Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day14/In Love With Lily

Dearest Lily,

It's late Wednesday night, and you are sleeping soundly next to me in my bed.

I'm loading pictures of you onto Daddy's computer, and I just keep staring at your beautiful face- in the photos and lying next to me...
..I love you, Lily Anne.

I've said it before, but every day is like waking up on Christmas morning with you in my life.

I wake up to your sweet chatter and look at you smiling up at me, and my heart skips a beat every time- because it still amazes me that God gave me another little girl.

I love my boys so much- there is something so precious about Mamas and their boys. And I love your sissies just as much too.

I just wanted one more girl so badly, and before having you I really didn't know if that would happen.


I can't believe my wish came true.

I never get tired of pink. Ever. After years of baby blue- and I do love baby blue so much- pink just seems so fresh and bright and joyful, and I can't get enough of it. Especially on you...

Photobucket are so pretty in pink!

I could stare for hours into those beautiful blue eyes of yours. I wanted a little girl with blue eyes like her Daddy's forever.

Mackenzie and Abigail have my eyes- green. And that is so special...but I wanted one of my girls to have blue eyes...
...and baby, are yours blue.

I love how you have stayed a baby for longer than our other's like each little stage is stretched out leisurely, so we can enjoy and savor each moment, before rushing off to a new accomplishment.

You still love to stare at your now your brothers and sisters had "dropped" that habit, and gone on to something else. I love watching you study your own fingers- it looks like you're thinking, "Hey, how did these get here??!"


You are like a little pixie...a perfectly round face, tiny button nose, almond eyes that turn up at the corners...


..and a grin that MELTS my heart..

Kenzie and I love this particular face you stare intently and your bottom lip comes up a bit..your cheeks look all chubby and you are very serious..
...your little bulldog mug:)

Mama's cousin Kate sent us your first baby signing video!! We're going to start right away with teaching you signs. For now I'm going to pretend you know how to sign Mommy...


...I'm sure that's what you meant when you did that!

You've already got a whole sentence down too...


"I want you!!"

It's time for dreamland for Mama and her baby girl...Can't wait to wake up to YOU.

Love always,

Mama oxox


Ashley said...

Lily's eyes are so beautiful :) I love the pictures.

Lisa said...

Oh, Lily, you are so gorgeous!

Brown Eyed Mama said...

My big girls are in love--when I opened this post earlier this morning while we were getting ready for school, they both came running from across the room, all, "Is that that baby Lily?" and "She's so cute!" E also said, "She smiles like Leylie!" and I had to go peek and compare pictures and she's right, I do see a similarity!

She is BEAUTIFUL. :) And I'll admit, I'm totally in love with rockin' the pink on this go-round too. Neither of my other two did pink so well as babies, they looked better in greens and purples, but L does pink SO well.

patsy said...

oh lily is such a cutie!! our maggie also has 1001 faces! and she is 16 months old and still is in amazement while lookling at her fingers! i, like you, am so enjoying that the baby stage is lasting longer and we get to truly enjoy every little thing :)

JC said...

So sweet...and pink is definatly her color :)

Lori said...

Tell me what video Kate got you and I will get it for Elli - then when they are older they can talk to eachother in 2 languages!:)

TheFoleyFive said...

mmm...i love babies in cotton striped jammies..i want to reach thru this darned computer and squuuuuueeeezzzee her!!!! Reagan is so fascinated with her hands kills me, she waves at herself and watches them like they are some odd animal she just cute..

Keri Jo said...

She does look so cute in pink-especially this hot pink color.

I was actually thinking about suggesting the signing time videos to you before I read this! I have my kids watching/learning it as our second language. My nephew who's 3 1/2 signs words faster than we can figure them out, but doesn't speak but a few words here or there. So the signing is so helpful! I'm sure Lily will catch on quick. It's actually kind of fun - I love to learn it with my kids.

I like this Oct awareness month on the various blogs. I know with each of my pregnancy's I deny the DS test cuz I would keep the baby anyway and never questioned it. I always hated the way the Dr's made it such a big scare for women as the BIGGEST risk in pregnancy- but it's not!!But that "what if" fear is there, but after reading your story and watching Lily and others I know that you have given me the thought that this fear shouldn't grip us. Lily is so beautiful and I'm captivated by her personality and while I know there are challenges, it secretly makes me wish I could have one like her :) You inspire me so much Patti ~ I really want more babies, but I'll have to wait until Casey would even consider more!
Olivia goes crazy when she see's Lily... wish we could get them together to play often...
You and your family are a BLESSING to others.

Hope said...

She's so beautiful! You'll have a whole Seattle church loving that girlie if you ever bring her up.
My son Kelsey showed me this video of Ike Ditzenberger, a local football player with ds and the sweetness of the other players towards him made us tear up.
thought I'd share it with you

Sarah said...

So precious...especially that last one!!!

Sarah said...

Love the last picture!! I love how close your family is...very touching. you are such a great Mom!

Virginia Revoir said...

Ohhhhh, she totally melts my heart. You are right. Babies grow up way too fast. I was in no hurry for Caleb to walk now that he's one because I want them to stay little longer. I don't care if they are out of diapers, or finally walking, or finally feeding themselves. Babies are precious and I love every stage.