Friday, December 11, 2009

Our 4th Level II Ultrasound

Hello Lily Bird!

That has become mama's little nickname for you:)

We had our FOURTH level II ultrasound last Thursday in was the day of the civil war- a football game between OSU and U of O. Lily, we are huge Beaver fans here, so you'd better get used to it. Hardly a day goes by that the Beav's are not mentioned, or looked up on the internet, or that one of the kids isn't wearing something Beavers, or the littlest boys aren't playing football "being" the Beavers. We've been in Corvallis, home of the Beavers, almost 12 years, and the Beav's have come a loooooooooong way since then!
And we almost went to the ROSE BOWL this year!! :(

ANYWAY, to have to go to Eugene of all places- home of the Ducks- on game day (which was there) was a little unnerving! We thought for sure Dad's truck would be egged or something (powered by orange emblazoned on the side window...)Daddy and Kenzie proudly wore their Beaver colors, and as we entered Sacred Heart we were surprised to hear some people say "Go Beavs!" The receptionist smiled and said, "Oh, good, I'm not the only Beaver fan here!" and my ultrasound tech confessed to being a fan as well. Buuuuut, when my doctor walked in the room- remember the 6'8" 300 pound teddy bear?? He took one look at our Beaver attire, RIPPED his doctor's smock off and yelled "IT'S ON !!!!!" Underneath his smock was a HUGE bright green shirt with equally huge yellow lettering that read "I LOVE MY DUCKS!" There was a video on youtube with that as its theme song. Very lame, according to my kids, but popular with Duck fans everywhere.
We quickly took pictures of my doctor posing in between Daddy and Mackenzie- they look like midgets compared to him!! We found out he actually played for U of O years ago, on their basketball team. He had lots of funny stories to share. We also found out he is a Christian- which Daddy and I suspected from our last two appointments. He just has that happy, confident air about him, and he was very supportive of our decision not to have an amnio done..and also very reassuring that even if you had special needs, you will still be a wonderful baby.

Sooo, he did another scan (the tech had spent a half an hour doing one) and told us that everything looks GOOD. Your kidneys are still slightly enlarged- but he explained this time that they are NOT abnormal- just the "upper end" of normal...the range for kidneys is 1-7 mm, and yours are 5 mm...the point being, that they have always been at the upper end, so really they just wanted to make sure they never went beyond that. Your femur and humerus bones are slightly small- but they always have been. He said again, they are not abnormally small, just at the lower end of "normal". He said genetics could totally be playing a role here, as we are small! Your heart's valves look the same- but it doesn't matter, as Dr. Rice ruled out the av canal 3 weeks ago. No fluid around the heart this time, and no echogenic bowel that there was the first exam. So you are doing great! You weighed a little over 3 pounds, and were head down. You didn't give us a great face shot- you had your hand in front of your face most of the time, and it looked like you were sucking your thumb again:)
What a little sweetie you are already, dearest Lily. Mama just cannot wait to hold you!!

Dr. Balderston said we should have one more regular u/s done at our hospital here in Corvallis in a month, just to make sure you are growing. This is all because of my "advanced maternal age".
So here we are, 8 weeks til my due date. I am feeling huge, I'm waddling, I have a hard time getting comfortable at night, wake up at least every 2 hours to go to the bathroom , I have heartburn after dinner until I fall asleep every night, my back and hips ache, my hernia under my belly button hurts, but YOU ARE WORTH IT ALL!!!! :):) And in spite of it all, I absolutely love being pregnant, I love feeling you move and kick inside me, I love all the anticipation of who you are, and what you will look like, I love looking at your baby clothes and planning what I'll bring you home from the hospital in, I love dreaming about labor and is just all so magical, and I am SO thankful that God gave me a baby late in life. Thank you Jesus, for my sweet and precious baby girl, I am so blessed to be her mama.

Time to do our gingerbread year you will be watching us do one!

Love always,

Your Mama oxox


CKopp said...

I hate those ultrasounds, unless you wanted to name her Skeletor...

Joyce said...

Patti, So glad everthing looks good! I can't wait to meet Lily. The picture of the doctor with Mackenzie and Sam is great! He looks like a giant!

Virginia Revoir said...

I know, so exciting! I love that excitement too! Man, your pregnancy is going by fast since it's not me that's pregnant. Haha! Little Caleb is 2 months now and getting chubbier. I love little babies. I can't wait to see his personality come out. For now, he just gets lots of cuddles.