Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 for 21 !!/Day 10 You're Different

Dearest Lily,

Daddy and I were talking last night about the kind of baby you are.

It is true that you are SO similar to all your brothers and sisters, in so many ways...We have people tell us all the time, "She's definitely a Rice baby!"

But truthfully there are some huge differences...

You are by far the easiest baby we've ever had.
If you cry, which is seldom, you are immediately consolable.
You have never ever had a time when you would not stop crying, where you were so fussy you couldn't be comforted instantly by being held or nursed. I think 2 minutes is the longest you've ever cried. If that.

We have never had a baby who was so mesmerized by our faces- if we hold you on our laps you will literally stare at and play with our faces for hours if we let you. You STUDY our faces- as if you are going to take a huge test later on, about what every feature looks like.

You smile- every time- when we smile at you. You are the smiliest baby we have ever had. And it's not just your mouth that smiles- your entire face lights up, your eyes turn to half moons, inevitably your tongue goes out and you GRIN from ear to ear. Your smiles are intoxicating.

You are the cuddliest baby we've ever had. You melt right into us, you reach for our hair, our fingers, our faces- you always want to be touching us. You lay your head on our shoulders and burrow right in. You live for snuggle time.

You never cry at night to wake me up if you want to nurse- you talk. DADADADADA or MAMAMAMAMA or BABABABABA- and it is not little chattering, it is LOUD. If I wait to see if you'll go back to sleep, you get even LOUDER!!

You are so gentle- you stroke our faces softly with your tiny fingers, carefully put your fingers in our mouths, lean forward gently and give us play kisses... you are gentleness defined.

You ooze love. Something about your eyes and smile and the way you look at us just beams, "I love you!"

Daddy and I were talking about how all of our babies went through times when they knew the world revolved around them..they thought they were the center of the universe, and we had better meet their demands!:) And we happily complied. Whereas you...

..seem to think we are the center of the universe. How can a baby already seem unselfish? But you do. You have the sweetest, tenderest spirit about you, dearest Lily.

And honestly- Daddy and I don't know if it's because you are the 10th baby...or because you have Down syndrome..or just because you're you.

What we do know is that we are hopelessly, helplessly, head over heels in love with our sweet and perfect Lily.

Always yours,
Mama oxox


Jenn W said...

Lily is absolutely precious. i'm so glad i found your blog through Kelle's at Enjoying the Small Things.
Can't wait to follow along and see more pics :)

patsy said...

oh my goodness true!!what is it about that extra chromosome that makes our girls so happy, so loving, so in the moment. i know you, like i, feel so blessed to be on this journey. to get to start everyday with miss maggie's big smile. every morning. oh so blessed...

JC said...

I feel like you just described Russell! I have always been amazed at how he studys all our faces too...He just looks so very intently and I have never seen a baby do it quite like he does.
And when he wakes up he NEVER cries either...he talks, just like Lily "laaa, Daaa, baaa"
Its funny how our kids are so different from each other, but so very the same! Its neat :)

Mrs. K said...

I just realized: 10th baby, 10th month, 10th day of the 10th month, 10th year is the year 2000. Not that it means anything...I was just thinking and that is dangerous.

ONCE AGAIN, I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!! Happy to see Jason and I love going on Naomi's blog to see both of them.

Love Mack's hat, now I am sorry I didn't buy some handknit wide head bands at a boutique I was at last week. I didn't look good in them but Kenzie would be a knock out. I know if I go back they will be gone as they are handmade one of a kind. I just might see if they are there tomorrow. Speaking of Kenz, she is such a good photographer. So is Tyler, if I remember correctly one of your blog had his masterpieces displayed.

I HAVE to come up soon and get my Rice fix. I am going into detox mode. Love, Grammi AKA Mom

Rachel said...

She is such a blessing in every way. Enjoy that little girl:)

Candy said...

THis made me cry. It is so beautiful. What an angel.

Cheryl said...

It's so true isn't it? They just ooze love!

Kim said...

In reading this, I felt like I was reading about my baby Joy! The girl that takes care of her at daycare says that Joy looks at her like she is going to say something awesome.
Precious pictures!

Melissa said...

While Claire oozes happiness too, she is NOT all that gentle! Those exploring little fingers will grab hair, ears, whatever and PULL. We are working on teaching her 'gentle'. But I do love how she will wake up in the morning and talk instead of crying. :)