Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dearest Lily,

Yesterday we received the best news we have had in months- NO av canal defect!!! I will post more tomorrow, as it is late and Mommy is sooooooo tired. But I just had to tell you, I am SO relieved that you will not need heart surgery!!! If there is a small problem- which I will explain tomorrow- it is just fixed thru a catheter. And that is probably not even going to be necessary.

Thank YOU Lord, for either a miracle, or a confirmation that there never was any defect in the first place- just valves that like to line up to give us all something to pray about! ;)

I love you baby girl!!

Always yours,

Mama oxoxo and an extra ox just for the good news


CKopp said...

Well, we're not out of the woods yet...she could have an awkward cowlick, or chronic halitosis. . .so keep your fingers crossed, and Lori will keep her webbed toes much as one can 'cross' webbed toes. Don't feel sorry for her, it shaves seconds off her swim times...

Virginia Revoir said...

Yay for Lily! Great news!

Lerin Mosser said...

Praise God Patti! I've sooo enjoyed reading this blog! I'm looking forward to hearing all that the specialists had to say (the nurse in me THRIVES on this kind of stuff - LOL!!) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! OH yeah...did I mention we are expecting #4 in June! ;)

Mrs. K said...

Oh no! I hope you have not inherited your Uncle's chronic halitosis