Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Miracle!!!!!

JUST GOT WORD- OVER $10,964....and counting!!!!

Dear Friends...

..and I usually say readers, but because of what you all are doing, I just can't say readers any more. You are friends in the truest sense of the word, and you sure have caused a lot of happy tears in this household!!

There has been some confusion as to why the link I posted (see my posts below) doesn't appear to be updating Olga's total. It fluctuates like crazy. I was able to contact Michelle- the donations coordinator at Reece's Rainbow. I am copying and pasting her explanation- which will thrill your socks off.

Lisa, who as many of you know adopted Alina last year, contacted Michelle first...I am sharing a portion of Michelle's response to her - because this is what YOU did---

I wondered who was doing the fundraiser for Olga -- she's had 40+ donations since yesterday!!

I just checked the AT (angel tree) page, and it has been updated!! Olga shows over $3000 in her account -- tell Patti she is doing an AMAZING job! :)

Also, please tell Patti that she has made Molly (Olga's Christmas Warrior) completely over the moon with excitement! Molly and I must have emailed about 14 times back & forth yesterday, wondering who was leading the charge for Olga :)

Can I just tell you all that YOU ARE LEADING THE CHARGE for Olga???? I am just beyond happy and thrilled and crying and wild with joy at what YOU FRIENDS are doing!!!

Here is Michelle's explanation to me...

Hi Patti!
We are so excited to see Olga's grant grow, too!! But, the donations come in to Olga's fund -- and I delete them. I know that SOUNDS awful, but it's an accounting process during the Angel Tree. That's why they go down. I'm deleting them as I go, as I enter them into our record keeping. Then, I add them up & we update the website Angel Tree page.

The advantage of putting the funds in Olga's Angel Tree grant (which is different than the Waiting Child Grant) is she gets to keep more of the money (no % is taken out for PayPal fees), it's VERY HIGHLY visible right now, during the Angel Tree, and donors who donate over $35 will get an ornament with her picture on it. It's the process we're using with ALL the Angel Tree children right now, not just Olga. It's just very visible for Olga, since your blog is sending people to her link, and not utilizing a Chip-in. Typically, people set up a Chip-in for a fundraiser such as yours, but this is working just fine, too! It's just not as visible for you to keep track of.

As a side note- I did not want to mess with a chip-in- I wanted to be sure that everyone who gave KNEW that they were giving directly to Olga.

So Michelle is working hard at keeping me updates- and I will update these posts as soon as she does!

I hope if you are reading this you will take time to go to the comment section- because there are some amazing comments there. Seriously- I am just moved beyond words at the hearts of people who are giving- you all blow my mind ! (to coin a favorite phrase of my husband!!:) )

You know what? Next time someone tells you there is a lot of greed and ugliness in the world- tell them to come here. Tell them to just take a look at Lily's little comment section and see that there are also a lot of beautiful, giving, compassionate people in the world, and GOD is using them to do something.

And to every single person who is praying on behalf of Olga- DON'T STOP!

This is a "God thing", friends.

God moved on our hearts to help Olga, we gave what we had, and God is totally multiplying it. And this isn't some cheesy Christian tv show- it's just a little blog in a world full of thousands of blogs, but a little girl is going to be profoundly impacted because God used it to help her.


Give here:

click on "add" under her picture, which will add her to the "shopping cart" and at that point you can either order an ornament, make an additional donation, or both.

I will update Olga's total here just as soon as I get the word.

Thank you just isn't enough...but thank you. From the bottom of my heart and my kids' hearts and my absolute hero of a husband's heart- THANK YOU.
AND THANK YOU STEPHANIE for putting Olga on my heart through your blog! We are doing this, friend!!;)



5henrys said...

So exciting to be apart of this!!! THIS is what Christmas is really about...
Love, Leah

lacy myers said...

Praise the Lord, Pattie!!!! :)

I have a little something up my sleeve coming up :) So I will email you tomorrow :) I'm so excited to see sweet little Olga's fund growing! We can do this!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful you are standing in the gap and being a warrior for this precious little girl. She melts my heart when I look at her. I posted this info. to my FB page too. I so relate to you and your husband right now as my husband and I are being drawn to the orphans with tears and grief. Wish we could help them all!! Cara

lacy myers said...

Emailed you :)

Kaetlyn and Grace said...

Oh Patti! I'm SOOOO Happy to see the explanation and update. You're doing such a wonderful thing and we're all so lucky that you saw this little girl and have led this charge! THANK YOU...

Delilah said...

What an amazing response to Olga's plea! Thank God!

Verity's Aunt said...

How can you not be touched by that innocent face! I might be too old to adopt but I am praying that this small amount that I added will help Olga have a loving family very soon. God bless.

Becca said...

This is, truly, wonderful news!! So glad to hear that the total is still rising - I've been so amazed at the response I've seen on FB and on blogs. We've got quite an amazing community here.

Candy said...

I am so grateful that you took on this project on behalf of Olga! I went to Russia as a missionary and ministered in a school where some of these precious children were taken care of by two elderly ladies who took them in. My heart is totally with orphaned children and I get even more amped up for Ds kids. When I figure out how to spread the word on facebook and elsewhere I will do so! I can't tell you how much your blog means to our family. My daughter has a three month old Down Syndrome baby girl whom we cherish more than life itself.