Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Bookworm

Dearest Lily,

The other day Mama was doing housework, and I passed by this little scene...


Caleb was reading a book to you, and you were listening so closely, and examining the illustrations with him.


You were so sweet and gentle and quiet and seemed to be absorbing every word he read to you.


Our family loves reading. One of our favorite outings is a trip to the library. As silly as it sounds, one of the things that made me sad when you were diagnosed with ds was that I wanted you to be able to enjoy books like we do.

How unfounded those fears were...of course you are going to love books. You can't help it, being a part of our family!

We read at bed time. We read on road trips. We read in our leisure time, at nap time, whenever we have the chance. Mama loves reading stories to you, and so do all of your siblings...

I can't wait to see what your favorite books are going to be some day.

Some day, maybe soon, Mama is going to write a book about you.



Loving my little bookworm,

Mama oxox


Mrs. K said...

I started to read to you about Lily's age. You sat so still and quiet and listened to every word. I used to point to each word and read very slowly. The first printed word you read by yourself was "the". Oh such sweet memories.

heather said...

Such sweet pictures. I was also fearful Morgan would never learn to read. But reading she is! I love it! 10 children? Really? Amazing!!!

Brown Eyed Mama said...

Aren't big siblings reading to the babies the sweetest thing you've ever seen? C is still in the process of learning how to read because of her vision, and every time she picks L up and sits her in her lap while she's practicing, my heart just melts. These pictures just made me all teary!

Elissa said...

Love that they were all snuggled up reading :-) Very cute!!!

Ashley said...

I am such a bookworm too! I LOVE books!
That is soo cool that you're going to write a book about Lily. I've actually already started one for Laura :)

patsy said...

patti---big tears falling while watching lily's video last post. i love the song..i may have to steal for a post one day:) is the title 'beautiful'..and who is the artist?? also miss amggie's birdie bow is a company called giddy-giddy.com. they have so many cute ones...it was hard to choose !

Pat's big brother said...

...yah, but she pronounced it "t-heh"

Rochelle said...

Oh Patti these sibling pictures melt my heart. Thanks for visiting our blog and for pointing me to you guys. Lily is beautiful, I look forward to following your adventures.

Meriah said...

She's sitting up SO WELL! And holding her head with such strength! Yay!!

Mandi said...

Oh that last picture of their hands on the book is amazing! Funny how something that simple makes me teary eyed for than the rest!

Virginia Revoir said...

Alright, well apparently I missed saying she was cute here and I love the pic of her hands on the book. :D What good boys you have. I love seeing them snuggling with her.

Melissa said...

I love the pictures of the 2 of them snuggled up!