Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 21/Trusting The Travel Agent

Dearest Lily,

Yesterday you went for your nine month check-up. You are a whopping 12 pounds. Just barely on the charts for're going to be tiny. We like tiny.

You have roseola right now. And you know what's funny about that? Somehow I find it comforting that you got the same childhood illness that all of your siblings had before they turned a year old. You really are more alike than different:)

Something else that is comforting- and it is strange that it is- is that you have been extremely fussy for the past week. You had a fever last Thursday through Sunday night. It finally broke, and on Monday morning you woke up covered with a Mama knew from 9 previous children that you had roseola. And I knew why you had been SO fussy. So why is that comforting? Because the baby who never cries has been crying and wanting to be held for days on end, and now I know you can cry! I always wondered if it was somehow physically impossible for you to really cry, not just whimper, because we've only seen it twice...when you were having your blood drawn. Well, now I know- you can cry just like all the rest of your brothers and sisters. And you milk it for all it's worth when you're sick!
Grammi read my post yesterday about Holland and said the sweetest thing- to trust our travel agent:) Isn't that what all of life comes down to? We can feel so lost or uncertain about the journey we're on, but when we put our lives in God's hands, we can trust that He is taking care of us.

I read the sweetest story today on another blog. It was about a couple learning at birth that their baby girl had ds. The daddy was having a very hard time with the unexpected diagnosis. But right in the NICU where their baby girl was being taken care of, another baby girl with ds was being treated. Only this baby's parents knew ahead of time that she had ds...and they were adopting her. They were adopting her because she had ds, Lily. That spoke volumes to this grieving daddy, and the families became fast friends. A year later the parents adopted another baby, this time a boy, with ds. Their adventures are one of my favorite blogs to read.

Because you know what? Like the statement "trust your travel agent", it's all about perspective. This couple's perspective was that a baby with ds wasn't just tolerated- she was desired. And their blog just radiates joy and happiness and love. Nothing scary, no grieving, no worries...This couple sees humor and fun in every day life, and they inspire me to just enjoy you, and leave the future in the travel agent's hands.


I feel like I've learned a lifetime's worth of lessons in 9 short months of loving you, Lily Anne. God knew just what I needed when He sent me you:)

Love always,
Mama oxox


Ashley said...

I love Pudge and Zippy's blog! It's definately one of my favorites along with yours :)

Ashley said...

P.S. I was also gonna tell you about Facebook. I know you had one a while back, but I was gonna tell you that there is a HUGE Ds community on there. I have sooo many people from all over the world on there that have kids with Ds. People from the UK, Germany, Indonesia, etc. It's really neat. You should get one! It's a really easy way to connect with them :)
Also, I found Naomi on there yesterday so we're friends on tehre now :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the encouragement--and the tears at 6 in the morning... ;-)

By the way, my little guy just had his 6-month check-up and was 12 pounds also! But he's been on "high calorie" formula to help boost his growth...! It looks like we both have tiny ones on our hands! :-)

Brown Eyed Mama said...

That last picture is to die for--that smile!

I'm sorry Miss Lilyface has been sick this week, poor girl and poor mama, we feel you--L caught my cold and we've been miserable this week. Crossing my fingers for a nice, healthy week next week for everyone!

Wren said...

Happy belated 9 months to miss Lily! She is so sweet and tiny! Landon just had Roseola too...same fever days and same rash days as Lily! Glad she's feeling better and back to her happy sweet self!

Virginia Revoir said...

Those pics of Lily are soo cute! I know I always say that.

I'm gonna go check out that other blog. What a beautiful story.

patsy said...

tears started streaming when i read 'trust your travel agent' true.

Rochelle said...

Love the great advice of trust the travel agent.
Thanks for sharing our story on your blog.
I am always amazed at the blessings God puts in our lives that mean so much to us for a lifetime.
Happy 9 months Lily, glad your fever broke and you are feeling better (glad you showed your spunky side too!)

Sarah said...

oh my, I love those smiles. I also noted that sweet comment about trusting your travel agent. Is that your mom?

Patti said...

yes, that's my sweet momma:)

JC said...

Trust your travel agent....LOVE IT!

ch said...

We love our Alayna meets LC story, too. And we're so flattered whenever you find time in your crazy days to stop by and pay us a visit. :0)
When I think about the experiences and people LC & Jace have brought into my life I'm always left speechless. Even after two open heart surgeries, I know my heart has changed and grown far more in two years than either of LC or Jace's. And it absolutely MELTS everytime I catch that sweet grin of your L'il Lil.

Virginia Revoir said...

Yup. I just check my comment here and once again I'm talking about how cute she is. Gonna check another....

Melissa said...

Your little one is little, but there's nothing wrong with that! Love all the pictures!