a little stay-at-home mama who loves her family and wants Olga to have one too.

And while we're on the subject of sprititual warfare...

I just need to tell you - this almost didn't happen.

When Stephanie first made her plea for Olga, she put a chip-in box on her blog for her. I gave, a number of others gave. But there was something wrong with the link on the chip-in, and the donations never went through. Those of us who gave didn't know til later when we got a message from Paypal ...and if the others were like me, they don't always read messages from Paypal that come randomly to their inbox. My friend, Nicole, who kept "reminding" me about Reece's Rainbow (thank you, Nicki :) ) pointed this out to Stephanie and me...and Steph took the chip-in box down and sent people directly to Reece's Rainbow. (She was a bit leary of using the chip-in after that episode).

So yesterday, Michelle Zoromski from Reece's Rainbow emailed me...and before I tell you what she said- can you be praying for Michelle? All those donations that come through Reece's Rainbow, all the accounting, all the hours upon hours of work it takes to do what she does for the angel tree project? SHE VOLUNTEERS. You heard me right. She doesn't get a dime.

Here's what she emailed me:

There's a story about how Olga almost never even made it on to the Angel Tree, because of a mix-up ........... I had an "Olga Crisis" in October, trying to get it all sorted out! The short version is she was mixed up with another Olga & the wrong picture / girl went on the AT at first, instead of "your" Olga.

So the fact that this is happening for her now? Amazes me.

A number of other things have been computer crashed for several long hours the other day...our internet went out last night - for a LONG time - our whole area lost service. I was panicking thinking I was going to have to spend the next 38 hours at a Dutch Bro's or the library with my husband's laptop.

Last night I happened to be online at one a.m....surprise...plotting, praying, contacting, etc..and I got this little note from photobucket that said my account had reached its limit of photos and everything had been deleted!!!!! If you have no idea what that means - I don't upload my photos from my computer to blogger - I copy the code from photobucket after I upload and resize them there. (That's how I get nice big clear pictures in case you wondered.) So here I was about to LOSE all of my blog - months of pictures of Lily, everything I have poured my heart into, well as all the photos in the giveaway. And yes, I could have found them all on various hardrives and computers throughout our house and copied and pasted them into a year's worth of posts. But I do NOT have time for that right now! I immediately went to a "pro" account with photobucket (nice little ad for you there, photobucket, thanks for almost giving me a heart attack at one this morning!!!) and voila - my pictures are still there.

And those little "battles" are just the tip of the iceberg. I will spare you the gory details, because this is NOT all about me...but somebody out there doesn't want this little girl to find a home...and I feel the heat.

I have 250 unaddressed/unmailed Christmas cards sitting on a pile on my table...I have Christmas shopping that hasn't been done, nothing wrapped, nothing baked, my laundry is rivaling Mount Everest...but you know what? I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!

My brother and I have this little joke on Christmas - he always texts or calls me and says, "This is the best Christmas EVER!!!!" Just a throw back to our childhood days.

I can't wait to text him this year and say, "This is the best Christmas ever!!!!"

Not because I got the motherload of scrapbooking supplies. Not because we spent the holidays doing everything exactly right - cards out on time, shopping done, baking every day, etc....

But because Olga got a family.

Please, God- let Olga find her family.

If you're out there and you could be her family and you're reading this...please...from the bottom of my heart...


Rescue our Olga.

Thank you to every single one of you who has emailed me with words of encouragement - you can't possibly know how much it means to me. This isn't about me, this is about Olga. But I am pretty caught up emotionally in this whole thing, and your kindness and love goes a long way. A long way.

Please - for the next 38 hours - storm Heaven.

Do you believe in miracles?

Cuz I do.



Sasha said...

Still crying out for a miracle and I won't stop. God is going to continute moving!

Rachel said...


We are faithfully praying too! But God's time...according to HIS plan and not ours...maybe that family will come when they get Olga's ornament in the mail and they hang it on their tree and they see her face each and ever HIS time...keep praying, but be patient:) Hang in there...and we will all still be praying and donating past Thursday and past Christmas and into the new year if we have too...we will never give up on her. It took us a whole year of waiting to see our Jacob from RR adopted and now he has found a forever family:)

Patti said...

Rachel- I wish Olga had a year. She turns five next month- meaning a transfer to a mental institution is imminent. Thus the rush:)

Stephanie said...

Patti, you are in my HEAD!!!! I was thinking that we need to "up the anti" on the prayers for Olga. I mean really turn it up. so when two great minds(lol) think alike it must be God whispering the same thing in their ears!!

UGH and you rehashed my chip in nightmare. Stinkin Devil!
but just for the record it's up and running now!!

Let's do it up Patti, girl! let's get the prayers rollin in for Olga!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to Rachel. God is not limited by what we see as a need to "rush"! Not that I don't want what you want but God's timeline is not ours and I think He wants trust, not arm twisting. ((hugs)) to you and blessings for all your labors in this!!

Mrs. K said...

Do you want to know what I believe? I believe Satan is working hard...crashed PC's, expiration of photo's, etc. He is kicking and screaming. HOWEVER, God will see to it that each and every one of his tricks are thwarted. I believe, like Caleb, God will not let us down. He wants His children to be saved. Trust in His Divine Mercy, in His all powerful love for us. I have Faith!!! (Inside family joke.)

Mrs. K said...

It's me again. I also have Hope!!
OK no rolling of the eyes Patti.

Keep in mind Mark 11:24.

Becca said...

Ugh, I just got in the biggest argument with my husband over the phone. I was badgering him about wanting to adopt from RR (Olga in particular), and he emphatically said no way. He eventually hung up on me. Guess it's not our time, but there's got to be someone out there whose time is right...

Patti said...

Becca- you are so sweet!

I do hope nothing I'm doing is seen as arm twisting. :( I just know that things happen in this fallen world that are not in line with God's timeline..the Jews in Nazi Germany...or even little Elizabeth (who I blogged about) being transferred. I do hope it is evident in my writing that I trust God. Mixed in with all of that is the knowledge that horrible things happen- every day- despite our trust in God. Not because HE doesn't have a plan- because mere mortals refused to act.
I hope that makes's so hard to "balance everything out" in one little post:)
Lots of love to everyone pulling for Olga.

cathy said...

Storm the heavens with prayers, I believe in them ,too.
PLEASE don't give up, Patti....
Can't you postpone the drawing till Christmas ?
sending so much love, prayers & hope your way

Rochelle said...

We are praying fervently for Olga (and all the others on RR) God really has these orphans on my heart. My hubbie keeps saying yes to adoption but, it's too much money. He was blown away when I told him that Olga is over $10K now. Lives are being changed, hearts are being softened and this little girl and others at RR will be saved.
Thank you God for breaking our hearts for what breaks yours and for the miracles that are happening each day.

Unknown said...

So I had tears in my eyes from the very first sentence of your entry. On my way home from running around today, I just became overwhelemd thinking about Olga's forever family out there and wondering when they will come into the picture and hoping that we will all know about it when it happens. I am praying for this girl and her family, whoever they are. Love you and all you are doing!

teal915 said...

It is so amazing what has happened. I feel honored that I've been able to witness it. I will pray that the right family will step forward for her. We are in the same place as you with the financial requirements. But Brad and I have already agreed that when our situation changes, we are going to adopt. I'll be praying.

Bethany said...

A little clarification on my "anonymous" comment earlier. I wasn't saying you shouldn't twist people's arms for good causes i just think that sometimes we get so caught up in our idea of how God needs to work out a situation and try to "twist" His arm into working it out our way that we miss seeing when He moves. God is not asleep when horrible things happen and sometimes we'll never understand what His purposes were. But i think we might miss seeing Him sometimes because we're so focused on OUR picture of God. Does that make sense? Guess i'm encouraging you to yes, keep praying and pushing but allow God to do it HIS way in the end! Luv!!

nicole said...

Patti ~ I keep reminding my children (even though they don't need to be) about praying for Olga and a family. I think those innocent prayers are heard more readily! It's so strange that you mention spiritual warfare because for the past several days, I've been thinking you have to be suffering for this cause ~ because the enemy would not sit idly by.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jer. 29.11

Race Bannon said...

Did I miss something, where does the 38 hours come from?

Patti said...

giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow. which was 38 hours from when i posted. BUT giving for Olga can keep going on until she gets a home! Maybe if Race Bannon blogged we could reach a whole new (sub)culture ! hehe:)

CKopp said...

There's a giveaway? I REALLY gott start read'n all them words...there's just soo many.

CKopp said...

Just some clarification: What I meant to say was that, Pat's blogs are full of lots of words. I'm just sayin...

CKopp said...

Oh, and as far as I knew, it wasn't "a running joke" - I actually have THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, each year!

CKopp said...

4 comments in a row! A new record!

patsy said...

praying tonight for a miracle...for sweet olga to find her family....what a Christmas gift that would be :)

nicole said...

Patti ~ If you need a new family because your brother is just too annoying to handle, we're somewhat normal over here in Ohio.

Race Bannon said...

Ohio!? "It is what it is..."

nicole said...

Race - I no longer enjoy your humor.

Race Bannon said...
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Race Bannon said...

For more on Ohio, check out:

***RATED R LANGUAGE at 23 and 25 seconds of video***

~Stephanie said...
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