Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Darling Lily,

Hi baby girl!! I can't believe this Saturday you will be four weeks old. How is that possible?? The time just flies now that you're here. And's hard to remember "life before Lily." Seems like we've always known you, and that you've always been a part of our family.

Today we had a woman named Kimberly come to the house to meet you. She is from the Early Intervention program, and she came to tell me what services are offered for you, since you have Downs. She had me sign forms granting access to your medical records, etc. Next week the actual therapist who will be working with you in the days ahead will come to write a plan with us. Of course you are too little for any therapy yet, but in as early as three months we can begin.

You have been waking up a little more each day, and you are still both nursing and taking your bottle. I've learned your cues- when you are not in the mood to nurse there is no point in trying because you just turn your head from side to side and grimace and grunt. But when you are in the mood, you act as if you've never had any trouble nursing at all. Meanwhile, Mama is pumping day and night so you can have milk for your bottles. Lots of work for both of us, but you are worth it. The therapist today was very glad to hear we are breastfeeding, as it is so good for your mouth muscles.

You were 5 pounds 9 ounces at your doctor appointment last Friday. That was had dropped to 5 lbs 2 oz. after you were born, and now you are gaining. More slowly than your siblings did, but that is normal for you. You eat every 2-3 hours and you sleep most of the time. Dr. Carr says you look very healthy. Every time we go in to have your weight checked, all the receptionists and nurses want to see you. Everyone agrees you are the cutest baby ever:)

Daddy and I are more in love with you every day. I seriously do not think we have ever been as "in awe" of how wonderful babies are! We loved all your siblings, but the months that led up to your birth were so filled with "what-ifs" that it made us appreciate the miracle of life all the more.

Your siblings all grow more in love with you each day as well! I thought the newness would have worn off by now, but everyone still asks to hold you all the time. If we had a swing or baby bouncer, it would get no use...nobody wants to put you down! So after 3 and a half weeks of this royal treatment, you have decided you WON'T be put down!:) Any time there is a 2 minute lull between when someone puts you down and the next person picks you up, you squirm and grunt and sometimes let out a loud SQUEAK to let us all know- the princess is not being held!! You refuse to sleep alone either...good thing Mama has a co-sleeper, because you need someone touching you at all times to be able to sleep. You never cry- just squeal a few times to make sure I know it is NOT okay to leave you alone. I am getting a baby sling in a day or two- Mama's friend Jamie ordered a very special one for us, and I can't wait to use it...

Well, precious Lily, I need to go attack the mountain of laundry that we have accumulated in less than 24 hours. I think Early Intervention needs to send a maid for the first three months instead of a therapist. HA! :)

Love always,

Your Mama oxox


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see lily tonight at church. And I so know what you mean about the mountain of laundry in less then 24hrs. sometimes I wonder how is this possible, I just saw the bottom of the basket yesterday now it is full again.
Love Cassie

Mrs. K said...

Oh my Dearest Lily Anne, Grammi thought her favorite picture of you to be the one of you sleeping in your bathtub but now that I see the one of you in this letter I am not sure...mmmm?!? Maybe Mommy can send me that pictue and I can have it printed out so then I could have 2 favorite pictures of my little Princess Lily Anne.

TheFoleyFive said...

She's darling!! augh...i'm living vicariously thru you and lily bug...My baby is just too content!! i'm going stir crazy! I must say, im so jealous you've already had your love bug for 4 weeks! waaaa!!! (yes i'm having a MAJOR pity party ha)

Virginia Revoir said...

Wow! She's sounds wonderfully sweet! I can't wait to meet her some day also when you come to visit again. She is beautiful too. I know what you mean about holding the baby. This is my last one so I just have a hard time putting him down. I snuggle him and love him all the time. Babies are so sweet.