Thursday, December 9, 2010

AMAZING YOU...and more giveaway prizes!!

Dear friends-

First of all let me say- you are amazing. I'm sitting here trying to think "how can I tell them what they're doing- how amazing they are?" and all my brain can come up with are amazing.

My mental state could be from lack of sleep:) Because since we started this I have been getting very little sleep...lots of praying...plotting...pleading..I'll sleep later.

So in keeping with the theme of "amazing"'s what we are doing:

We have additional prizes that will draw winners for ...each prize is separate- in other words, you can win the iPod touch OR a gift card OR a scrapbook kit..but you only have to enter once for a chance to win. There are still FIVE ways you can enter (and leave a separate comment for each entry- details in the original post below!)

Additional Prizes are as follows:

***Lisa Peele, whose interview helped spark this amazing adventure is donating two iTunes gift cards- $15 each !! So we will award these to two different commenters.

(sample image of card...not sure what the real one looks like;))

***I am donating a brand new unopened Studio Calico scrapbooking kit- this month's kit "Metropolitan!" valued at $34.50 (plus $7.50 shipping when you purchase this through Studio Calico ...but I will ship this to you for free!)


***We have a $100 Macy's gift card being donated IF Olga's fund reaches $10,000 !!!!!!!!!!


(also a sample image of card...not sure what the real one looks like!)

AS WELL AS these prizes, until December 25th, Etsy owner Lacey is donating 21%
of all proceeds from her shop LacyBird (HOW SWEET IS THAT NAME???!!!) to Olga's fund!!!!

After Christmas from now on 10% of all her sales will go directly to Reece's Rainbow!


AND as an added incentive- if any of you make a purchase from her shop- just use the code SWEETOLGA and receive a ten percent discount!!! ***Lacey- THANK YOU- you are amazing!!!

And speaking of amazing- here is what one of Lily's favorite followers, Cathy, just sent me in an email:

Kevin, the oldest son, is our teacher who is trying to have his school do a fundraiser to " adopt Olga" for the holiday season. He just called me to say that the office is planning to do a "Dress Down Day" for olga next Friday at his school. The administration each chip in $5 & they can wear jeans, or whatever, to work & all the $$ will be sent to Olga's site.

Cathy- I love you. And just because you said you missed seeing Lily, here is her picture. Just for you:)

Okay- is this an amazing day OR WHAT??? Am I the only one who is off the charts with excitement???!!!

PLEASE keep spreading the word-the latest totals from RR are at $10,964!!!! I will post new updates just as soon as I get them!!

Give here:

click on "add" under her picture, which will add her to the "shopping cart" and at that point you can either order an ornament, make an additional donation, or both.

Can you please...if you blogged about this once...maybe blog again? or tweet again? or FB again? With the new prizes being offered? I don't have a picture of me with a pleading look on my face...but I will post this beautiful little girl's face once again...because I can't get her face out of my mind. I think about her 24/7.

Cuz she's filling my dreams right now as well.

I go to bed wondering if she is warm..happy..loved. I wake up thinking about if she will have a home this time next year. Or be living in an institution. How can you love a little girl- so much- who you have never met? I don't know how...but I do.


I won't be the one who adopts her...but I promise you this- if Olga is adopted, I WILL be going to see her wherever she is. And I'm going to wrap my arms around her and tell her how very loved she was by so many amazing people.



cathy said...

THANK YOU for the picture--it made my DAY!!!

Patti--my middle one, Chris just called me from his office(in NYC)
he took up a collection at his job & he collected $182, JUST today.
Now Cody has his 2 older brothers raising $, so he said he is going to do something on campus at his school, Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, NY.......
Where there is a God, there is a way

Sasha Taylor said...

Patti- Can I just say that you are amazing and a huge inspiration? What a blessing it was to find this blog through a friend. I check it many times a day! I already facebooked about Olga, but I will be reposting it now:) I pray that God moves more than what he already has and Olga can find a loving family! Also, thanks for the picture of Lily:) That little girl holds a special place in my heart. She is so beautiful and reminds me of my youngest daughter:) I just love her to pieces!

(Please be praying for God's will in mine and my husbands lives. We are wanting to adopt eventually, but want to make sure God's will is done in it all!)

Thank you so much for being such a great Christian role model!

Sasha Taylor

Stephanie said...

Patti this is amazing!!!! can I just say where ever she goes she has to land in New York to get there!!! I'm close to NY!!! That would be my chance to squeeze her even if it were for a second!

look for my email!

Mrs. K said...

WOO HOO!!! YYIIIPPEEE! I cannot contain myself. Keep up the good work everyone. I am already considering Olga my Granddaughter even if just spiritually. I pray we get to know who adopts this precious baby girl. God bless us, everyone. Oh wait, He already has!!

Rochelle said...

Amazing, I continue to be humbled by the sweet, caring people who have a heart for orphans.

Unknown said...

MY GOODNESS, I just can't stop talking about what a tremendous thing you are doing for this little girl. I will FB it again, and I'll post it on our local Down's support group site.

Patti said...

Sasha- you are too sweet- thank you:)
Cathy- AMAZING!!!

nicole said...

Oh Patti ~ this is so exciting! It has my sister, Laura, and I planning what we can do for another little girl on Reece's Rainbow. Thanks for being docile to the Holy Spirit. And your love for that little girl you've never met is called loving with the power of Jesus Christ. I feel the same way about Lily ~ I could take her in right now and love her unconditionally.


mholiver44 said...

I have become a follower. I left a comment as"verity's aunt" after I donated. I have printed the picture of Olga and it is taped to my desk. It is so great to see God at work in this matter. God bless you.

kkehl said...

Thanks for sharing Patti. Ever since I started teaching biology (I credit Mrs. Lewis for much of interest in biology) I have used Down Syndrome in my discussion of genetics and bioethics. I want my students to see people who are different from themselves as being inherently valulable. It's a challenge in a public high school but sometimes the message gets through. It has helped to have some special-needs students move in to one of the rooms down the hall from my classroom. God is working dark places changing attitudes and lives.

Thanks for the encouraging writing and beautiful pictures.

Kevin Kehl

Anonymous said...

Patti- I will repost to my FB page and think and pray of ways that I could help raise money for her through friends and family, people I know and do not know!! This is awesome that you are doing this. What a blessing to be able to help families rescue these precious kids. The first time I saw Olga's picture, my husband and I said we would adopt her now if we had the money. She melts me. I love how you are standing in the gap for her. I am praying for you and your sweet family too. Cara

Monica Crumley said...

How awesome that you've raised so much for Olga! She is a beautiful girl and I hope she gets a family soon. God Bless!

Izzy Anderson said...

This is amazing work you are doing on behalf of children. Everyone deserves to be loved and to have a momma.

Gabrielle Watson said...

Patti, I know how you feel. It is very strange to love someone that you've never met, but it is very EASY to love a child, no matter where they are, or who they are because children deserve all the love that anyone can muster.

We adopt a couple angels from the Angel tree this year, and I wept that I was not able to adopt more and buy for more children and meet their special xmas wishes... I wonder if I can't make their Christmas dreams come true, who will? I wanted to write letters to these angel babes that I adopted to let them know that I love them from afar, and I wish everyday that their dreams will come true, and that I am praying to our Lord to keep them safe and well.

I just know what you mean to love a child who you don't really know. To love a child that you want to hug and hold and take away their bad dreams. I will be posting on my blog again and posting on FB again, I want Olga to find a warm, loving family to go home to. EVERY CHILD deserves a warm loving family, and there are plenty of them out there who are looking for a special Olga of their very own.

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Lori said...

I am so choked up with tears and excitement and happiness - this is truly what Christmas should be - I feel so blessed to be part of this little girl's future in one small way! Praying Faithfully in New Jersey!!!!

Lori said...

Kiss Lils for us - we love seeing her little face!!