Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dearest Lily,

Today we are going to teach you to read...


" Like...books?"

Yes, books. Mommy's been thinking a lot about expecting not accepting, so why not shoot for the moon?


"That's a good one, Mom."

No, I'm serious, Lily. I think we can do this.



So here is your first book...

Remember- expect- don't accept...


"Ha. haha. Um, you're really freakin' me out, Mom."

No, really...just look at how cool this book is..don't you just wanna try? For me?


"Um...well,it looks a little juvenile for my taste...."


"But I guess I'll take a peek...."


That's my girl...just see how you like it...reading is so good for everything- your cognitive development, it improves your vocabulary, it stimulates your brain...


"Mommy, you are so right- this book is AMAZING!! I just want to DEVOUR IT!!"


"I love reading! I just can't put this book down!! I'm going to bury my face in a book every day from now on!!"


We are SO proud of you, Lily!! We knew you could do it !!

Love always,

Mama oxox


Ashley said...

Wow, Lily, what a big girl!

Oh, P.S. Travis says you're "Silly, Lily!"

JC said...

Awww, so cute :)

Elissa said...

Go Lily! Can you come teach Abbie to read sometime soon? Patti-Love your words and photography on this post!

Unkel said...

..and writing, work with Abbie on the writing. Spelling. Letters. OMG!

Mrs. K said...

Patti, enough already. I cannot, simply cannot see those beautiful pictures of that BEAUTIFUL LILY ANNE through my tears. I was laughing so hard at Lily's rendition of reading. Then to see Abbi give Lily a rewarding kiss really warmed my heart.

Elissa said...

Patti-you know I meant my Abbie and not your Abbi right? :-)

Patti said...

Haha Elissa, I knew you meant your Abbie;) I have been gone all day and just now read your comment:)